McVitie's Is Launching Christmas Pudding-Flavoured Chocolate Digestives

The biscuit brand is introducing two new festive versions of the classic.

annick vanderschelden photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

Do you know how many shopping days there are until Christmas? No me neither but as the crescendo towards Dec 25 begins, foodies out there are hungrily anticipating all the limited edition festive foods for 2020. McVitie's have two Christmas flavoured chocolate digestives and I think it's best you make room in your cupboards ahead of time.

Chocolate digestives with a delicious hint of either gingerbread or Christmas pudding are waiting to be double dipped into your eggnog ASAP. In a post on Instagram, expert on these matters, Kev's Snack Reviews shared a photo of the new treats with the caption, "coming this Christmas...would you pick Gingerbread or Christmas Pudding Digestives?" It's yet to be revealed when consumers will be able to grab a pack but as with every other year, December will creep up on you in no time at all.

Needless to say, the crowd's gone wild ahead of these biscuits hitting the shelves, but not everyone is feeling the vibe. One Twitter user said, "Is it just me who thinks Christmas pudding digestives sounds FOUL." Although the jury's out on that, as these biscuits haven't hit the shelves yet, the fact of the matter is that a Yougov survey from 2019 found that only 35% of those asked said Christmas pud is the most important festive sweet.

Making waves in the biscuit world, taking risks, and dare I say — being mavericks in the game is nothing new to McVitie's. If thinking about the most magical (stressful) time of the year is giving you the ick, there's other newbies to enjoy in the meantime. Why not try their VIB range which brought the glamour with Classic Caramel Bliss, Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut, and Luscious Blood Orange?

Whichever flavour tickles your fancy, be it classic, festive, or VIB — for god sake make sure you've got the kettle on first.