36 Little Changes That'll Make You So Much More Organized

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Some people have said that organization is not so much about the destination, but the journey itself. And while it may be a journey, the destination can still be an incredibly satisfying finish line to reach when you see the final outcome. If organization has never been your strong suit, these incredibly useful products may just change the way you feel about that chore.

Space can be a huge issue or obstacle to overcome in the name of functional organization. Maybe your living arrangements lack space, or maybe you simply haven’t found storage options that truly work. The items on this list bring back practical storage with a contemporary flair, regardless of the type of area you’re working with. There are numerous devices that’ll transform the storage and organization of one of the most utilized rooms in your house, the kitchen, as well as other areas such as the living room and bathroom.

As an added bonus, some of these incredible products are versatile enough that you can store and organize a wide variety of items with their assistance. Creating an order to your household items has never been easier or more affordable than with the help of these useful Amazon items.


The Expandable Bamboo Organizing Tray For Your Kitchen Utensils

This expandable bamboo drawer organizer gives you options for storing your kitchen utensils. When the tray is collapsed, it gives you six sections for holding utensils (and eight if it’s expanded). That means you have plenty of space to keep your forks, spoons, and knives organized in your kitchen drawer. This tray is also great for storing smaller items like corn on the cob picks and reusable straws.


This 7-Piece Set Of Plastic Storage Containers For All Kinds Of Foods

Keep all kinds of foods fresh with these airtight storage containers. The clear plastic makes it easy to be able to see what snack, ingredient, or food happens to be inside, as well as how full it is (or if a refill is necessary). It also includes a set of black stick-on labels and a white marker so you can distinguish between different types of flours, sugars, and other snacks.


A Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves & Rotating Base

Find your beauty projects in no time with this spinning makeup organizer. It was designed with adjustable shelving to give you options for short and tall beauty products. There are extra slotted spaces for storage on top of this rotating makeup organizer that are perfect for holding your smaller items, like lipsticks, sponges, and brushes.


This Styling Station To Hold & Store Your Hair Tools

Your bathroom countertops and drawers will stay neat and organized when you put your hair tools in this mesh styling station. The center hole is wide enough to securely hold most brands and models of hair dryers. The two outer holes give you the option to store a curling iron and a flat iron to round out your arsenal of hair styling tools. It’s even made out of a lightweight but durable stainless steel.


A Label Maker That Will Impress Anyone Who Loves To Organize

This one-touch label maker is capable to making labels for a variety of storage and organizational needs. Despite how easy it is to use, it comes with tons of options for fonts, symbols, and frames to create any possible label you could need. It’s designed like a mini keyboard to help make typing easy and intuitive when writing out new labels.


A Unit Of Hanging Shelves For Extra Closet Storage

For anyone tight on closet space, this hanging shelf organizer provides lots of extra functional storage. It has six open shelving slots and slide-in, collapsible drawers. There are three larger drawers that fit in individual slots and two smaller drawers that fit side-by-side in one slot. You can use the open recessed shelves for hats, sweaters, belts, and purses. In total, this hanging shelf organizer can hold up to 30 pounds.


These Hangers That Store Clothes Horizontally & Vertically

These versatile hangers let you store clothes differently, because they instantly add extra storage space to your closet area. You can choose to organize clothes by types, styles, occasions, or colors; whichever is more aligned with your organizational preferences. Each hanger is strong enough to up to 8 pounds, as they were designed to hang multiple items from them.


This Car Storage Tote With Tons Of Pockets To Organize Your Ride

Use the versatile pockets of this front seat hanging organizational bag to hold and store items in an easy-to-reach place while driving. It has a padded pocket in the back that’s excellent for storing electronics. There’s also an insulated pocket for your water bottle to help the water stay cool for extended periods of time. You can also adjust the straps around the headrest to hang the bag at the level that works best.


A Charging Station With 6 USB Ports For Multiple Devices

Make it simple to charge multiple smart devices at one time (and in one place) with this multi-port charging station. This charger is great for an individual who owns multiple smart devices, but it’s also great for a house full of people. The USB cords it comes with are all short to help ensure there is no extra clutter or mess from the wires. You can charge six different devices at one time.


This Organizer That Keeps Track Of All Your Food Container Lids

Never lose a lid to one of your storage containers again with this sectioned lid organizer. There are six adjustable and removable dividers that allow you to decide the most convenient and efficient way to store your food container lids. Plus, you can easily take it in and out from its place under the cabinet with the built-in handles in the ends.


A Cabinet Organizer For The Lids Of Your Pots & Pans

The space in the bottom of your cabinets will stay clear to store all your pots and pans with this hanging lid organizer. Designed with an eyelet dip in the center of each slot, the structure keeps lids secure by cradling the handles when they slide down. The rack just needs a few screws to be installed on your cabinet door.


The Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder With Room For Toothpaste Bottles

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder can also store other bathroom necessities you use on a daily basis. You have the option to hang six electric or nine traditional toothbrushes from these hooks — and the additional storage compartments in the top section are excellent for holding toothpaste, floss, razors, or makeup. There are even plastic shields that cover the toothbrushes when they’re hanging up.


This Slotted Organizer For All Of The Different Remote Controls You Have

You’ll probably never have to frantically search for the remote again by keeping them all in this remote control organizer. It’s equipped with five slots to hold five different remotes, and it’s available in over 20 color options, including marble and woodgrain shades. Plus, the organizer has over 7,000 4.5 star-ratings.


A Compartmentalized Purse Insert With A Hook For Your Keys

The inside of any purse can be instantly organizational with the help of this 13-pocket insert that’s available in five sizes. It’s made of lightweight felt, and there’s even a zippered section in the middle. This purse organizer is so functional that it has a 4.5-star rating from over 18,000 satisfied customers.


This Organizational Backpack Insert With Different Sized Pockets

The inside of your backpack can finally turn into functional storage space when you use this multi-pocket organizational insert. There are 13 pockets of different sizes that allow you to organize things like your laptop, books, writing implements, charger, and more.


These Clear Shelf Dividers That Make It Easy To Section Off Separate Areas For Storage

These multifunctional shelf dividers allow you to have different items stored on a single shelf, but organized by their different categories. The versatility of these shelf dividers makes them excellent organizational tools for pantries and closets. You can install these in a few seconds by simply clipping the base of each divider to the edge of the shelf. They are available in a pack of two, four, or six.


These Drawers That Attach To The Underside Of Most Desks For Additional Storage

Not all desks are created with the same amount of built-in storage, but these detachable under desk drawers help solve that problem. This two-pack gives you one small and one large drawer. You can also install both drawers without the assistance of any tools by peeling off the adhesive sticker and firmly pressing them to the underside of the desk.


This 2-Tiered Mesh Computer Stand With Drawers To Hold Office Supplies

This metal mesh two-tiered monitor stand can hold up to 33 pounds, so most computers and printers can rest on top of it without it buckling or bending under the weight. The front of the stand is actually two drawers that add extra organizational storage for a wide variety of office supplies. If it’s being used as a computer stand, you can use the drawers to hold post-its, staplers, pens, folders, and more — and if it’s a printer stand, you can store paper and ink cartridges in it.


A Magnetic Novelty Key Holder Shaped Like A Cloud

This wall-mounted magnetic cloud key holder is an easy and fun way to keep track of where your keys are. The back of the key holder has an incredibly strong adhesive bond on it, letting you press it directly onto the wall for quick and easy installation. While this novelty magnetic cloud truly makes the perfect key holder, it’s also versatile enough to work for paperclips, small scissors, nail clippers, and other small items you use regularly.


This Wooden Mail Holder That Has A Rustic Farmhouse Feel

Organize all of your bills, cards, magazines, and more in this chic wooden mail organizer. This organizer was designed with different sized compartments to hold a variety of items. The different sections are also designed on three different levels, which allows you to see and access the items in then middle and back rows just as easily as the items in the front.


The Glass Whiteboard For Taking Notes At Your Desk

This angled glass whiteboard is the modern and stylish solution to sticky notes. One of the coolest features of this compact whiteboard — in my opinion — is the fact that is has a hidden pullout drawer that adds storage to it. The surface of the board is scratch-resistant and shouldn’t retain residual ink from the markers, wiping completely clean after each use.


These Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizers For Stylish & Practical Storage

Organization turns into trendy fun with these incredibly useful lazy Susan cabinet organizers. Each pack comes with two rotating storage trays, but there are also two sizes of trays available to order (depending on how large or small the space is where you plan on using these trays). The base ensures a smooth and bump-free spin upon every single rotation, while the outer lip helps the items remain on the tray.


A 2-Tiered Carrying Case For Your Nail Polish & Manicure Tools

This nail polish carrying case holds 30 bottles of nail polish as a simple storage solution (or to take with you on the go). The large holding compartment on the bottom of the case is where you’ll find the holding slots for the nail polish bottles. You can unzip the top of the lip to access storage pockets that keep your manicure tools in an easy-to-reach place.


This Dual Chamber Soap Dispenser For The Kitchen Sink

Have dish and hand soap easily within reach with this double-chamber soap holder. (There’s also a sponge holder located on the backside of this soap dispenser.) The pump-top makes it easy to put soap on your sponge or hands — and you can easily determine when it’s time to refill either side with soap, all thanks to the clear plastic containers.


A Shower Dispenser With Separated Compartments For Different Soaps

This tri-chamber shower dispenser helps keep the edges and ledges of your bathtub clear from all of your hygiene products. It’s designed with three separate compartments, so you can use this dispenser for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. You have the option to mount this dispenser against a flat wall or discretely in one of the corners to keep it more out of the way.


A Magnetic Weekly Planner For Meal Prepping & Shopping

Know ahead of time what you’re going to cook for the week and create your shopping list with the assistance of this handy magnetic weekly meal planner. Place it on your refrigerator — and that way, you’ll never forget what’s for dinner that night.


An Airtight Storage Container That’s Made To Store Pet Food

Keep your furry friend’s food fresh with this rolling airtight storage container. The lids latch securely with the plastic, airtight locks. There’s a smaller storage bin that attaches to the top of the larger bottom bin; that means you can store your pet’s food in the bottom compartment and different treats in the top. There’s also a scooper included that lets you easily put food into bowls.


These Double-Decker Shoe Racks To Save Space On Your Closet Floor Or Shelves

You can adjust these two-tiered shoe slots to fit nearly any style of shoe, helping to reduce the space your shoes occupy by up to 50%. If needed, you can also adjust the height of the shoe holder to accommodate shoes ranging from sneakers and flats to wedges and stilettos.


The Color-Coded Rack Organizers For Simple Closet Planning

Label and section out your clothes any way you see fit by utilizing these colorful storage rack dividers. This 30-pack comes in 10 colors with three dividers in each color. That lets you organize clothes by colors, sizes, occasions, seasons, and more. A pen is also included so you can label each divider, turning your closet into a professional work of art.


An Organizer With 24 Mini Pockets Perfect For Socks & Underwear

Make it easy to keep clothing items like bras, underwear, and sock neat and tidy with this three-pack of pocketed drawer organizers. Each drawer has a total of 24 pockets for storing your undergarments. If you’re not using one of these collapsible drawers, you can fold it up flat for easy storage to fit in a wide range of places. There are also five color options available to choose from.


This Wall-Mounted Holder With Adjustable Hooks For Storing Cleaning Tools

Keep brooms, mops, and dust pans neatly organized and off the floor with this wall-mounted cleaning tool holder. Along with its four slots, there are various hooks that can be used to store cleaning brushes, oven mitts, and more. It’s available in two colors: black and silver.


The Tiered Organizer Made Specifically For Your Belts

This multilevel round organizer is an efficient way to store belts because the plastic containers are transparent. Each individual compartment can hold any belt less than 2.5 inches wide, and the base of each one has a magnet that keeps it attached to the lid underneath. That way, the holders shouldn’t fall over or slide around when you need one of your belts.


These Collapsible Storage Baskets Designed With A Handle For Easy Maneuvering

These foldable cloth storage bins are a perfect combination of chic and practical. The faux leather handles are stylish, but they also provide a sturdy way to move these bins from one location to another (or to simply pull it out or push it back in to its storage space). These are great for organizing kids toys, books, art supplies, and blankets.


This Coffee Pod Holder That Mounts Onto The Side Of The Machine

Put this coffee pod holder on the side of your coffee machine to easily choose which one you want that morning. Each dispenser holds five pods, so you can have the same flavor in them or mix it up with a variety of coffees you enjoy in the morning. Firmly press each coffee pod holder to the side of your coffee machine with the attached adhesive material for quick and easy installation.


A Wire Organizational Rack For Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil & More

You can stack kitchen items for convenient storage on this simple wire rack holder. This storage rack shouldn’t slide around, thanks to the clear rubber stoppers on the bottom corners of the stand. It’s a great option to store your tin foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and wax paper for cooking, baking, and more.


This Hardcover Case To Organize Batteries Based On Size

You can get rid of endless half-full packs of batteries by organizing them in this hard-case battery storage box. The inside of the case is constructed with foam slots that’ll help keep individual batteries secured in their places. The case itself is waterproof, and it also comes with a battery tester.