Just Because You're Cheap Doesn't Mean You Can't Have A MUCH Nicer Home — These Things Are Proof

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by Nikol Slatinska

Making your home look nice is often easier said than done. This is especially true if you rent, which usually renders you unable to carry out any serious renovations. And even if you own your house or apartment, you might not have the time, money, or energy to take on such a big project.

None of these scenarios, however, should make you live in a space that doesn’t bring you joy. Maybe you can’t rip out those ugly bathroom tiles or change the ancient wallpaper, but there are still steps you can take to make each room more cohesive. Or perhaps you could use some more closet storage or better pantry organization.

In any case, Amazon will have the shoe rack, tabletop accessory, or low-maintenance houseplant you’re looking for — and all for reasonable prices. You don’t want to miss out on these amazing finds.


This Compact Corner Shelf That Saves Space & Looks Great

If you don’t have enough floor space to add a bookshelf to your living area, this two-tier floating shelf is a smart alternative. It comes in three colors and has an unconventional snake-like shape. Customers describe it as easy to assemble and mount, so you likely won’t need a helper to get this piece up. This shelf would look good in any room of the house, and for under $15, it’s a steal.

  • Available colors: 3


This Set Of Beautiful Mason Jar Sconces Filled With Faux Flowers

Eliminate harsh overhead lighting with these rustic wall sconces, which are made up of gray-toned wooden slats and charming battery-powered mason jars. As if that wasn’t cute enough on its own, each sconce also has faux flowers coming out of the jar. Hang these fixtures inside the home for soft ambient lighting.

  • Available sizes: Large – X-Large
  • Available colors: 3


A Foldable Tray Table For Quaint Breakfasts In Bed

Keep your bed free from crumbs and stains with this foldable tray table, which is made of strong bamboo that looks simple and modern. The tray has handles on top for easy portability, and it’s the perfect height for both eating and browsing on your laptop.


This LED Light That Gives Your Umbrella A Second Purpose

Your patio umbrella keeps you cool and dry, but why shouldn’t it illuminate your surroundings, too? Just slide and clamp this circular LED light onto the shaft, and turn it on with the press of a remote button. That’s right, this accessory comes with its own remote, which allows you to customize the brightness level and control the light from up to 50 feet away. Talk about triple duty.


A Luxurious Shag Rug That Costs Only $35

You can get the quality and elegant appearance of an expensive rug with this soft faux-fur rug at just a third of the price. This area rug works for the bedroom, living room, or office space, and you can customize it with your desired size and color. It also has an anti-slip bottom and is vacuum-friendly.

  • Available sizes: 2’x3’ – 8’x10’
  • Available colors: 9


A Neck Pillow To Make Your Baths Feel Like Spa Trips

There’s virtually no limit to how luxurious you can make a bath feel, especially if you add in this bath pillow, which suctions to the tub and supports your neck as you unwind. Just light some candles, pour in the bubble bath, drop in some salts, and you’re ready to relax. The pillow’s cushioned headrest and mesh material will allow you to lie in the water for as long as you want without any cramping.

  • Available colors: 2


These Glass Food Canisters With Stainless Steel Lids

This four-piece set of sleek glass canisters looks much better than the loud packaging that cookies and candy can arrive in, and it’ll keep your snacks fresh. Placing these in your cabinets and pantry will also create an organized appearance and keep perishables airtight.


These Airtight Containers That Let You See How Much Food Is Left Inside

Relocate your cereals, baking ingredients, favorite snacks, and even pet food to these transparent containers. Available in a set of six, they’re plastic and lightweight, but their airtight lids will keep the contents fresh for weeks. Also, the lids are interchangeable, so you don’t have to conduct a scavenger hunt to find the right pairs after doing the dishes.


A Mirror For Your Shower That Doesn’t Fog Up

Avoid the “did I get everything?” shaving panic with this fogless mirror, which suctions to the wall and allows you to keep an eye on those harder-to-reach spots. This item is also great for traveling thanks to its small size and easy application. “Love this mirror!” one reviewer wrote. “I've had mine for over two years. Works as it did since day one.”


This Clear Rotating Organizer That Keeps Kitchen Essentials Handy

Keep spices, condiments, and other cooking items within easy reach with this lazy Susan, which comes with adjustable dividers to keep everything upright. The turntable can really hold anything, including cosmetics, shower products, and office supplies, so there’s no limit to how much use you can get out of it.


This Hanging Closet Organizer That Keeps Purses Looking Brand-New

Handbags can be tricky to store, so turn to this double-sided hanging organizer which has eight slots that can hold purses up to 14” long. The slots are partially made of clear plastic so you can see which bag is where, but the rest of the organizer is made of sturdy polyester, keeping your accessories neat and secure.

  • Available colors: 4


This Collapsible Shoe Organizer That Fits In Tight Spaces

This freestanding shoe organizer is made of cardboard covered in black cloth. You might hear the word “cardboard” and immediately think cheap, chintzy, and fragile. But, that’s not the case here. In fact, this item is even better than wood or steel alternatives if you’re not fond of assembling furniture. The organizer has six cubbies for footwear and other items. It’s also less than 30” long, so it won’t take up too much space.


A Bamboo Box That Organizes Your Tea Bags

Be the hostess with the mostess by presenting guests with your tea selection in this snazzy bamboo box. It features a transparent magnetic lid, which lifts to show eight compartments that can hold dozens of tea bags. This system is so much more compact and visually pleasing than keeping each tea in its original packaging. There’s even a pull-out drawer where you can store a strainer and other accessories. How quaint!


This Multipurpose Marble Tray That Instantly Makes Tabletops Look More Elegant

Maybe you can’t have wall-to-wall marble in the bathroom, but you can place your cosmetics and jewelry on this refined marble tray for an instantly upgraded appearance. Really, the tray works for just about any spot and purpose, like holding your keys at the front entryway, your perfumes on the vanity, or some plants on the kitchen counter. Though it’s subtle, this item is guaranteed to garner endless positive attention.


A Pack Of LED Lights That Stick Onto Any Surface

These adhesive LED lights will bring you subtle, warm-toned ambient lighting anywhere in your home. Available in a pack of three, these lights also come with a remote that lets you adjust their brightness level and warmth. You can even set a timer, so no more worrying about the energy bill if you leave the house without turning them off!


This Streamlined Utensil Holder That Frees Up Drawer Space

Place your tongs and spatulas in this sleek stainless steel container, which has a divider to keep them from forming a tangled mess. Nearly 7,000 Amazon shoppers gave this product a five-star rating, citing its no-slip bottom and modern appearance amid its top qualities.


This Food-Grade Mineral Oil That Keeps Wooden Surfaces From Cracking

Wood inevitably gets dull with time, so keep your cutting boards and butcher blocks looking glossy with this food-grade mineral oil. Simply slather it on with a rag, and watch as dry, old surfaces are instantly refurbished. “I use this oil on my walnut and alder countertops,” one reviewer shared. “This oil has no smell, and it is very easy to apply... It doesn't leave [an] oily finish that would transfer to anything.”

  • Available sizes: 12 fluid ounces – 128 fluid ounces


This Wireless Digital Thermometer That Does More Than Just Tell The Temperature

If your home is still equipped with its original decades-old thermostat, switching to a new one — like this digital thermometer — can make things much more convenient. It monitors and displays the temperature down to the decimal, but its function doesn’t end there. The thermometer can also help you stay aware of your home’s humidity level and temperature history at all times, inside or outside. The display is also brightly lit and super easy to read.


These Mood-Matching Light Bulbs That Connect To Your Home Assistant

These light bulbs, which come in a pack of two for less than $20, can switch up your home’s lighting and so much more. Download an app and connect the bulbs to your smart home assistant to adjust them from anywhere. You can choose their brightness levels and colors, set timers, and connect them to multiple smart devices.


This Soft Weighted Blanket That Helps Induce More Peaceful Sleep

Available in a dark gray color and seven different weights, this weighted blanket will keep you feeling cool and comfortably swaddled all night. That’s because it’s not filled with down but instead contains glass beads that distribute themselves toward the edges of the blanket. In other words, this product is basically synonymous with temperature control, which is excellent for all the hot sleepers out there.

  • Available sizes: 36”x48” – 78”x85”


This Four-Corner Rug Tape That Prevents Accidents

Prevent doors from catching and people from tripping on curled rug corners with this set of corner grippers. Simply stick them on, pat the rug corners so they’re flat, and say goodbye to potentially dangerous accidents. The grippers remain sticky no matter how many times you lift them to clean under the rug, so you can rest assured they’ll last a long time.


This Adhesive Wallpaper That Takes Any Surface From Drab To Fab

This peel-and-stick marble-printed contact paper is the perfect way to cover old surfaces. Got a cracked desktop? A boring old coffee table? A bookshelf that could use some fixing up? This paper will solve it all. Not only does it look stunning, but it’s also waterproof and doesn’t easily sustain any wear and tear. Plus, it looks eerily real, so much so that others likely won’t notice it’s not marble.


A Minimal Box That Keeps Obtrusive Cables Hidden

Hide bulky cords by placing a power strip in this bamboo and white plastic box, plugging your cables in, and pulling them through the opening in a single neat line. This way, you’ll never have to untangle cords again, and your pets and small children will stay safe from unguarded power outlets. Plus, it’s an easy way to tidy your home office.

  • Available colors: 2


These Expensive-Looking Matte Black Hooks That Don’t Require Drilling

Upgrade those traditional plastic Command hooks to these stainless steel adhesive hooks, which come in a pack of four or six and in your choice of silver or black. You can place them on any wall, including near the shower, as humidity won’t cause them to slip. These hooks are heavy-duty, each one able to hold up to 7 pounds. Plus, you can remove them without causing any damage. Your walls will thank you.

  • Available colors: 2


This Peel & Stick Backsplash That Sports A Decorative Tile Pattern

If marble and other trendy stone patterns feel too austere for your taste when it comes to the kitchen backsplash, opt instead for something like this peel-and-stick PVC. It features multiple different patterns that would also look terrific in the bathroom or on the stairs; stick it in multiple spots throughout your home to create a consistent look.


These LED Lights That’ll Brighten Your Vanity

If your bathroom or vanity lacks natural light, stick some of these LED light strips around your mirror, and revel in how glowy and gorgeous you now look. The strips will also give your vanity a more professional appearance. And if the lights are too bright for your liking, no worries — you can dim them with a single touch.


A Silver Towel Hook That Is Perfect For Your Guest Bathroom

Don’t settle for basic wall hooks from the dollar store when this silver zinc hook is less than $10 and looks way better. Use it to hang towels in the bathroom, coats in the foyer, or bags and other accessories in your closet. Plus, it’s easy to set up. “I was impressed with the mounting system, which was super easy to install and adjust to make it straight,” one reviewer noted. “[The] hooks themselves are hefty/sturdy and look nice.”


These Solar-Powered Landscape Lights That Don’t Hike Up Your Energy Bill

When you’ve worked hard to achieve a beautiful green and biodiverse lawn, why not show it off? This set of solar LED lights will keep your outdoor areas alight long after the sun goes down. The lights are also waterproof and resistant to overly hot or cold temperatures. And if you don’t have a security system, keeping your front driveway and entryway illuminated is the next best thing.

  • Available colors: 3


This Clock Sticker Set That Stands Apart From Conventional Wall Art

Paintings and posters are nice, but if you’re after wall decor that’s a little more unique and contemporary, check out these acrylic analog clock stickers. The central gasket that contains the hands has an insert on the back for batteries, meaning this clock will actually work! You can space the parts as close or as far apart as you desire, creating a look that’s all your own.

  • Available colors: 5


This Glass Cutting Board That’s A Stylish Departure From Wooden Ones

The words “glass” and “cutting board” seem like they shouldn’t go together, yet this sleek, heat-resistant board proves otherwise. Not only will this product take your food presentation to the next level, but it’ll also last you a long time thanks to its anti-slip rubber corners and purportedly unbreakable glass. And just because the board looks cool doesn’t mean it’ll inconvenience you; just pop it in the dishwasher when it’s time to clean it.


These Stone Stickers That’ll Give Your Stairs A Cozy Cabin-like Appeal

If you want a warmer home vibe to usher in the colder months, check out these vinyl stickers, which sport a multicolored stone print. You can apply them to any smooth, dry surface, and once they’re on, they’re there to stay regardless of any moisture or heavy traffic. Plus, they look unbelievably real.


This 20-Pack Of Mini Succulent Plants That Are So Easy To Take Care Of

Under-waterers will love having these mini succulents around the house, as they only require H2O every two weeks. Get them settled in cute little pots, and place them on your desk, on window sills, on your counters — no spot is off limits. These plants also make excellent gifts because you won’t be unloading a time-consuming burden onto anyone. Plus, they’re undeniably adorable.


These Smart Plugs That Allow You To Control Electronic Appliances From Anywhere

Almost 62,000 five-star raters swear by these smart plugs when they want to control the temperature of their homes from anywhere, close their garage doors with just their voices, or ensure that hot hair tools are turned off. That’s because these plugs connect to your smart home assistant and have their own app, allowing you to make hands-free adjustments and save on your energy bill. After trying them out, you’ll want one in every room.


A Tabletop Fire Pit That Promotes A Homey Atmosphere

Whether you want an easy way to make s’mores, some added warmth, or ski chalet vibes for the winter, this 5” wide tabletop fire pit is your perfect match. It’s easy to transport, so you can even bring it on trips when you don’t feel like starting a full-sized fire. The best part is that you can use alcohol to light this pit, so there’s no smoke or ashes.


These Sheer Leafy Curtains That’ll Breathe Some Life Into Your Space

Brighten things up in your home with these sheer drapes that let the sunlight in. If you’re already a proud plant parent, these will amplify your green aesthetic and give the surrounding area a more earthy appeal. Despite their all-over leaf pattern, these curtains remain subtle, making them the perfect backdrop for your space.

  • Available sizes: 63” L – 96” L
  • Available colors: 4


This Rustic Countertop Wine Rack That Keeps Your Best Reds On Display

This wood and metal countertop wine rack comes fully assembled, so you can immediately put it on display, along with the most prized bottles in your collection. You can even purchase more than one and stack them for more storage space. “I was tired of pulling my wine in and out of my pantry, so I wanted a nice-looking wine rack on my kitchen counter, and this one is it,” one reviewer shared. “I would say don’t look any further... This is the best wine rack out there.”


This Whimsical Window Film That Gives You Privacy & Helps With Temperature Control

This privacy film has an iridescent floral pattern that totally gives off fairy vibes. Not only does it look pretty, but the film also prevents onlookers from seeing inside, protects against UV rays, and keeps your home cooler in the summer. Also, no glue is needed for installation; just add some water, and the film sticks right on.

  • Available sizes: 17.5”x78.7” – 35.4”x157.4”
  • Available colors: 2


This Touch Control Table Lamp That Has A Unique Shape

Forego the typical bell-shaped lamp, and switch things up with this cool cylindrical model. To turn it on, just touch its base, and set it to the brightness level you desire. This handy feature eliminates the hassle of searching for a switch behind the nightstand or under the shade. Just one tap and this lamp bathes the room in soft, pleasant lighting.


This Matte Lock-Free Door Knob That’s Perfect For Homes With Children

With this stylish matte door knob, you no longer have to worry about your young children locking you out of their rooms. Reviewers also love how easy it is to install, as well as its modern design and ability to fit on nearly all doors. And if you’re not into metallic fixtures and finishes, this is undoubtedly the door knob for you.


This Easy-To-Spot House Number That’s Weather Resistant

With a couple of these large and distinct house numbers on your porch or mailbox, you’ll never have to worry about the UPS driver dropping your package off at the wrong house. What’s more, house numbers inevitably tarnish over the years, but these are weather-resistant and long-lasting. For just $7 a piece, consider them a worthy return on investment.