How To Maximize Your Luck During The Lion’s Gate Portal

There’s a new moon on the same day.


On Aug. 8 (or 8/8), the sun and the star Sirius will create an auspicious alignment known as the lion’s gate portal — a spiritual event based on astrology and numerology. There's a Leo new moon on 8/8 this year, too, so follow these dos and don'ts to make the most of the magic.


DO: Set Intentions

Between the fresh-start Leo new moon energy and the manifestation power of 8/8 in numerology, the lion's gate portal is a supercharged time for setting personal intentions. Write a list of things you want to accomplish and focus your energy on making it happen.


DON’T: Limit Yourself

In numerology, 8 represents abundance — it even looks like an infinity symbol on its side, which mirrors our unlimited potential for magic. This energy doubles in the lion's gate portal, so let go of limiting beliefs and embrace life's infinite possibilities.


DO: Embrace The Unexpected

The new moon lion's gate portal creates new opportunities for all zodiac signs — but the universe also works in mysterious ways and sometimes the best gifts come in unexpected packages. Go with the flow and stay open to all of life's possibilities now.


DON’T: Doubt The Universe

The lion's gate portal opens during Leo season, when the sun is at its most powerful. With the Leo new moon on Aug. 8, we'll have twice as much fiery lion energy boosting our confidence during this spiritual moment, so have faith in the universe's plan.

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DO: Get Spiritual

The star Sirius is sometimes referred to as the “spiritual sun,” and its annual appearance in the sky has been hailed as a significant event for thousands of years. This makes Aug. 8 a powerful day for spiritual practices, like a lion's gate portal ritual.


DON’T: Be Afraid Of Success

In order for lion's gate portal manifestations to work, we have to really believe in them, so don't shy away from success. Channel some courageously confident Leo zodiac energy as you focus on your goals, and remind yourself that you deserve abundance.

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DO: Dream Big

Sirius in astrology represents wealth and fame, and Leo sun energy is about letting our passions shine — which means the lion's gate portal is a time to dream big. Visualize yourself living your best life and set lofty goals.

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