Interior Decorators Use These 40 Tricks To Make A Home Look Much Better For Cheap

Experts give us their best — and most affordable — design tricks.

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Decorating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. As long as you’re smart with your money, you can easily re-style nearly any room in your home for less than $100. What do I mean by “smart”? For starters, it never hurts to take advice from experts. That’s why I’ve reached out to a few interior decorators who’ve shared their advice on everything from affordable home renovations to their go-to cheap decor picks.

Even if your bank account isn’t as green as it could be, you don’t have to put up with an outdated home. There are tons of affordable tricks that interior decorators use to elevate a home — keep scrolling for some of their favorites.


These Under-Cabinet Lights Won’t Break The Bank

Courtney Wollersheim, an interior designer at FLOOR360, recommends these under-cabinet lights. They’re significantly more affordable than having recessed lights installed — and each order even comes with a remote so that you can control them from afar. Plus, the adhesive backing on each strip makes installation a breeze.


The Faux Eucalyptus Stems That Are Low-Maintenance

If your thumb is more black than green, Purzycki recommends some faux plants — like these eucalyptus stems. “Greenery instantly makes any room look more lively and pulled together,” she explains. “Pop this faux eucalyptus bunch into a favorite vase for a year-round display.” Choose from two colors: green, or green with a gray tint.


The Wooden Wall Hooks That Help Tidy Up Messy Spaces

Don’t clutter up your furniture with coats after you come home — Marroquin recommends taking all that mess and hanging it up onto cool wall hooks, like these ones. Their minimalist design blends seamlessly with any style, and they can also be used in bathrooms for things like towels, robes, and loofahs.


A Key Holder Made From Rustic Wood

Deena Danielle, a blogger at Nomad Moda, suggests adding this key holder to your home. Seven hooks give you ample space to store everything from keys to handbags — but the design is what sets it apart. According to Deena, “The wood and metal of this shelf juxtapose nicely. It will assist in achieving a rustic look, and is both aesthetically pleasing, and functional.”


A Decorative Soap Dispenser Made With Ceramic

This 13-ounce soap dispenser is another stylish option for your bathroom or kitchen because it’s made with sleek ceramic that’s topped with a rust-resistant pump. It wasn’t recommended by an expert decorator, but it can still help pull your bathroom or kitchen together by displaying your soap in a decorative way.


These Amber Glass Bottles Pull Your Entire Bathroom Together

Ever wonder why your bathroom doesn’t look quite Instagram-worthy? Purzycki suggests re-packaging your soaps and cleaners into matching containers, like these glass bottles. “It makes the countertop look so much more organized,” she explains — and the dark amber color even helps preserve their contents from UV light degradation.


These Floating Shelves That Are Perfect For Picture Frames

Katie Mills, interior designer, writer, and editor at, recommends these wooden picture ledges. “Firstly, they make it so easy to create gallery walls and other curated displays,” she explains. “Secondly, picture ledges can squeeze out the last bit of vertical storage space in your home.” Choose from five colors: espresso, walnut, gray, white, and natural.


These Farmhouse Vases Made From Chic Ceramic

Deena also suggests adding these farmhouse vases to your decor. Not only are they made from 100% ceramic, but they look just as great perched on shelves as they do nestled amongst candles. “It’s always refreshing to have fresh flowers in the home,” explains Deena. “The varying height of these otherwise simplistic vases add to their visual appeal.”


This Dimmable Lamp With Touch-Tap Controls

Josie Abate, founder of Ambience Design Group, recommends these table lamps — and not just because they look so good. “It can be easily switched on/off, and adjusted to three different levels of brightness with a simple tap,” she explains. Plus, there are even two USB ports in the back for charging your devices.


A Goddess Bust That Looks Gorgeous On Bookshelves

If you’re looking for unique decor you won’t find in stores, Deena also recommends this statue. “This bust will blend into any home decor style and elevate the room” — and at only 12 inches tall, it’s the perfect size for nearly any bookshelf. Choose from nine colors, including a gorgeous shade of red.


This Throw Blanket Made From 100% Cotton

Stephanie Marroquin, and interior designer for Marblanc Design, suggests adding this fleece throw blanket to your home. “It’s all about layers,” she explains. “A nice throw will instantly elevate a sofa or lounge chair area,” and this one in particular is even made from 100% cotton. But if that isn’t enough? Reviewers also raved about how it’s “soft and warm,” yet not so warm that you’ll find yourself overheating.


A Reed Diffuser That Looks Great Anywhere You Put It

Marroquin also recommends adding this diffuser to your decor. The light citrus notes paired with flowering bamboo give it a refreshing scent — and the chic glass container looks great no matter where you decide to put it. But if you need ideas? “Diffusers work great in a nice tray with a book and trinket,” advises Marroquin.


This Photography Book That Adds Intrigue To Coffee Tables

“Can’t go wrong with a cool coffee table book,” explains Marroquin — and this one is sure to catch guests’ eye. Filled with photographs from The Museum of Modern Art, the book showcases some of the museum’s most famous modernist works, from 1920 to 1960. Even if you aren’t into art, you can still appreciate the conversations it’s sure to spark when friends are over.


A Peace Lily That Adds Good Vibes To Your Home

Adding some green to your home is never a bad idea. But if you aren’t sure where to start? Marroquin suggests this peace lily. “A plant in a nice vase always works for adding color and good vibes” — and this one in particular generally blooms within about four weeks. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how their lily arrived in “good condition.”


A Gold-Tone Wall Hook That’s Made With Shiny Stainless Steel

If stainless steel matches your decor more, this robe hook could be another great addition to your home. Although it wasn’t recommended by an expert decorator, it still aligns with the idea of tidying up messes in a stylish way. This one is available in three shades — gold, chrome, and matte black — and can be easily installed with the included screws.


These Leather Pulls Give Tired Furniture A Refresh

Stephanie Purzycki, co-founder and CEO of The Finish, suggests adding these leather cabinet pulls to your furniture. “Cabinet pulls are an easy way to update IKEA furniture or Facebook marketplace finds,” she explains. And since they’re anti-static as well as wear-resistant, they’ll stay looking good for years to come. Choose from two finishes: nickel or brass.


A Globe Lamp That Stands Apart From The Crowd

“There are versions of this mid-century globe lamp that sell for quadruple the price of this version,” explains Purzycki — so don’t be surprised if it’s out of stock a week from now. The globe is frosted, giving the light a softer touch that’s gentle on your eyes. And at less than 7 inches tall, it’s perfect for cramped desks, or even nightstands.


The Throw Pillow Covers With Gorgeous Embroidery All Over

Jessica Welling, an interior designer and blogger at Jessica Welling Interiors, recommends these throw pillow covers. They’re made from 100% cotton canvas fabric, with a hidden zipper that helps keep your pillow snugly inside. According to Jessica, “this is my all-time favorite zippered throw pillow cover. It's fun, stylish, and I love the embroidered texture.”


A Pack Of Wooden Legs To Update Old Sofas

Instead of spending money on a brand-new sofa, Welling recommends giving “your old sofa a stylish update with these midcentury legs” first. Not only do they breathe new life into old furniture, but each one is made from solid wood — not plastic. Choose from four heights: 6, 8, or 10 inches.


A Cutting Board That Adds Contrast To Dull Kitchens

If your kitchen feels a little stale, Wollersheim advises using this wooden cutting board to help add variety to your space. “Add in contrasting rough surfaces by propping up and layering a round and square acacia cutting board in one cabinet corner,” she explains. And as long as you take care of it — you’ll want to coat it with mineral oil regularly to keep the wood fresh — this high-quality one will last you a lifetime.


A Rectangular Cutting Board That’s Also Made With Acacia Wood

While this cutting board wasn't recommended by an expert, it’ll can still add a rustic look to your space while on display in between uses. Unlike the aforementioned option, this one has a rectangular shape and was built without a handle. It has a 4.6-star rating, and tons of customers wrote that it “looks great.”


These Ceramic Pots That Are Perfect For Succulents

Speaking of kitchens, mine could probably use a little more greenery to brighten things up — and these succulent pots even come with bamboo trays. But if you aren’t sure where to put them? Wollersheim recommends placing “a small succulent pot in front of the cutting boards, and another on the opposite side for balance.”


A Cotton Rope Basket For Blankets & More

Dee Oujiri, Feng Shui design consultant for Dee Oujiri, suggests this cotton rope basket. Not only is it the perfect spot to store a few throw blankets, but the neutral design and color allow it to fit seamlessly with nearly any style. One reviewer even described it as a “practical, beautiful way to store things.” This striped basket — which wasn’t expert-recommended — is another great option for storing home items in style, and it’s made with connected gray and white cotton rope.


A Rug That Adds Texture To Stale Rooms

Maddie Clarke, owner of Maddie Clarke Interiors (on behalf of Accora Village), suggests using rugs to add a touch of style to dull rooms. “An area rug is the perfect statement piece for any home,” she explains. “It provides comfort, texture, and can match with any aesthetics.” Clarke suggests this plush rug, which is affordable, comfortable, and gorgeous. But if you’re looking for something different, this one (pictured above) features a pattern and available in tons of shades. It wasn’t recommended by an expert, but it’s still a decorative option.


A Floor Lamp With Shelves For Storage

If your home lacks overhead lighting, Clarke recommends adding a few floor lamps to help brighten up the space. “This modern shelf floor lamp is super-practical and beautiful,” she explains. And with small shelves built into the base, it’s also great for storing books — or any other pieces of decor you might have.


This Coffee Table Book Is Available For Less Than $10

“Coffee table books are essential in any modern home. However, many of them can be very pricey,” explains Clarke. So if you aren’t sure where to start? She recommends anything from The Kinfolk Collection, as they offer a variety of books at reasonable prices. This one in particular is filled with gorgeous pictures of nature from across the globe — from the American outback, to a Parisian rooftop.


A Ladder That Adds Style & Storage To Any Room

Whether you have plant hangers or blankets, Clarke suggests using a decorative ladder — like this one — to put them on display. “Decorative ladders are unique ways to store items while decorating your home,” she explains. Plus, this one is even available in three different finishes: brown, black, or white.


The Floating Shelves That Are Great For Corners

Searching for ways to add stylish storage to your home? Look no further than a quality set of floating shelves. According to Clarke, “Floating shelves are essential when you need to find ways to both decorate your home, and add storage space.” These wooden shelves were recommended by Clarke, and they’re each decorated with gold-tone brackets.


Another Set Of Wall-Mounted Shelves That Fit In The Corner

If you’d rather display your wall-mounted shelves in the corner of the room, this set could be a good choice. Even though it wasn’t recommended by a designer, the shelves will still help when it comes to stylish storage. Plus, installation tools are included — and you’ll get two shelves in one pack.


A Throw Blanket Made From Pill-Resistant Acrylic

Not only is this throw blanket made from soft, pill-resistant acrylic, but Clarke also suggests adding it to your bed or sofa as “another layer to your décor.” But if yellow isn’t your color? It’s also available in more than 20 other shades — including a gorgeously warm caramel.


A Fake Palm Plant Small Enough For Your Desk

Whether your office or bedroom is in need of greenery, Abate suggests using a fake potted plant — like this palm. “A potted plant is a great way to bring nature indoors, without the maintenance,” she explains. “Adding plants to any space modernizes the look, even when they are faux.”


The Chalkboard Sign Is A Fun Touch To Any Kitchen

Chris Alexakis, director of product and design and the co-founder of Cabinet Select, recommends this standing chalkboard sign. Not only does it come with one chalk marker included, but the rustic wooden frame makes it stand apart from refrigerator whiteboards. Choose from two colors: brown or whitewashed.


A Fluffy Rug That’s So, So Soft

Krysta Rodriguez, an interior designer of Curated by Krysta Rodriguez, suggests this fluffy area rug. “This is one of the softest rugs I’ve ever owned,” she raves. “You can’t beat the size for the price.” Choose from nine colors, then slide it under your bed for a plush spot to step when you get up in the morning.


This Peel-&-Stick Wallpaper Is Perfect For Renters

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your decor for less, Rodriguez also suggests trying out wallpaper — and this peel-and-stick one is even removable. “Wallpaper is the easiest way to make a huge impact on a dime,” she explains. “I like the black wood grain of this paper for a moody office, or library feel.”


These Lamp Shades Upgrade Any Space

According to Rodriguez, the fastest way to update a space is to swap out the existing light fixtures. She recommends this pendant light, which arrives in a retro two-pack — and the black metal finish on this ceiling light (pictured above) will offer a similar look. Plus, the installation is quick and seamless thanks to the included mounting hardware.


The Mason Jar Wall Sconces That’ll Also Add Some Glow

If you aren’t able to swap out your current light fixtures, you can always add to the decor with these mason jar sconces. Each glass mason jar is filled with lights and faux flowers backed by a rustic piece of wood, and they’re powered by batteries (two AA batteries each). These weren’t recommended by a designer, but they’ve gotten a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


A Rug That Won’t Overwhelm Your Room

Andra DelMonico, the lead interior designer for Trendy, recommends adding this rug to your home. “A rug helps to break up a space that’s used for multiple purposes, and ties the furniture in that space together,” she explains. Plus, this one’s neutral woven design “adds visual interest and subtle pattern to the room, without it becoming overwhelming.”


The Cabinet Pulls That Are Sleek & Modern

According to DelMonico, something as simple as modernizing your cabinet pulls can transform the look of your entire kitchen — and these ones are available for less than $20. They’re designed to fit most cabinets, while reviewers raved about how easy the installation process was.


A Different Set Of Cabinet Pulls Made With Nickel

The cabinet pulls in this pack are 10 inches long and constructed with brushed nickel, making them durable and stylish options for your home. These weren't directly recommended by a decorator, but they have a glowing 4.8-star rating on Amazon and are available in five shades — all of which arrive with the mounting screws you’ll need to install them.


These Curtains Will Look Good In Any Room

Not only are these curtains great for adding subtle texture to rooms, but DelMonico raves about how trendy their geometric pattern is. They’re just thick enough to darken rooms, yet thin enough that some light still manages to make its way through. Choose from four colors: blue, green, grey, or yellow.


The Vases With Gorgeous Smoky Colors

These decorative glass vases from Courtnay Tartt Elias’ store, Creative Tonic, aren’t just gorgeous — they’re also incredibly unique. The smoky colors melt into each other to help give your flowers that extra pop, and they’ll even work great as standalone centerpieces.


A Decorative Tray For Your Coffee Table

Keeping succulents and diffusers on a small, decorative tray is an easy way to create decor — and Elias recommends these ones in particular. The elegant, golden handles are a bougie touch that makes them look incredibly chic on any counter. Plus, you have the choice of six colors.


These Dinner Napkins Come In Fun Colors

Throwing a dinner party in the near future? Elias suggests using these colorful napkins instead of plain white ones. They’re available in nine different shades — from deep red to sky blue — and each one is made from 100% long-staple cotton. Plus, you can even wash them on gentle.


The Flower Vases Look Good Anywhere

Whether you’re looking for a table centerpiece or windowsill decor, Elias suggests giving this collection of flower vases a try. Each vase is attached to the base, so there’s zero risk of knocking them over. And with more than 10 colors to choose from, you’re almost certain to find one you like.


A Round Mirror Tray For Small Accessories

Cosmetics, barrettes, brushes — this small tray recommended by Elias is perfect for all sorts of small accessories and toiletries. The 15-by-15-inch mirror base is outlined with a gold-tone metal design with connecting circles for added style, and one reviewer wrote that it’s “stunning.”


Another Accessory Tray That Lets You Eat Breakfast In Bed

This tray is another stylish option for anyone who’s trying to display their accessories in style. This one isn’t constructed with glass and metal, but it’s still just as glamorous. Instead, it’s made with sleek bamboo, with handles on either side so that it’s easy to carry around your home. And if you don’t need somewhere to stash accessories? You can also use it to eat meals in bed.

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