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I use the word "obsessed" pretty sparingly, but if there's any one thing that I'm actually obsessed with, it's Amazon Prime. I've been an Amazon customer since 2003, and when Prime was first launched in 2005, I was all over it. In my 10-plus years of subscriber perks and free shipping, I've come across countless sick AF Amazon Prime products, but among the 657 orders (yep, I counted), there are a select few that single-handedly made my subscription worth it. Obsession-prompting, even.

For me, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing that the brown box on my stoop contains something that I'm going to use all the time to make my life easier and more efficient. These dope Prime products have a cult following because — in addition to their sleek, attractive designs — they're also just downright practical.

The absolute best products on Amazon Prime are named as such because they solve real problems that real people run into on a daily basis. I used to be one of those people, but I can't say I am anymore. So if you, like me, are living your best life alongside your Prime subscription, check out these must-have gems that can be yours in two days' time.


This Handheld Tool That Fastens Pages Without The Use Of Staples

Fasten pages together without staples using the Plus Paper Clinch. It's ergonomically designed to use minimal force and feel comfortable in your hand while connecting up to five sheets at once, making it way easier to organize and shred paperwork. It's also lightweight, convenient to store, and available in six colors.


This Manual Garlic Slicer That's Also Great For Chocolate, Cheese, And Spices

Simpy put in your peeled cloves, add the top, and turn the Leifheit Comfortline garlic slicer. You then have extremely thin slices without the need for a chopping board, an outlet, or an extensive clean-up process. This dishwasher-safe tool is also great for grating cheese, shredding chocolate, and prepping nutmeg, making it a must-have tool for meals and desserts that look professionally garnished.


Stack Your Wrapping Essentials Vertically With This Adjustable Cabinet Stand

Most people keep their wrap, foil, and bags in a drawer, but this YouCopia stand allows you to store all your wrapping essentials in any cabinet. It minimizes clutter by stacking them vertically, and since it can hold up to eight boxes with its adjustable wire shelves, reviewers are calling it "the best thing to happen to [their] cluttered pantry storage." It doesn't even require mounting.


This Brilliantly-Designed Tie That's Making Reviewers Say "Goodbye Bungee Cords"

Bundle and attach things of all shapes and sizes with the Nite Ize clippable tie. This durable and twistable tool features a versatile S-biner and an internal wire that can wind around virtually any object, or itself. As a result, this thing can secure luggage, water bottles, tools, gear, glasses, mats — pretty much anything you can think of.


This Wall-Mounted Soap Holder That Automatically Drains Away The Water

Attach The Dry Bar soap holder to your shower wall, and seriously extend the life of your favorite soap bar. This sleek and simple accessory features a self-draining design that keeps your soap from disintegrating in a pool of water, but it won't cause wall-streaks or residue, either. It's easy to install without any tools thanks to its adhesive mount, and reviewers have also used it to hold sponges, spray hoses, scissors, and brushes.


If You're In The Market For A New Peeler, This One Rotates Automatically And Reviewers Are Obsessed

Unlike your average peeler, the Kyocera Perfect Peeler rotates vertically, horizontally, and in 45-degree positions to provide the optimal cutting angle no matter what you're prepping. Its super-sharp ceramic blade will never rust because it's impervious to acids, juices, and oils, and it features an ergonomic non-slip handle that sits comfortably in your palm. "This peeler is literally this most amazing peeler I've ever used in my life," one of over 700 reviewers raves.


These Scissors Are The Same Shape And Size As A Pen When Stored Away

When stored away, these twiggy scissors look just like a pen, because the cap and lock keep the blades safely hidden. When it's time to cut fishing lines, thread, or packaging, they open up to give you sleek, sharp scissors anywhere you happen to be. They fit effortlessly in your purse, pencil case, or briefcase, and they come in three different color options, too.


These Hybrid No-Hole Thumbtacks Save Your Precious Pictures From Punctures

Display photos, important paperwork, posters, and certificates all without making a single hole in them. Magnet Makers are hybrid thumbtacks that turn any surface magnet. Simply push the pin through walls or cork boards and use the removable magnets to secure your notes or decorations. According to buyers, they're "extremely strong" and "work great on office cubicle fabric walls," too.


This Extra-Gentle Exfoliating Scrub Made With Nourishing Ingredients For Any Skin Type

Reviewers are absolutely raving about this Foxbrim exfoliating tea scrub, saying it's "the best face scrub [they] have used" and it's "better than expensive department store" options. Instead of stripping your skin's natural oils, it nourishes and brightens with ingredients like aloe, avocado oil, and olive butter. In the meantime, green tea and jojoba beads gently buff away dead skin and impurities. It works well for any skin type (dry, oily, or combination), and even those with extra sensitive complexions haven't had any problems.


This 10-In-One Steamer That Tackles Virtually Every Cleaning Job In Your House

Imagine tackling almost every chore in your house with one single tool. The PurSteam ten-in-one mop cleans and sanitizes floors, glass, mirrors, carpets, fabrics, clothes, furniture, and more. It has an upright steam mop and a removable handheld steamer as well as three adjustable modes and a large reservoir for up to 25 minutes of continuous use. It even comes with interchangeable nozzles and brushes to make quick work of any job. "Best invention since sliced bread," one reviewer says. "I am totally in love with this steamer and all the things you can do with it."


This USDA-Organic Mushroom Tea That Promotes Sleep And Relaxation

According to one reviewer, this Four Sigmatic elixir "relaxed [their] muscles" and gave them "one of the best nights of sleep [they've] had in a long time." The secret is the USDA-organic Reishi mushroom, which supposedly activates sleep cycles and promotes relaxation. It comes with 20 packets that brew with hot water for use as a nighttime tea. This brand also makes blends for focus, revival, and wellness, too.


These Versatile Silicone Mats That You Can Use All Around The House

What can you do with Safe Grabs? Honestly, what can't you do? These simple but genius protectors got their start on Shark Tank, and their versatile silicone construction helps you all around the house. Use them as pot holders, jar openers, hot plates, protective mats, bowl covers, or even a safe place to put your hair straightener. They come in a set of two different sizes, and you can get them in beige, blue, orange, or red.


These Stretchy Pants That Look Like Slacks But Feel like Yoga Leggings

“They feel like leggings but they look like slacks,” explained one reviewer of these Bamans yoga dress pants. They're made from a stretchy fabric and feature deep front pockets that are legitimately functional. They’re available in a handful of sizes, from Small to XX-Large.


This Unique Tool That Massages And Stretches Your Spine For Lower-Back Relief

Thanks to its curved shape, dense but gentle foam construction, and stimulating spikes, the SOLIDBACK back stretcher provides relief from a range of conditions including herniated discs, lumbar pain, sciatica, and general stiffness. It massages and loosens lumbar muscles while simultaneously cradling your spine, and reviewers say just five to ten minutes "makes a huge difference."


These Beeswax Wraps That Are Better For Both You & The Planet

Because they're reusable, non-plastic and made with responsibly sourced ingredients, these Bee’s Wrap beeswax wraps are a non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. They're crafted to keep your food fresher for longer, and they come in three different sizes for wrapping your sandwiches, fruit, snacks, cheese, and cookies.


This Gentle Cleaning Balm That "Literally Melts Away Makeup"

“This stuff is amazing, practically life changing,” wrote one Amazon reviewer of this Farmacy cleansing balm, adding, “It literally melts away makeup.” The balm contains sunflower and ginger root oil for cleansing without stripping your skin, plus natural enzymes that exfoliate for a nice glow. Even so, reviewers suggest that the balm, made of only naturally-derived ingredients, is incredibly gentle, no matter how dry or sensitive your skin might be.


These Reusable Glass Straws That Won't End Up In The Ocean

Due to their impact on sea life, there have been recent campaigns to ban plastic straws, and you can do your part with these JimJim glass ones. Since they're made from BPA-free and reusable glass, they're a healthier alternative to plastic and don't contribute to environmental pollution. This set comes with two bent ones and two straight ones, and even has a convenient brush for effectively cleaning the inside.


These Long-Lasting Patches That Minimize Friction So You Don't Get Blisters

Whether you're walking several blocks in a pair of heels or several miles in sneakers, these Engo patches can help prevent and relieve pain from blisters, rubbing, and callouses. They're ultra-thin and apply directly to any shoe using their strong adhesive, after which they prevent friction and ease irritation. They're water-resistant for activities like hiking, camping, and jogging.


This Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set That Reviewers Say Is Incredibly Relaxing

The ProsourceFit acupressure mat uses thousands of tiny spikes to stimulate pressure points all over the back and neck. The result according to reviewers? Improved sleep, deeper states of relaxation, lessened back pain, headache relief, and stress management. "This is the real deal! I have fibromyalgia and this mat made my muscles relax more than they ever have for an acupuncturist," says one of over 37,000 reviewers. This set also comes with a neck pillow.


This USDA-Organic Aloe Vera Spray That's Like Cutting A Branch Off Your Own Aloe Plant

Real, unadulterated aloe vera is amazing for grease-free moisturizing or healing damaged skin, but it's also hard to come by unless you've got your own aloe plant. This Seven Minerals aloe spray bottles up USDA-certified organic aloe vera without the preservatives or harmful additives. Instead, it contains only a gentle base of citrus extracts for an easy-to-apply formula packed with antioxidants.


Travel With And Access All Your Beauty Essentials Thanks To This Hanging Toiletry Bag

With its waterproof exterior, roomy interior, and convenient hanging hook, the Hikenture toiletry bag is awesome for traveling and bathrooms with limited counter space. Its deep, accessible storage and multiple pockets hold everything from shampoo bottles to cosmetics, and the hands-free hook can be hung over doorknobs, towel racks, and showers so you can access all your essentials the second you arrive. "If you have a lot of beauty stuff," one reviewer writes, "this is the toiletry bag you need."


This Brilliant Straightening Brush That Seriously Cuts Down On Styling Time And Damage

The Revlon Salon one-step straightening brush is so much faster and easier than a traditional flat iron, yet it causes less damage. The ceramic plates and snag-free bristles offer root to tip contact around every strand, so you get style and frizz-control with one pass. It has dual-voltage for use anywhere in the world, and it has ten variable LCD heat settings for all types of hair.


These Adorable Egg Molds That You Can Also Use For Pancakes And Cookies

Yeah, they were originally designed to make cool shapes with your fried eggs, but these Sweton rings also let you get creative with your pancakes, finger sandwiches, cookies, Rice Krispie treats, and fritters. They have a convenient handle for easy, burn-free lifting, and they're made from durable stainless steel, so you can use them straight in the pan without having to worry. This set of five different shapes even comes with a free egg separator.


This New Adult Party Game That Asks You To Think Like Your Friends

Get in the minds of your friends with Hot Seat. This adult card game asks you to answer open-ended prompts as if you're the player in question. If you can fool your friends into thinking that your answer is theirs, you're awarded points. Reviewers call it a "unique new party game" that's "fun and kind of revealing," and they say it's just as enjoyable with strangers as it is with your best friends.


This Smart Clip That Creates A Secure Cup Holder Virtually Anywhere

"This is the most useful thing I have ever bought off Amazon," one reviewer says. "No more rings or annoying coasters on my desk. No more spilling full glasses of water." Whether you have minimal desk space or you're looking to put your cup down on a not-so-secure surface, the YOY drink holder has your back. This simple but genius tool clips to tables, counters, desks, chair arms, and balconies to give you a spill-proof place to store cups up to three inches in diameter. You can also use it for flower pots, makeup accessories, or electronics, and it's available in five different colors.


This Sleek Sound Machine With A Built-In Night Light For The Coziest Environment Possible

If outside noises disrupt your quality of sleep, the Easysleep sound machine is an incredible investment. This sleek and compact unit has 25 pre-programmed sounds to block out background noise and lull you to sleep. The memory function automatically adjusts to your last-used settings, it has five timers, and it has music, white noise, and nature sounds to suit any sleeper. It even features a built-in light with four varying brightness levels.


This 16-Piece Resistance Band Set So You Can Workout Anywhere You Want

Reviewers call this Odoland resistance bands set a "road warrior gym in a bag," and are thrilled that they "literally have no issues working out wherever [they] want." It comes with 16 pieces, including quality latex bands with varying resistance levels, ankle straps and handles, and extra durable attachment buckles. Since it also includes a carrying bag and an exercise guide, it's ready to go anywhere you do.


This Amazing Nessie Ladle That Stands Up On Its Own

You’ll never need to figure out where to place this Nessie ladle down. That's because Ototo's whimsical ladle actually stands up by itself. It's made from BPA-free material that's perfectly balanced and even stands upright on your counter — plus it's dishwasher-safe, so clean-up is a breeze.


This Universal Wrench Set That Works With 44 Different Types Of Fastenings

Because of their adjustable screw knobs, double V shape, and double-ended design, these DURATECH wrench can handle 44 different types of fastenings in total. They’re made from sturdy carbon steel and have numeric etchings so you can easily match the corresponding sizes with the right side. “Throw your cheap box of wrenches away forever,” wrote one reviewer. “These two heavy duty wrenches will be all you need. They are built to last.”


This Infuser With A Built-In Plunger To Get Even More Taste Out Of Your Tea

Whether you're using bags or loose-leaf tea, the Jokari Tea Infuser is uniquely designed to create a more intense flavor without any residue. It stands on its own in your cup or mug, has a fine mesh strainer that prevents leaking, and has a built-in plunger that presses even more taste out of the leaves. Since it's made from BPA-free materials, it won't leech harmful chemicals into your water, either.Jokari Tea Infuser


This Incredible Deal On A Set Of Quality Packing Cubes

These YAMIU packing cubes have hundreds of reviews and a 4.8-star rating. Reviewers call them an absolute "must have" because they transform your suitcase into compact, square pouches so you can fit more and stay organized the entire time. They also feature quality zippers, reliable material, mesh panels so you can see what you're grabbing, and handles for easy portability. This set comes with four cubes of varying sizes, one shoe bag, and two TSA-approved toiletry bags.


This Is Not Your Average Plunger, And According To Buyers, That's A Wonderful Thing

Unlike your average plunger, the ToiletShroom unclogger works by quickly pushing the clog away. It has a stainless steel handle and a flexible head that inserts easily without scratching the glaze. In the words of one buyer, "I wouldn’t be without this great little tool — especially since I only have one bathroom!"


This Variety Pack Of Korean Sheet Masks To Suit Any Skin Type

In addition to various plant extracts designed to help all sorts of skin issues, these Dermal Korean face masks have two ingredients in common: vitamin E and collagen. With this set, you get 16 different masks to accomplish different goals like brightening, refining, soothing, and moisturizing.


This Brilliant Tool For When You've Got A Roasted Tray Full Of Stuck-On Potatoes

At first glance, it may look like your standard spatula, but according to buyers, it's so much more "well designed and versatile." The Tovolo Veggie Turner is specifically made for roasted vegetables, thanks to its large surface area, slanted scoop, and raised edges. That being said, since it's heat-resistant, BPA-safe, and dishwasher-safe, you can use it to flip burgers, dislodge stuck food, and serve pancakes, too.


These Active Shorts That Fit Like A Second Skin And Have Two Convenient Pockets

Most workout-wear is designed to be comfortable, but these FITTIN sports shorts have reviewers saying that they "may even buy more for simply lounging or sleeping." They fit like a second skin and are made with odor-resistant, moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and fresh. Last but absolutely not least, they have two pockets — a hidden waist one and a deep side one — to store your keys, phone, or cash while working out.


This Mulberry Silk Mask That's Easy On Your Skin, Eyes, And Sleep Schedule

Thanks to the genuine mulberry silk on each side, this Babo Care sleep mask is extremely cooling, breathable, and soft. It has a padded nose guard to block out all light, as well as an adjustable strap to ensure your ideal fit. "I consider myself a sleep mask expert, having bought more than I care to remember," one reviewer writes. "This one is perfect and I am ordering more in case they stop making them... I am well-rested and happy."


This Reliable Phone Mount That Clips Right Onto Your Car's Air Vent

Simply clip the Auto Tech phone holder onto your car's air vent, and you have a secure place to mount your phone without causing any damage to your interior. It's capable of a 360-degree rotation, can hold your phone vertically or horizontally, and fits all phones thanks to its adjustable clamp.


Control Your Electronics From Anywhere With These Smart Wifi Plugs

Control any of your electronics remotely — even when you're not home — with Kasa smart plugs. These outlets don't require any hubs. Instead, they're powered through wifi for remote or voice control through your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant. That means you never again have to turn around when you forget to shut off your flat iron. They even allow you to set schedules, so lights and appliances turn on at a certain time every day.


This Silicone Bowl That Helps You Make Quick, Healthy Popcorn In The Microwave

If you love homemade popcorn, but don't love the choice between stove-top messes or unpronounceable ingredients, there's the HOTPOP. This microwave-safe popper is constructed from BPA-free silicone and makes up to 15 cups of popcorn in under four minutes. You can add your own seasoning, it comes with a spill-proof lid, and it even collapses down to a flat disk for easy storage.


These Easy-Click Pens That Soften, Nourish, And Strengthen Your Nails

Heal cracked textures and stiff cuticles all while strengthening your nails. The Magique VitalePen is packed with vitamins A and E to hydrate and nourish, as well as antimicrobial ingredients to prevent infection. The formula is paraben-free and the pen itself has a handy click design for effortless application. This set of two even comes with free cuticle pushers.


This Electric Pressure Cooker That Reduces Cooking Time By Up To 70%

The Luby electric pressure cooker has 17 preset functions, programmable cooking times, and a 24-hour delay timer. As a result, it can keep your dinner warm, slow cook recipes, cook beans and grains, saute or brown meats, and even handle desserts. On the outside, it has attractive red finish, and on the inside, there's a 6-quart pot that you can remove and put in the dishwasher. Most importantly, it reduces cooking time by up to 70%, so your restaurant-quality meal can be done within the hour.

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