It's Shocking How Popular These 45 Cheap Things Are — But They're Actually Worth The Hype

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When products go viral, it’s tempting to want to try them out yourself, maybe even if you don’t even need them that badly.

With social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it’s easier now more than ever to discover “life-changing” beauty, household, and just plain everyday products. There’s always some video or Insta story out there raving about how everyone *needs* this face mask and that reusable cup, with so many people agreeing that it makes you think: hey, maybe I do need this!

While some things that go viral can be pricey, the best ones out there are actually found on Amazon and are totally inexpensive, with tons of five-star reviews attached to them (so you know they’re popular for a reason). Things like this hair mask, this serum, and this projector lamp are beloved by Amazon users for their quality, ability to perform what they promise, and affordability.

We checked out a bunch of different popular products that you may have seen people going on and on about online, and found 45 that we think are truly awesome (and are truly worth the hype). They’re all available on Amazon, super cheap, and totally amazing.


This Lightweight Blanket That’ll Be A Relief For Sweaty Sleepers

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’re going to wonder how you went your entire life without this cooling bamboo blanket every night. This lightweight blanket feels cooling on your skin, leaving you sweat-free and comfortable all night long. It’s machine-washable, too, and comes in ten colors and four different size options.


This Gorgeous Liquid Matte Lipstick (That’s Also Vegan)

With a liquid gloss formula and an ultra-matte appearance, this lipstick is the pinnacle of effortless glam. This lipstick is made with jojoba oil and vitamin E, so it nourishes your pout while you wear it. It can last from eight to twelve hours to ensure your look stays fantastic all day or all night long. Choose from six fabulous colors to get the best lip look in the game.


This Chemical Exfoliant That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

This chemical exfoliant from Paula’s Choice can do it all: unclog and diminish the appearance of your pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and help with evening out your skin tone. It will even help give your skin a youthful and glowy look. One five-star reviewer called it a “MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE.” If that doesn’t sell you, we don’t know what will.


These Fuzzy House Slippers That Will Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter Long

Even though you’re just wearing them around the house, it’s so much fun having super chic slippers to lounge around in, like these furry ones that come in 14 different colors. With the softest faux fur exterior, an open-toed crisscross design that lets your toes breathe, and an anti-slip bottom, you truly can’t go wrong with this pair of trendy house slippers.


A Portable Lap Desk That Lets You Work From The Couch

We’ll investigate any product that’ll make WFH a little more manageable, and with over 400 5-star ratings, we think this portable laptop desk is something working from their living room needs. You can adjust both the height and the angle of the desk to make it comfortable for you, and it even comes with a cooling fan that keeps your computer from overheating during a long workday.


This Solar Powered Charging Bank That Can Power A Tablet Multiple Times

Keep this charging bank full of juice just by laying it out in the sun for a few hours. This weather-resistant power bank can charge your smartphone or small tablet even faster than a regular charging plug would, and even comes with a built-in LED light that’s ideal for camping or hiking trips (where this power bank will most definitely come in handy). It’s compact enough to bring with you wherever and whenever you made need a quick charge.


This Convenient Egg Cooker That’ll Make Easy-To-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

If eggs are your go-to breakfast, you’re gonna wanna check this rapid egg cooker out. This cute little device can cook up to six eggs in a jiffy, making them soft, hard, or medium-boiled for a quick and easy breakfast. It even comes with added cooking trays that allow you to make omelets and poached eggs just as fast, no excessive pots or pans required.


This Serum That Reviewers Refer To As “Liquid Gold”

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your skin, this hemi-squalane formula from The Ordinary might just do the trick. According to the company, the formula will help revive dermal elasticity and suppleness, making a great choice if you want to treat yourself. “Holy cow this stuff is liquid gold,” one reviewer claimed. “I had issues with either eczema vs oral/facial dermatitis and this stuff works amazing!”


A Cool Colored Lamp That Brings The Sunset To Your Bedroom

Looking for a cool new decor item to spice up your space? This lamp is not just any lamp, but a sunset projecting lamp, meaning it projects beautiful, sunset-esque colors onto your wall in the shape that mimics the sun setting over a horizon. It’s the perfect thing to turn on at dusk when you want to set the mood for a relaxing evening in your bedroom or living room.


This Cozy Unisex Beanie That Comes In Over 40 Colors

Chances are, you’ve seen Carhartt beanies before on everybody. They’re popular for a reason — made from stretchy, comfortable, and thick acrylic, these beanies will keep you warm and looking stylish (because of all of the different color options) all winter long. Since one size fits all, it’d also make a great gift.


This Lip Kit That Gives You A Juicy, Hydrated Pout

Your lips deserve a little extra TLC (beyond just a swipe of chapstick). This lip plumper and serum kit is perfect for giving your pout extra hydration and plumpness, without paying a ton for special treatments or products. Use the serum at night to moisturize your lips, and use the plumper during the day to give them even more oomph.


These Skinny Jeans With A Comfy, Stretchy Waistband

With over 45,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, these Levi’s pull-on skinny jeans truly live up to their hype. These jeans have a unique, stretchy waistband design (so no buttons or belt loops) that forms and moves with your body for ultimate comfort and an amazing fit. These come in 10 different styles/washes, three lengths, and two sizes, so you can pick and choose the best pull-on jeans for you.


A Glow-In-The-Dark Moon Lamp That Kids And Adults Will Love

It’s not often that a decor item comes around that appeals to both kids and adults, but alas, this glow-in-the-dark moon lamp does the trick. This fun celestial lamp mimics the look of the actual moon and can change to 16 different colors (that flash, fade, and strobe) for an even cooler effect. It also doubles as a USB port, so you can charge your devices while you use it.


A Flash Drive You Can Use For All Of Your Devices (Not Just Your Laptop)

You’ve seen flash drives that fit into your computer’s USB ports, letting you transport files from one device to another. But, have you ever seen one that fits into your Apple and Android products, too? This 3-in-1 flash drive lets you transfer files not only to and from your computer, but also to and from your smartphone, all with the same compact design as traditional flash drives.


A Silk Pillowcase That Feels Soft & Smooth On Your Hair & Face

This 100% mulberry silk pillowcase has over 25,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for a reason. It’s unlike other uncomfortable cotton pillowcases, which can scratch your skin and make your hair feel dry and broken after a good night’s sleep. The soft silk exterior lets your hair and skin breathe, feeling so nice that it’ll be impossible to get out of bed in the morning.


This Viral Insulated Tumbler That You’ll Bring Around With You Everywhere

You may have seen this insulated tumbler all over TikTok influencer Tinx’s social media pages — she, and the over 44,000 people who gave this a five-star rating, swear by this reusable cup’s ability to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot all day long. Plus, it comes in several inspiring colors and patterns, so you can look cute while you bring your drink around with you all day.


A Spray-On Mineral Sunscreen With SPF 18

We all know how important SPF is on a daily basis, even on a cloudy day. This mineral sunscreen from COOLA makes applying it every day easier than ever, due to its spray mist design and refreshing, lightweight feel. With broad spectrum SPF 18 and UVA/UVB and HEV (blue light) protection, this face mist is a no-brainer for your everyday routine.


A Luxurious Spa Robe That You Won’t Want To Take Off At Home

Wearing a cozy bathrobe around the house is a small but meaningful way to look like you’re nailing this whole “adulting” thing. And, it keeps you warm on those cold winter mornings. This 100% cotton robe is super soft, absorbent, and lightweight, giving you the look and feel of a fancy spa robe. Choose from three classic colors.


A Dermaplaning Tool That Shapes Brows Quickly And Easily

Whether you want to remove some peach fuzz on your face or shape your eyebrows without going to a spa, this dermaplaning tool has got you covered. With three included in this pack, you can safely and precisely shave the hair on your face whenever you need to. They’re also compact enough to bring with you wherever you might need a quick touch-up.


A Deep Conditioning Mask That Will Transform Your Dry Locks

With the current presence of harsh, dry winter air, our hair can sometimes suffer. Bring your locks back to life with this deep conditioning hair mask from Briogeo, which promises to minimize hair breakage with just two uses. With ingredients like rosehip oil and algae extract, this ultra-hydrating mask will strengthen your strands and leave them bouncier and moisturized.


These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths That’ll Help Remove Smudges

Let’s face it: the screens on our phones, laptops, and tablets can get pretty grimy, especially when we forget to keep them clean. Make them look (and feel) good as new with these microfiber cleaning cloths that are made specifically for tech screens. These handy cloths will rid your electronics of oil, dust, or any other icky substance lingering on your screens, with just a few swipes.


The Perfect Little Fan For Your Office or Nightstand

Use this fan in your bedroom, office, or home gym for instant relief on those days where you find yourself a little too sweaty for comfort. This tiny fan has a retro design that makes it a cute decor piece and, of course, works perfectly as a personal fan with two speeds and an adjustable tilt head that lets you blow cool air wherever you need it to go.


A Stylish, Simple Tote That’s Ideal For Work Or Travel

This stylish tote is a must-have for work, school, or traveling (or get one for each, there are numerous colors to choose from). The durable faux leather material will make you confident your tote will last long, and the magnetic closure ensures your items stay secure inside. The strap is long enough, too, for you to carry it comfortably on your shoulder.


A Relaxing Foot Spa That Will Help Save Money On Expensive Pedicures

In desperate need of a pedicure but don’t have the funds for a luxurious spa one? Don’t fret, this at-home pedi spa will save your toes (and your wallet). Not only does this foot bath look just like the ones we love to soak our feet in at the salon, but it has a vibration feature that will instantly make you feel pampered and relaxed while your toes get the TLC they need.


A Supportive Bed For Your Pet That They’ll Love To Snooze In

Your pups and kitties will never want to leave the plush coziness of this donut-shaped pet bed. With tons of sizes to choose from based on the size of your pet, this bed has a furry exterior that will make your furry friends feel cozy as they burrow into the shape of the donut, and is designed with seven-inch walls for ample head and neck support.


An Alarm Clock That Helps You Wake Up & Touch Up Your Makeup

This alarm clock is ultra-sleek and the perfect addition to your nightstand (and a great replacement for that old alarm clock you’ve had since college). With a large display, different “snooze” options, and three brightness levels, this alarm clock will become your new bedroom essential. It also has a mirrored surface that works perfectly as a makeup mirror for any quick touch-ups.


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

While many may love using their Keurigs for hot coffee every morning, some wonder what to do when they want to make iced coffee at home. This cold brew maker is the answer to cold coffee-lovers' prayers, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Fill the container with your coffee grounds and water, brew it in the fridge overnight, and enjoy delicious iced coffee the next morning, right from your own kitchen (and not from an expensive shop).


A Comfortable Sleeping Mask Made From 100% Mulberry Silk

If you can’t stand the light coming in through your windows and disrupting your snooze, you need this mulberry silk eye mask. This mask feels silky smooth around your eyes and even has a soft head strap that will keep it from slipping during the night. One five-star reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love this eye mask. I feel I sleep more deeply and peacefully


A Popcorn Popper That Promises Very Few Unpopped Kernels

It’s no secret that popcorn is one of the best movie night snacks. But sometimes, microwave popcorn bags from the grocery store can have unnecessary chemicals that you just don’t need. This popcorn popper will make delicious popcorn without all of those unnecessary ingredients, with its microwave-safe, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe bowl. It comes in a bunch of different colors, so everyone in your family can have their own.


This Memory Foam Wrist Pad That Will Give You Relieve During The Workday

Typing away at your laptop all day long at the office? Give your wrists a break with this resting pad that sits underneath your laptop for instant relief. This memory foam wrist pad allows your wrists to sit comfortably and elevated over your keyboard, preventing any future wrist pain from a long work week full of typing.


The Coziest Crew Socks That Will Keep Your Toes Warm All Winter

Ankle socks just won’t cut it this winter. These wool crew socks are just the things you need to get you through chilly days and nights, and they come in tons of adorable patterns that give your feet that super wintery vibe. They’re super cozy, not itchy, and let your feet breathe despite how warm they are. They come in packs of three and four.


This Handy Device That Gets Rid Of Annoying Pilling And Lint

Once you start keeping this fabric defuzzer around, you’ll never let it go. This little device removes annoying fuzz, lint, and pilling from any and all of your clothing items, making them look as good as new, even after tons of wear. It’s also designed with a comfy ergonomic grip, so using the shaver is an effortless and quick process.


A Sleek Card Holder That Attaches To Your Keys

Everyone needs a good wallet to bring with them everywhere, and this slim cardholder is the perfect option. If you’re not a big cash holder but have tons of cards that you need to bring around, this wallet will keep everything safe and secure with the six card slots and zippered money pouch in the middle. You can even attach it to your set of keys, so you know you’ll never forget it at home.


An Attachable Chair Pillow That Provides Relieving Lumbar Support

One of the worst parts of sitting at a computer all day, whether for work or for school, is the neck and back pain that can follow. This lumbar support pillow helps alleviate and prevent this pain, even during the longest workdays, or even during lengthy car rides. Just place it in between your chair and your back, and feel your pain evaporate.


These Cute 14K Huggie Earrings That Work With Any & Every Outfit

Amazon proves that you don’t always have to spend a lot to get beautiful, quality jewelry pieces. These 14 karat gold plated mini cuff earrings are super dainty, simple, and only 14 dollars. One reviewer gave these five stars and wrote: “I have very sensitive ears. Very sensitive. These don’t bother me. I can wear them all day and night. I started with one pair and loved them so much I had to get another pair.”


This Highly-Reviewed Cuticle Oil That Will Revitalize Your Nails

If you’re tired of your brittle and constantly-broken nails, it’s time to try out this cuticle oil from Cuccio. This cuticle oil has almost 80,000 five-star reviews (which, wow) and for a reason: the milk and honey help soothe and hydrate your cuticles, as well as protect your nails from breaking and cracking. Once you use this, your nail game will change forever.


This Thick Everyday Hoodie That You Won’t Want To Take Off

Everyone needs a good, cozy hoodie in their life, and this fleece one from Gildan is an awesome option. With tons of colors to pick from and a totally unisex design, this cozy hoodie is simple and ideal for everyday wear, whether you’re out running errands, playing sports, or just want to be comfortable lounging on the couch all day.


A Set Of Trendy Tortoise Claw Clips For Keeping Your Hair Look Stylish & Contained

Claw clips are the best hair accessory for when you just need your hair out of your face, but still want to look chic. These tortoise-patterned ones will go with any outfit due to their neutral color schemes, and their durable material will ensure they’ll last a long, long time. Even better? These work for both thin and thick locks.


A Bottle Of Nail Strengthener That Will Make Your Nails Healthy & Mani-Ready

Keep your nails in tip-top shape in between manicures with this nail strengthening treatment from beloved polish brand OPI. This bottle will keep your natural nails feeling and looking stronger and healthier after use, therefore enabling them to grow longer without breaking off or looking too brittle. You can even use this treatment as a base coat for an at-home mani.


A Long-Lasting Mascara That Will Give You The Lash Length Of Your Dreams

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a good mascara that won’t clump or smudge. This formula from Bestidy won’t do any of that. This waterproof solution gives you voluminous and lengthy lashes in just one swipe of the wand. Don’t believe us? This has over 6,000 five-star ratings, and one five-star reviewer even said this mascara is truly “the best mascara ever.”


This Compact Portable Charger That You’ll Never Leave The House Without

When you’re on the go, traveling, or just in a place where there might not be a ton of outlets, it’s always good to have a portable charging bank on hand. This sleek, credit-card-sized charger is compatible with all recent Apple smartphone models and will charge your device at lightning speed, wherever and whenever.


A Cozy, Supportive Pillow That’s Perfect For Travel

Ditch your traditional, half-donut-shaped travel pillow and replace it with this contour pillow that will make you feel extra supported and comfortable no matter where you are. This pillow is super versatile — use it laying down or sitting up. You can easily position it anywhere you like to relieve any strained problem areas. It also has a cozy microfiber cover for maximum softness.


A Scented Lavender Eye Pillow To Help You Relax

Sometimes, just laying down and closing your eyes doesn’t cut it when you want to relax. Put yourself in full serene spa mode with this lavender eye pillow that exerts just enough pressure on your tired eyes to feel at ease. The lavender scent from the pillow will transport you to a spa-like atmosphere, and you can heat it up or freeze it for an added reliving effect when you start to endure a headache.


The Easiest Mini Massager To Use After A Tough Workout

Throw this mini massager in your gym bag and you’ll have the opportunity to relieve your tight or sore muscles in a flash before or after your workout. This massaging ball is tiny not just for portability, but also for getting into those hard-to-reach places that regular, larger massagers can’t get to. You’ll never head to your workout without this little guy again.


A Bamboo Bread Slicer That’ll Help Turn You Into An At-Home Baker

Still on that bread-making grind? Make sure you have the best tool to slice your fresh loaves with this bamboo bread slicer. This slicer is made from durable and water-resistant bamboo that looks great on your countertop. But most importantly, it’ll keep bread crumbs at bay when cutting each slice.