Interior Decorators Swear By These 34 Cheap & Clever Gifts That Make Homes So Much Nicer

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Eating, sleeping, relaxing — no matter what you’re doing, there’s something about having a nice-looking home that just puts you in a good mood. But if I’m being honest, I’m not the best when it comes to interior design (and my home could definitely use a little sprucing up). That’s why I’ve reached out to a handful of interior decorators who shared their must-have Amazon products to make any home look so much nicer.

With that being said, I also know that decking out your home in gorgeous decor can quickly blow through any budget — so I’ve made sure that everything you’ll find below is as affordable as it is fashionable. Need an example? Marco Bizzley, a certified interior designer and consultant for HouseGrail, recommends these faux fur throw pillow covers. Not only are they available for less than $20, but he also explains that the faux fur “can instantly add a touch of comfort and jazz up your home.” Or, if you’re looking to add pops of green throughout your house, be sure to check out the flower vases and faux plants I’ve included — all recommended by professionals.

It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money to make your home look nicer — and these decorators have really outdone themselves when it comes to dishing out tips. Keep scrolling for more.


This Glass Soap Dispenser That Just Looks Plain Good

Chanel, a Latina lifestyle blogger and interior decorator of Coco on Fifth, recommends using this glass soap dispenser for a stylish upgrade in any bathroom. She explains that it’s “so nice everyone that uses my powder room loves it and it's a glass container so its tres chic.” Plus, the liquid soap inside even comes in 21 different scents, ranging from fresh verbena to wild rose.


These Reusable Napkins Made From 100% Linen

A good set of cloth napkins can make any casual meal at home feel so much fancier, and these ones — also recommended by Chanel — are made from 100% pure linen. Each one is handwoven, helping to ensure that they’re as high-quality as possible — and they even come in 26 colors to suit any dining spread.


A Scented Candle That Burns For Up To 60 Hours

In the mood for a good scented candle? Chanel also suggests burning this one from NEST. According to the interior decorator, it “smells like a spa and would make any guests fall in love with your home ambience.” It’s also made from long-lasting wax that burns for up to 60 hours, and the entire candle is even vegan.


The Rattan Coasters That Add A Touch Of Warmth To Any Room

Chanel also says that you can’t go wrong with a set of chic coasters, and these ones “add a nice warm natural touch to any room.” Each one is made from natural bamboo — and despite their small appearance, they’re large enough to fit everything from coffee mugs to wine glasses.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Looks Great Wherever You Put It

Marco Bizzley, a certified interior designer and consultant for HouseGrail, recommends using this Himalayan salt lamp when your home is in need of some warm ambiance. “These add a beautiful glow to any home and when you just want a small amount of light they are perfect,” he explains. This one sits on a need wood base, and the brightness is adjustable.


These Boxes That Help You Hide Messy Cables

These boxes recommended by Bizzley can help hide messy cables so that they’re almost completely out of sight. They’re large enough to fit chunky power blocks, and they even come with a set of cable ties and clips included. Choose from two colors: black or white.


The Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers That Are As Luxurious As They Look

If you enjoy the bougie things in life, these throw pillow covers are great additions to your home. Bizzley says, “These pillows are made of soft fake fur that can instantly add a touch of comfort and jazz up your home.” The best part? They come in nine different colors as well as eight sizes, and they’re machine washable (but should be air-dried).


An Essential Oil Diffuser With A Sleek Marble Design

Some diffusers can only run for a few hours, whereas this one has an extra-large water tank that provides more than 24 hours of mist. Bizzley is also a fan of the marbled exterior and says, “Not only does this make your home look nice it also makes it smell great.” Choose from two shades of marble: white or black.


This Small Wooden Pedestal That’s The Perfect Size For Plants

Founder and CEO of DecorMatters, Farris Wu, suggests using this small wooden pedestal wherever you need a plant stand. “Place in the kitchen with some mugs on top, on the coffee table with a candle, or on the ground with a succulent,” he explains. “The possibilities are endless, the neutral material goes wonderful with any interior design scheme, and it is an affordable price.”


A Record Player That Looks Just As Good As It Sounds

Fashionable yet retro at the same time, Wu also recommends this record player for a fun bit of home decor. He explains, “A record player will look stunning on a bench or side table and blends perfectly with the rest of your design.” This one in particular one has three different speed settings along with a headphone jack.


These Ceramic Vases That Every Home Can Use

If you ask me, every home needs at least one vase for flowers — and these ceramic ones have a modern look that add a touch of elegance to any room. Plus, they’re handmade and two come in one pack. “Almost everyone could use a vase, they're perfect as accent touches in an interior design,” explains Wu.


The Smaller Flower Vases That Come In 2 Finishes

Michelle Madison, an event designer, award-winning journalist, and lifestyle expert, recommends grabbing these smaller vases. They’re made from elegant brass that’s resistant to corrosion, giving them a shining exterior that adds a pop of gold to any room. And if you aren’t into gold, they’re also available in matte black.


A Hardcover Book That’ll Look Good On Your Coffee Table

Got a plain coffee table that could use some style? ​​Kelly Marohl, owner and designer of The Greenspring Home, suggests setting this hardcover book on design on display. She explains, “It's neutral color will blend in with any decor style!" And with its full-color pages, guests will enjoy flipping through it whenever they’re over.


This Unique Wooden Bowl That’s Filled With Possibilities

Marohl also recommends using a wooden bowl like this one to "bring in warm, earthy tones” to your living room. “It's the perfect size to display on a coffee table, stacked next to or on top of coffee table books,” she explains. You can even use it for fruit in your kitchen — the possibilities are almost endless. Plus, each one is hand-carved and different.


These Chic Botanical Wall Art Prints That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Finding affordable art for your home can be a struggle. Luckily, these botanical prints recommenced by Marohl are available for less than $15. You can use them to create a fun accent wall, or even as little pops of nature framed on your desk. Plus, one reviewer even wrote, “The prints came and were on thick, quality paper. They looks great.”


A Flower Vase Made From High-Quality Ceramic

Courtnay Tartt Elias, owner and head designer or Creative Tonic Design, recommends adding this flower vase to your home. It’s made from high-quality ceramic, and it even comes in three colors: orange, pink, or white. One reviewer even wrote that “it is so unique and you can tell it is made with sturdy materials.”


This Serving Tray That’s Glossy & Bright

Any dull kitchen can benefit from this brightly-colored serving tray, which was also recommended by Elias. Not only does the color pop, but it’s also made from tough acrylic so that it can withstand years of use. Plus, the raised edges help prevent spills.


A Magnet Frame That Can Show Off 2 Photos At Once

Elias also suggests grabbing this magnet frame to display your photos. The panels are made from thick, see-through acrylic, making your photos look like they’re floating in midair — and you can even add a second photo in the back since both sides are visible.


The Large Canvas Print That Won’t Break The Bank

Need a large piece of art to fill up a wall? Elias suggests taking a look at this canvas. Not only is it available for less than $50, but it also measures in at a whopping 16 by 24 inches. Plus, there are more than 40 different designs to choose from.


These Unique Flower Vases That Make An Instant Centerpiece

Elias also recommends taking a look at this set of flower vases, which could make a great centerpiece for your table. Each vase is connected to the base, so there’s little risk that any of them will spill over. One reviewer wrote, “It is small, but just the right size for a windowsill.” They continued, “I inspected it closely, and the glazing is inside as well as outside. The colors are very pretty.”


A Set Of Picture Frames That Are Available In So Many Colors

Kate Diaz, an interior designer and co-founder of Swanky Den, is a big fan when it comes to these picture frames. The glass is shatter-resistant, and each order comes with all the hardware needed to hang them up. The best part? You also have the choice of nine different colors, including a sleek silver option.


The Artificial Plants That Fit Into Small Spaces

Interior designer of FLOOR360, Nichole Abbott, says that “introducing a touch of green to any space follows the popular trend of bringing the outside inside” — so grab these artificial plants. They’re the perfect size for your desk or windowsill, and require absolutely zero maintenance.


A Brightly-Colored Dog Bowl That’s Tons Of Fun

The lead interior designer of Decorilla Online Interior Design, Devin Shaffer, suggests upgrading your dog bowl to this brightly colored one. It’s made from tough, glazed ceramic that’s perfect for puppies and adult dogs alike — and it even comes in three sizes: small, medium, or large.


This 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle That’s Incredibly Colorful

Shaffer also suggests taking a look at this contemporary jigsaw puzzle. “For only $15 it's a great designer level gift for not just best friends but all your friends,” he explains — and each puzzle piece is even printed with glare-free ink. There are 1,000 pieces in total, giving you enough entertainment for at least a few days.


A Scented Candle That’s Easy To Personalize

“The more personal a gift is, the longer the memory of gifting is,” explains Shaffer — so make sure to check out this scented candle. There are 20 different scents to choose from, each one made to smell like a different city. For example, New York City has mild notes of jasmine and water lilies, while San Francisco has hints of clove and chocolate.


The Melted Clock That’s Beautifully Unique

Shaffer is also a huge fan of this melting clock, as its “creative and clever styling” stands out no matter where you decide to place it. The top is designed to safely hang from any flat surface — and it only requires one AA battery in order to operate (which isn’t included).


These Candles That Are Completely Flameless

Brenda Scott, a professional organizer, interior decorator, as well as owner and operator of Tidy My Space suggests taking a look at these flameless candles. Not only are they great for setting some chic mood lighting, but each order also includes a remote so that you can control them from afar — a must-have for your next relaxing bath.


A Vanity Tray Rimmed With Sleek Gold

Scott recommends using this vanity tray in your home — and with a few bowls or fake plants, it can even be used to create a stylish table centerpiece. The best part? It’s made from temperature-resistant ceramic, which means you can also use it to serve food if you like.


The Towels Made From 100% Turkish Cotton

You can’t go wrong with a quality set of towels, and these ones even come recommended by Scott. The long loop-pile height gives them a fluffy feeling against your skin, helping to absorb water so you’re left as dry as possible. Plus, they’re even made from 100% Turkish cotton.


These Pendant Lights That Are Gorgeous To Look At

Looking for some chic, modern lighting? Annie Elliott, product and design manager for New Again Houses, suggests these industrial pendant lights. They’ve got a touch of farmhouse in how they’re shaped, giving them a rustic-yet-modern look — and they’re even dimmable when used with dimmer switches.


A Backlight That Illuminates Your Entertainment Center

Andra Delmonico, lead interior designer at Trendey, suggests grabbing these LED backlights for your home. Not only do you have the choice of 32 different colors when lighting them up, but the brightness is also adjustable up to six levels — a must-have for your entertainment center.


The Coasters Made From Rose Quartz Stone

You don’t have to let water rings destroy your tables: Simply add these coasters (that come recommended by Delmonico) to your cart. Each one is made from genuine rose quartz stone, with rubber bumpers on the bottom to help prevent scratches to your surfaces. Plus, one reviewer wrote that they’re “really well made.”


An Essential Oil Diffuser Made With Sleek Bamboo

Not a fan of those plastic diffusers? Delmonico suggests taking a look at this stylish bamboo one. Not only does it look good, but it also features a built-in timer so that it doesn’t keep running if you forget to turn it off — and it’ll automatically turn off if the reservoir runs dry.


This Vintage-Looking Wall Mirror That Doubles As A Vanity Tray

Stefan, the founder of Rhythm of the Home, and Maegan, the interior designer, writer, editor in chief of the site, consider this mirror a must-have in any home. And if you don’t have any space to hang a mirror? You can also use it as a bougie mirror tray for makeup, serums, and other vanity items.