Channel The January Full Wolf Moon's Energy With These 7 Dos & Don'ts

On Jan. 6, embrace tender Cancer vibes.

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The January full Wolf moon arrives at 6:08 p.m. ET. As la luna lies in Cancer, embrace the water sign’s gentle vibe. To make the most of this lunation, follow these seven dos and don’ts.

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DO: Embrace Emotions

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which opens up a time to acknowledge your feelings and practice self-compassion. Have a heart-to-heart with a close confidante or let yourself have a good cry. Now’s not the time to push your emotions away.

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DON’T: Fall Back On Old Patterns

The combined energy of Mars and Mercury retrograde resurfaces the past — yes, even that ex. Cancer energy craves sentimentality, making nostalgia extra intense. Have the willpower to reject cycles that don't serve your greater purpose.

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DO: Expect Snags

Mercury retrograde is known for causing inconveniences in communication and travel. Whether you're finalizing a project or setting off on vacation, make sure you have a backup plan for alternative routes. It doesn't hurt to be extra prepared for unexpected chaos.

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DON’T: Brush Off Unconventional Ideas

The new moon forms a sextile with forward-thinking Uranus. This helps us nurture unusual ideas and support spontaneity. Out-of-the-box solutions are encouraged right now — so if you run into bizarre ideas, follow them!

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DO: Let Go Of Unwanted Energy

Full moons symbolize completion and release. This soft lunation is ideal for comforting yourself as you sit with your emotions. Find catharsis in parting ways with bad habits, vicious cycles, or people who don't make you feel safe and secure.

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DON’T: Become A Hermit

With Cancer ruling the house of home and family, you may be prompted to probe your inner homebody. This full moon is about charging forward with courage and heart. Instead of seeking shelter, take yourself out for a nature hike or moon-gazing night.

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DO: Practice Self-Care

The nurturing energy of Cancer is a reminder to be gentle with yourself and prioritize your own peace and comfort. Buying yourself flowers, painting something for your home, or indulging in a candlelit bath are all ways to channel your inner crab.

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