Cancer Zodiac Signs’ Biggest Strengths, According To An Astrologer

They’ll be there for youuuuuuu.

A cheerful woman smiling at the beach. Cancer zodiac sign strengths include being empathetic and com...

If you have a Cancer in your life, consider yourself lucky — as there’s no sign with a more nurturing spirit. These water babies (born between approximately Jun. 21 and Jul. 22) are just as caring as they are compassionate, and they can make just about anyone feel loved. The zodiac’s crabs may get stereotyped as moody crybabies, but once you look beneath their protective shell and learn more about Cancer zodiac signs’ biggest strengths, you’ll realize there’s much more to them.

Cancer is a water zodiac sign, which is why Cancer-born people tend to be highly emotional and in touch with their feelings. But don’t mistake Cancer’s sensitivity for weakness, as they’re one of the take-charge cardinal signs. They have strong leadership skills and are great at creating safe spaces where people can let down their hair and be themselves. Cancers want to make sure everyone around them feels cared about, comfortable, and supported.

Everyone is entitled to their own astrological hot takes and biases, but at the end of the day, there are no zodiac signs in astrology that are worse or better than any other. The cosmic archetypes are all made up of unique strengths and weaknesses, and their energies are all equally important to the synergy of our birth charts. When it comes to Cancer zodiac signs, their hearts of gold are what really make them shine.

Whether you’re exploring the Cancer-ruled parts of your own astrological birth chart or just trying to celebrate the Cancers in your life, it’s helpful to understand Cancer zodiac signs’ biggest strengths.

1. They Know How To Be Soft

It’s a tough and gritty world we live in, but one thing that’s admirable about Cancers is that they’re always willing to stay soft and embrace their vulnerabilities. These kind-hearted people strive to see and believe in the best in things — even when life tries to harden them.

2. They’re Naturally Nurturing

Cancers are the singular sign ruled by the moon, and the moon is associated with maternal energy and mother figures in astrology. That’s why Cancers are so naturally giving, compassionate, and nurturing to others. It’s easy for these caretakers to see when someone needs a little extra TLC, and they know exactly how to make people feel protected.

3. They Have Strong Instincts

For Cancers, having such a deep emotional sensitivity acts as a sort of psychic sixth sense — and this gives them incredibly strong instincts. Cancers often pick up on subtle energy shifts before other people do, so it’s important for them to trust their gut and follow their intuition.

4. They Make Others Feel Comfortable

Feeling serene and cozy is super important to Cancers, which is why they sometimes get a reputation for being homebodies. However, they don’t just look out for themselves — they go out of their way to make sure others feel comfortable, too. Cancers have a gift for making people feel safe enough to let their guards down and be themselves.

5. They’ll Take Charge When They Need To

Cancers are often thought of as being more passive than assertive, but we mustn’t forget that they’re one of the cardinal zodiac signs — which means they know how to take initiative and be a leader. Cancers are always up for the challenge of taking charge and putting their emotional strength and resilience on display.

6. They Can Empathize With Anyone

As one of the water signs, Cancers lead with their emotions and feel deeply. And because of how sensitive they are, they can easily pick up on other people’s tender vibes, too. Cancers are able to put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand their pain, which makes them great friends to go to in a crisis.

7. They Have Great Memories

The moon in astrology rules over our pasts — and because that’s Cancer’s ruling planet, they tend to be nostalgic people with impeccable memories. Cancers can often recall the smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings associated with any given moment of their lives, so they’re great at telling old stories and reminiscing.

8. Their Homes Are Always Cozy

“Mi casa es tu casa” is an oh-so-Cancerian sentiment. As the sign associated with the domestic fourth house of the zodiac, home is an important theme for Cancers. That’s why they have such a knack for creating cozy and relaxing living spaces! Cancers are wonderful house hosts who know how to make anyone feel like they can kick off their shoes and settle in.

9. They Can Make People Laugh

As one of more emotional water signs, Cancers are known for being in touch with the heavier and more intense feelings in life. However, on the flip side, this also gives them insight into how to lighten a mood. Cancers have sweet and silly senses of humor that can help people see the silver lining on even the darkest of storm clouds.

10. They’re Always There For Their Loved Ones

Cancers one of the most family-oriented and sentimental signs of the zodiac, so they make it a point to be there for the people they love. Whether it’s their biological fam or lifelong friends, Cancers love to keep their crew close and will always show up to support their ride-or-dies.