All The Major Astrological Events Happening In August

Including the “Lion’s Gate Portal,” aka the luckiest day of the year.

The astrology of August 2021, including Lion's Gate Portal and a full Blue Moon.

The end of the summer is slowly but surely approaching, as August marks the last full month of the sunshine’s reigning season. But nothing’s over ‘til it’s over, and the astrology of August 2021 serves up plenty of opportunities to shake things up and get things in order. The major astrological happenings in August 2021 will have an impact on all zodiac signs, so everyone should mark their calendars for a few key cosmic dates.

We kick off the month still in the heart of Leo season 2021, which climaxes during the new moon in Leo on August 8 and is amplified by mental planet Mercury being in Leo at the same time. But we’re also entering August feeling more grounded than usual, due to love planet Venus and action planet Mars traveling through earth sign Virgo together for the first half of the month. This tempers the season’s flashy Leo energy by making us more selective and analytical about what we want in life and love.

We’ll have a major cosmic vibe check once Virgo season 2021 begins on Aug. 22, but not before the full moon in Aquarius peaks on the very same day. This lunation is extra special, given that it’s an astrological blue moon (aka the second full moon to take place during Leo season). Bid Leo season adieu by putting your authenticity on full display — especially since Virgo’s zodiac energy will be swooping in immediately thereafter to help us clean up our acts.

Ready for your August 2021 astrological overview? Read on.

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Lion’s Gate Portal & A Mystical New Moon On 8/8

The first few weeks of August comprise the bulk of Leo season 2021, which brings a boost to everyone’s charisma, creativity, and confidence levels. Communication planet Mercury is also in Leo for the first third of the month, which expands Leo’s gregarious (and sometimes dramatic) energy into our social lives during that time, too. Be loud and proud about the way you express yourself, because this Leo energy wants us to shine.

On August 8, we’ll be blasted with an even bigger spark of these fiery Leo vibes via the August 2021 new moon, which offers us an exciting chance to take action on our personal passion projects. During this lunation, the sun and moon will align in Leo and square off with wild-child Uranus, bringing the potential for unexpected twists and turns. Be confident, even if you have to change course! This lunar action is also taking place during the spiritual Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8, which amplifies the opportunity for us to boldly and optimistically open new doors of opportunity in our lives.

Mid-Month Realignments With Venus & Mercury

During the middle of the month, we’ll experience a couple planetary shifts that may help some things click into place when it comes to love, relationships, and communication. That’s because intellectual planet Mercury and romantic planet Venus will both enter their home-base zodiac signs of rulership, which allows them to carry out all of their cosmic duties with more ease, grace, and productivity.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 11, blessing us with a newfound mental clarity and a much more analytical approach to life. There, it’ll join forces with ambitious planet Mars (who is in Virgo all month), which helps us turn our detailed plans into action. A few days later, on August 16, Venus enters Libra — a beautifully romantic transit that’ll have us feeling extra diplomatic, artistic, and engaged in our one-on-one partnerships. Look forward to bringing more harmony and charm to your relationships.

Uranus Retrograde Begins August 19

Retrograde alert! On August 19, innovative planet Uranus will begin its annual retrograde period, this time in the down-to-earth sign of Taurus. Uranus rules breakthroughs, awakenings, and sudden changes, so this retrograde is a time for us to start processing, reviewing, and adapting to some of the wild curve balls that life has thrown our way this year.

While some retrogrades have a bad reputation, Uranus’ backspin is more helpful than harmful — and it won’t have too great of an effect on your day-to-day groove. So if you've felt some paradigm shifts brewing in the way you live your life or the things you value, now's an opportunity to figure out which of those sparks you'd like to embrace and explore more deeply. As of this retrograde, all five transpersonal outer planets will be backspinning, meaning there’s lots of background processing going on both a personal and collective level.

A Blue Moon & The Start Of Virgo Season On August 22

In classic Leo fashion, the cosmic lion’s solar reign is going out with a dramatic roar — as the season’s second full moon in Aquarius takes place on August 22. Peaking during the final flickers of Leo season, this astrological blue moon acts as an emotionally-charged finale and gives us a chance to find closure on the same themes we faced during the July 2021 full moon.

Just hours after the full moon, the sun will officially leave its home sign of Leo and ingress into the realm of mutable earth sign Virgo, officially kicking off Virgo season 2021. Virgo’s organized and tidy vibe will help us clean up our acts as we round out the final month of summer. It’s a time to focus on being productive, taking care of your health, and refining life’s little details with a goal of self-improvement.

Finding Some Libran Balance

The month’s final planetary sign switch hits on August 30, which is when communicative Mercury joins love planet Venus in air sign Libra. This helps to bring a sense of diplomacy and balance to our mental and social affairs, and gives us a chance to think through our relationships as we enter the final weeks of summer.

Heads up: This transit also foreshadows the Mercury retrograde in Libra that’ll hit in September, too. Pay attention to themes and issues that arise now, as you’ll likely be revisiting them during the year’s final Mercurial backspin.