Cancer Zodiac Sign’s Hidden Powers, According To An Astrologer

The crab is a master of self-love and so much more.

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Your sun sign comes equipped with power moves thanks to its distinct astrological traits. While tenderhearted Cancer’s natural capacity for compassion and ability to pick up on the emotions of others are some of their hallmark strengths, there are a few special superpowers that are unique to them. You don’t need to be a Cancer to appreciate their sweetness and passionate hearts — knowing Cancer zodiac sign’s hidden powers can help move you to adopt their self-compassion to your day-to-day.

While Cancers are sensitive empaths, their devotion to love makes them particularly powerful. “Cancer is well known for their ability to nurture and care for other people. It's the ‘mother’ of the zodiac in that way,” astrologer Ryan Marquardt tells Bustle. “That's because no other sign can love as fiercely as a Cancer can.”

Understanding Cancer’s special skills require a bit of context. For starters, they’re water signs, so they’re deeply connected with their emotions as well as those of others. Their connection to their feelings is supercharged by their ruling luminary, the moon, which governs all things related to intuition — so they have no problem trusting their gut (which is typically on point). Cancers are also one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, meaning they specialize in taking initiative in life, are filled with ideas, and have the confidence to take the lead.

Between their limitless capacity for empathy and ability to take charge, there’s plenty that these intuitive signs can teach us. But even if you’re not a Cancer, understanding their secret skills can help you better understand their motivations. Read on to tap into the hidden powers of Cancer zodiac signs.

Cancer Zodiac Signs Are Masters of Self-Love

It could be the fact that they’re ruled by la luna, which governs the inner self. Or perhaps it’s their water element, which is all about emotions. Either way, Cancers have boundless room for love. While their vibe is nurturing and giving, their hidden power lies in the ability to foster self-compassion, too.

“Cancer is well known for its ability to nurture and care for other people. But oftentimes, they funnel their love so heavily into their romantic partners that they inevitably come to a point of feeling unloved by their partners in return,” says Marquardt. Rather than sulk, a Cancer will pour that love into themselves, allowing them the monumental gift of remembering their worth, rain or shine. They also tend to have a superb self-care regimen, involving moon magic or journaling.

Cancer Zodiac Signs Have The Gift Of Gratitude

It’s not always easy to feel #blessed, especially on your off days. One of Cancer’s hidden treasures is the ability to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and inspire others to adopt the same outlook on life.

“Cancers make you proud of what you have before it's too late,” says Marquardt. “Cancers empower you to be more loyal and caring of others. You want to make the same mark on the people in your life, the way Cancer left their mark on you.” Their influence on others is something that comes naturally to the caregiving water sign, and inspiring others to remain thankful is a remarkable power move that sprinkles a little more joy and light in the world.

Cancer Zodiac Signs Can Create A Sense Belonging

Since they’re ruled by the fourth house of home and family, Cancers can make any place feel like a safe haven. Their mission in life is to fulfill their need for belonging and create an environment for others to feel safe, too. “Cancer's duty is to make a home wherever it ends up,” says Marquardt. And that doesn’t always need to be in the traditional sense, either. “Sometimes it means creating a new sense of family, whether with friends or colleagues or by starting a family of your own,” Marquardt adds.

Creating a sense of belonging is important, especially since cardinal signs typically find themselves in a role of authority. “With the help of Cancer, everyone can feel like they belong somewhere, and everyone can create that feeling of belonging for others,” says Marquardt.

Cancer Zodiac Signs Have Soft But Mighty Shells

Cancers are super likable because of their sensitivity to emotions and their compassionate energy. But the zodiac’s crab has a safe shell they can retreat to when they’re feeling overloaded. “Emotional boundaries are important for everyone. But Cancers are meant to feel their way through life,” Marquardt explains. They may seem guarded on the outside, but their trademark carapace gives them the advantage to empathize without getting too overwhelmed.

As water signs, Cancers are all about emotional connection, so it totally makes sense for others to mistake their tenderness as being fragile. But best not to let their soft hearts fool you into thinking they’re weak or incapable of protecting themselves. In fact, it’s their natural ability to connect with others and be vulnerable that is their ultimate strength. “The soft shell keeps Cancers safe, but still allows them to experience every feeling under the sun, which is why they're able to empathize with other people so well,” explains Marquardt.

Cancers use the power of love to protect themselves and make others feel safe. They’re undoubtedly soft and gentle, but their ability to find compassion for all sets them apart from the rest of the zodiac. Their knack for remaining loving through it all is their ultimate strength — a Cancer’s kindness should never be underestimated or taken for granted.

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