Your Guide To Surviving June’s Full Strawberry Moon

Use it to clear your emotional slate for the summer.

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The June 2021 full moon on June 24 is the first lunation of the summer — and it's also the final supermoon of the year. Also known as the Strawberry Moon, this juicy lunar moment is the perfect time to celebrate the fruits of our labor. Follow these full moon dos and don’ts.

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DO: Be Your Own Boss

This full moon rises in the determined and serious earth sign Capricorn, bringing all zodiac signs a sense of empowerment. We all have to answer to someone, but ultimately our lives are ours — so take ownership of your decisions and embrace your authority now.

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DON’T: Hold In Your Feelings

The past month, we've dealt with a confusing Mercury retrograde plus two destabilizing eclipses, so it's time to let your feelings loose. Cry to a friend or scream along to Olivia Rodrigo songs — whatever you need to process your emotions.

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DO: Make Power Moves At Work

Capricorn zodiac energy is business-minded and career-focused, so the full moon here marks a great time to make some well-planned professional strides. Use this vibe to bring work projects to a climax or conclusion and put your talents on display.

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DON’T: Rush To The Finish Line

Mercury retrograde ended two days before this full moon, which means we're finally clear to move forward on logistical plans. But the Capricorn energy of this full moon is all about patience, so take your time reaching goals. Hard work will pay off.

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DO: Plan A Release Ritual

This is the first lunation since chaotic eclipse season ended and we could all use a spiritual cleanse. Honor this full moon in a mystical way by planning a release ritual to clear your slate for summer and let go of anything that's not serving you.

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DON’T: Rush To The Finish Line

This is the full moon of Cancer season, and it naturally puts us in touch with our hearts. Be sure you're honoring your comfort zone and protecting your energy right now by only saying yes to things you feel emotionally invested in.

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DO: Find A Work-Life Balance

This moon takes place on the zodiac's Cancer/Capricorn axis, which relates to our private lives versus our public lives. It's a good time to find your balance and embrace ways to honor both your professional and personal responsibilities.

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