20 Genius Kitchen Storage Solutions For Decluttering Your Space

There’s even a carousel for tea bags.

20 Genius Kitchen Storage Solutions To Declutter Your Space Once And For All

Kitchens, by nature, go through periods of cluttered and tidy. The routine of cooking, cleaning, and whipping up an afternoon pick-me-up matcha leads to disarray that can only be cleared by a weekly deep clean and of course, optimal storage methods that don’t take up too much room in your cabinets or on your counters.

Take an average morning, for example: Rushing to leave the house on time, you spend precious minutes rummaging through countless cabinets to get ahold of your holy grail coffee cup and it's nowhere to be found. Or maybe you're trying to get dinner on the table in time for your weekly TV show and the spaghetti pot is MIA. These all-too-realistic predicaments can be remedied with organizational solutions that are so simple yet pretty much transformative once they're put to use.

From mug trees and tea bag carousels to heavy-duty pan racks and sink-side sponge caddies, there are countless ways to take your kitchen from scattered to orderly — a shift which oftentimes results in significantly less stress and much smoother mornings. Thanks to Amazon and its loyal reviewers, these kitchen storage solutions will maximize your cooking space, keep your fresh fruits in place, and make it so that you know where everything is at all times and never have to lose a food container lid again.

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Bamboo Drawer Dividers To Section Off Utensils

Water-resistant bamboo drawer dividers are easily the quickest way to separate your utensils while still having the option to adjust if necessary. These water-resistant dividers fit in most standard drawers and can also be cleaned with zero stress. Plus, non-slip rubber pads keep each divider in check so your forks aren’t going anywhere.

Bamboo Drawer Organizer For Utensils

Crafted with 100% water-resistant bamboo and fully adjustable, this utensil organizer comes with seven to nine slots to use as you please (there are other options available too). Whether you’re storing shorter utensils or longer serving spoons, there is a compartment for virtually everything with a handy tray like this one.

Cutlery Organizer To Accommodate Smaller Spaces

For narrow drawers that simply won’t fit a full-sized tray organizer, this compact cutlery tray is key. Slanted, stacked compartments can store up to 24 pieces of cutlery and allow for wiggle room at the top of most drawers. Oh, and you can even place two side-by-side if you have the space.

“I thought this would be handy, and help with space management in a small apartment. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. It keeps the silverware clean, and stores a lot in a very small space,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Rotating Utensil Caddy For Countertop Access

If you’re more of the countertop display type, a rotating utensil holder with built-in dividers will make your next chef session a dream. Not only can you access your ladles and spatulas in no time, but you can also organize them within the three handy dividers as you see fit for your kitchen. Its brushed stainless steel finish (and wide array of colors available) is the cherry on top.

Heavy-Duty Pan Rack That Keeps Cookware Protected

Built with five adjustable dividers, this rack is made to hold everything from cast-iron skillets to soup pots with superior sturdiness. No more shuffling through a pile of pans.

“This does exactly what I've been looking for. I have a small kitchen and these help me make the most use of the space. Assembled in minutes! The shelves were flexible enough that it was easy to line them up, but sturdy enough that I'm not worried about them bending. Perfect height to fit under my shelf,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Airtight Food Containers For Neatly Stacked Snacks

Sleek, airtight, and countertop-friendly, these clear storage containers are essential to an organized kitchen. Save pantry space and minimize visual clutter by transferring over bagged goods to these transparent, stackable containers that are also BPA-free. Pasta displayed out in the open never looked more put-together.

Spinning Tea Bag Carousel

Teabags are another common kitchen find that are usually found boxed, taking up more space than necessary. Create a streamlined process for tea selection and maximize cabinet space with this carousel that can hold up to 60 tea bags so rummaging is officially a thing of the past.

Mug Holder Tree To Display Your Favorite Cups

Speaking of drinks, this walnut mug tree holder is genius for more reasons than one. Save on cabinet space, hang to dry in no time, and show off eight of your most treasured mugs with this durable storage tree that doubles as decor. Cheers to finds that are as cute as they are practical.

Spice Gripper Clip Strips For Easy Seasoning Spotting

Keep spices from toppling over on the reg with these next-level spice gripper clip strips that ensure your chili pepper flakes are easy to find. Simply stick on the ultra-strength adhesive strips and pop your seasonings into the twelve available clips for cinnamon that stays put. Just be sure to opt for plastic bottles when deciding which ones to clip and you’re set.

Versatile Two-Tier Organizer With A Sliding Feature

To avoid a chaotic pile of kitchen supplies and canned goods, this slide-out organizer is a versatile option. Fill with items like can openers and measuring spoons or use it to store cleaning supplies — either way, this removable mesh drawer system does the job of keeping your belongings tidied and visible.

“I love this purchase! It made my sink so much more organized and was very easy to assemble. If you are looking for a way to organize the underneath of your sink, I highly recommend this product,” one Amazon reviewer raved.

Tray Rack For Propping Up Cutting Boards

Consolidate your cutting boards and muffin tins with this tray rack that conveniently props up your cooking supplies so your cabinets are always clean. Available in bronze and silver finishes for a touch of customization, this rack also features rubber feet to keep things sturdy.

“I bought two, one for cutting boards and cookie sheets and another for my pans. I absolutely love them and they make digging through my corner cabinets so much easier,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Food Container Lid Organizer That Makes Packing Lunch A Breeze

If you’ve ever dealt with an uber-stressful morning spent searching far and wide for the lid to your food container (hi), you will appreciate this organizer that is made specifically for lid storage. Choose your preferred size, pop into your kitchen cabinet, and display your lids accordingly. Easy, boom, done.

Three-Tier Rack To Make The Most Of Corners

Instead of letting that awkward cabinet corner space go unused, opt for this three-tier corner shelf rack that’s incredibly durable and genius for utilizing every bit of storage available. Plus, it’s rust-resistant and built to hold heavier items like dinner plates and bowls with optimal sturdiness.

“These are a great way to make better use of cabinet storage for plates. I have several and they hold up very well to some of my more heavier plates. These have ended up being one of the better purchases I've made for kitchen storage,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

A Product Basket To Put On Display

Kitchen storage also means finding ways to display your chosen food items in a way that is both neat and sensible for your space. This multipurpose stacking metal basket can be used for just about anything in the home, but is especially useful for setting out fresh produce in style. From coffee pods to apples, there are options for this handy basket that helps to eliminate countertop clutter.

Clear Refrigerator Bins For Groceries

Take your refrigerator from jumbled mess to cleanly categorized oasis with the addition of these clear organizer bins. Made with handles for ease of use, this set of six stackable bins is a game changer when upgrading your fridge. Plus, they’re durable, easy to clean, and made to fit as many tomatoes as possible.

Kitchen Wrap Rack

Items like aluminum foil and parchment paper tend to be thrown into a mystery drawer of random kitchen supplies. Luckily, this three-tier wrap rack is here to save kitchen wrap containers everywhere and store them neatly so you never have to worry about losing the aluminum foil again. Set out either on your countertop or in a cabinet and you’re golden.

Adjustable Under Sink Organizer

For transforming your under-the-sink situation, this two-tier expandable organizer is just the thing. Made to hold sponges and soaps galore, this shelf can expand from 15 to 25 inches wide and is built to sit perfectly around your sink pipes. Plus, the metal frame is ultra-sturdy so your cleaning supplies are safe.

Silicone Kitchen Sink Tray For Storing Sponges

This silicone kitchen sink organizer provides a designated home for sponges and scrubbers alike, yet doesn’t add clutter around the sink with its simple design. It’s made with raised ridges for ventilation and a waterproof base, this organizer tray packs a punch by making cleaning tools accessible while also drying them to preserve their quality. Plus, its versatility makes it ideal for use throughout the kitchen.

“Incredibly versatile. I have one for holding my dish soap and sponge. I have another for a spoon rest. The silicone material makes it super easy to clean and use for really any purpose,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Stainless Steel Sinkware Caddy

If you want to store your scrubbers more discreetly, this sink caddy is another contender. With its built-in divider, ventilation holes, and drip tray featuring a pour spout, it keeps it clean. Plus, its stainless steel finish adds a polished touch to your kitchen.

Foldable Bamboo Rack For Seamless Dish-Drying

Laying your dishes out to dry on towels overnight can overcrowd countertops and make for unnecessary mess. The good news? This two-tier bamboo dish drying rack is both useful and aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen. It can also house utensils, takes up minimal counter space, and folds in as soon as you’re done drying your dinner dishes. They really did that.