June 2022 New Moon Do’s & Don'ts

Tender hearts unite.

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On June 28, la Luna tides into delicate Cancer, sparking nostalgia, sensitivity, and sentimentality. The water sign lunation is sure to amplify emotions and intuition. Follow these do’s and dont's to make the most out of the June 2022 new moon.

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DO: Decorate Your Home

With Cancer representing the home, the new moon is the perfect time to rearrange, redecorate, and recharge your sanctuary. Declutter your space and dazzle it with vintage finds from your local thrift store. Bonus points for donating your pre-loved goods.

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DON’T: Confuse Fantasy With Reality

Neptune, the planet governing dreams and illusions, is going retrograde in its home sign, Pisces, on June 28. This backspin untangles us from the daydreams that have been leading us astray — best to separate reality from fiction right now.

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DO: Take Care Of Others

Being the caregiver of the zodiac, Cancer’s new moon is about nurturing those around you. Whether you opt to run a friend's errands or cook family dinner, this lunation is a great time to channel your inner Fran Fine.

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DON’T: Be Self-Sacrificial

While being nurturing is one of their hallmark traits, Cancer has a tendency to put others' problems before their own. It's OK to be selfish every now and then. Avoid total exhaustion by prioritizing your needs and spending time alone.

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DO: Get Sentimental

Cancer season is about not being afraid to smother others with affection. You may find yourself reminiscing about the past, but this new moon is about making new memories with your besties — don't skimp on the love!

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DON’T: Overwhelm Yourself With Emotions

The emotional intensity of the new moon is heightened in the sensitive water sign's territory. Take a step back and ground yourself if things get too heated.

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DO: Lean Into Your Intuition

With Neptune retrograding in fellow water sign Pisces, this lunation is activating your psychic abilities. The moon naturally emphasizes your intuition, so listen to those gut feelings.

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