June 2022 New Moon Do’s & Don'ts

Tender hearts unite.

The young moon is setting during a beautiful sunrise. June 2022 new moon do's and don'ts.
Katrin Ray Shumakov/Moment/Getty Images

On June 28, la Luna tides into delicate Cancer, sparking nostalgia, sensitivity, and sentimentality. The water sign lunation is sure to amplify emotions and intuition. Follow these do’s and dont's to make the most out of the June 2022 new moon.

Anna Blazhuk/Moment/Getty Images

DO: Decorate Your Home

With Cancer representing the home, the new moon is the perfect time to rearrange, redecorate, and recharge your sanctuary. Declutter your space and dazzle it with vintage finds from your local thrift store. Bonus points for donating your pre-loved goods.

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