45 Mistakes You Probably Didn't Realize Have A Huge Impact On Your Home

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Whether you live in a studio, shared apartment, or full-on house, regular maintenance is a requisite to making sure your humble abode is one you're excited to come home to at the end of a long day. From Marie Kondo-approved organization to maximizing closet space and boosting your crib's aesthetic, there are a few definite dos and don'ts you should know about.

Simply put, this is your sign from the universe to take a look at your current upkeep habits and get some improvements going that will refine both your home and overall life. To kick the journey off, it’s vital to ask yourself a few necessary Qs. Are you cleaning your dust bunny-inclined ceiling fan on a weekly basis? Do you find yourself losing the car keys more often than you realistically should? Has your living room sofa become a literal hub for pet fur and you're not a fan? Don’t worry, there are not one, not two, but 45 highly-rated solutions, reader.

Ranging from moisture-boosting humidifiers and hanging laundry bags (I know) to outdoor fabric protectant and coasters for your fourth coffee of the day, Amazon pretty much has everything and more to give your digs a spring refresh. P.S. All of the finds on this list are budget-friendly so you can make major strides without dropping the ball on your savings. And yes, I’ll cheers to that.


Mistake: Not Deep Cleaning The Dryer

Solution: This Dryer Vent Cleaner That Clears Out All The Gunk

Even though it's not widely talked about, dryers should definitely be deep-cleaned on a regular basis. Over time, lint accumulates in the vent and if not cleared out in a timely manner, can affect the smoothness of your dryer and start leaving clothes covered in leftover dust. This vent cleaner kit is a revolutionary tool for degunking your dryer and helping to prevent possible dryer fires and clothing damage. For the pocketbook-friendly price? I'm so in.


Mistake: Splashing Sink Water Onto The Counters Without A Care In The World

Solution: This Splash Guard That Makes For A Clean Kitchen Sink Setup

Water splashing during dish duty is a common household issue, but it doesn't have to be. This absorbent sink mat, otherwise known as the splash guard or water catcher, is a microfiber mini pad made to fit around your sink and ward off water drops for a cleaner countertop. Machine-washable and designed with a secure snap button, this pad is pretty much guaranteed to eliminate the splash zone completely.


Mistake: Toys Are All Over The Living Room 24/7

Solution: This Storage Cube That Also Doubles As A Chair

For plush toy-covered living rooms, this 15-inch storage ottoman cube is a gamechanger. With a padded cushion lid, foldable design, and capacity to hold up to 350 pounds, this storage cube makes for the perfect organization tool and footrest for days on the living room couch. There are also several neutral shades available so you can match to your place however suits your fancy.


Mistake: It’s Hard To See The Kitchen Counters Clearly At Night

Solution: These Adhesive LED Lights That Shine On Your Countertops

For a touch of next-level design and practicality, these LED light strips are one of Amazon’s favorite finds for so many reasons. Aside from being 100% battery-operated and ultra-bright with a warm white shine, these adhesive strips are also easily installable and will send an instant spotlight down to your countertops. For an affordable price and lights that last up to 100 hours, you’re going to want to add these to your cart.


Mistake: Piping Hot Dishes Are Wearing Down Your Furniture

Solution: These Silicone Sheets To Keep Your Tables Uber-Protected

This just in: Hot dishes and coffee cups can potentially damage your new kitchen table, and I’m not about that life. Take a major preventative measure and save your furniture with these heat-resistant silicone table mats that are waterproof, versatile, and don’t skid when set down. A winner, yes? Whether you’re spending an afternoon on crafts or baking, these mats simply won’t let you down.


Mistake: Your Charging Wires Are Getting Tangled

Solution: A USB Charging Station To Streamline Your Devices

Your device charging setup is something that can easily be put together for a stress-free situation or potentially cause more stress if it goes unorganized. I think I speak for the masses when I say the former is superior. This dock charges up to seven devices and comes with universal cables for all the devices on your roster. Aside from looking uber-tidy, the Poweroni station also juices up your devices in record-breaking time so you can get back to being on the go in a flash.


Mistake: The Living Room Rug Is Always Slipping Around

Solution: This Non-Slip Grippy Pad To Keep Your Area Rug In Place

Most of us know all too well what it’s like to step on a rug and have it slip and slide all over the room. In an effort to put this universal travesty to an end, this non-slip area rug pad is here to keep your rugs in place with its mega-grip power and breathable make. Plus, there are several size options available so you can pick one up for each room in your home with a rug.


Mistake: The Floors In Your Home Are Coated In Dirt From Outside

Solution: A Door Mat To Brush Off Your Kicks Before Entering The House

In this case, door mats are a good thing. Say hello to the one-and-done necessity for keeping your floors dirt-free and squeaky clean. Available in several sizes and styles, this coconut coir mat is slip-resistant, rubber-lined, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Just scrub your shoes over top of this durable mat before walking around the house, and you’re golden.


Mistake: You’re Setting Your Dishes To Dry On A Towel

Solution: This Silicone Mat To Help Air Out Your Freshly-Washed Dishes

Placing the dishes down to dry is more than just placing them on a towel by the sink and calling it a night. For an all-over dry that’s actually effective and intended for dish-drying, this silicone mat is more than ideal. Designed with ridges to boost air flow and made with heat-resistant, dishwasher-friendly silicone, a mat like this one will improve your clean dish turnover by a lot. Oh, and it’s multipurpose so you can even use it for your hot hair tools. Love the versatility here.


Mistake: Pet Fur Has Taken Over Your Couches

Solution: This Popular Pet Hair Remover To Eliminate Furniture Fuzz

We love our fur babies, but the excess fur? Not so much. If your pup’s hair has totally taken over your couch, the ChomChom pet hair remover is the utterly brilliant way to make your sofa 100% fuzz-free. And it’s backed by over 78,000 five-star reviews. Functioning like a lint roller, this handy device is reusable and a breeze to clean out with its effortless release button that clears out the fur and instantly restores your brush for continuous tidying. The real question is, why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?


Mistake: A Mountain Of Shoes Has Formed In Your Doorway

Solution: This Bamboo Shoe Rack That Doubles As An Entryway Bench

If shoes are piling up by the doorway like there’s no tomorrow, consider the game changed. This bamboo shoe rack bench holds your heels while also providing a place to sit while you tie your shoes before heading out. Capable of holding up to 100 pounds and made of waterproof bamboo, this shoe rack bench is equal parts practical and pretty for your entryway.


Mistake: Sweaters & Other Items Are Unhappy On Hangers

Solution: A Hanging Closet Organizer For Storing Accessories

Closet space is good, but an organized closet space is even better. Elevate your closet with this hanging cube organizer with mesh side pockets and five shelves for hats, sweaters, and shoes alike. With durable hooks and a super strong fabric that ensures your pieces will stay pristine, this addition is a must. BTW, it comes in four neutral colors for some variety.


Mistake: Your Closet Is Looking Supremely Messy

Solution: Non-Slip Velvet Hangers For The Most Uniform Closet To Ever Exist

Make your closet look uniform and put-together with these non-slip velvet hangers that are so slim they’ll actually save space. Designed with an all-around swivel hook and capable of holding up to 10 pounds of clothing, these hangers come in seven stunning shades and will just about change the way you feel about your closet. Oh, and there’s a contoured shoulder line on each hanger so your pieces won’t fall off.


Mistake: The Chips You Just Opened Are Now Stale

Solution: These Airtight Containers That Maintain The Freshness Of Your Snacks

Cereal getting stale too often? These airtight food storage containers will keep your dry foods at peak freshness and also make your pantry look so much neater. They’re BPA-free and available in packs of four with two different sizes, plus these space-saving containers have snap lids and an airtight seal so your snacks aren’t going anywhere. And they’re easily stackable, so I’m obsessed.


Mistake: You’re Starting To Forget Which Bags You Own Because You Can Never Find Them

Solution: This Hanging Purse Holder To Give Your Bags A Designated Space

I’ve misplaced too many handbags already, but this over-the-door purse organizer makes that a non-issue. With six large compartments and ultra-durable hooks to ensure your bags stay properly in place, this organizer solves so many issues completely on its own. Plus, each slot has a clear plastic window so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Just pop in your scarves and totes and never lose an accessory again.


Mistake: Spending Money on Single-Use Paper Towels

Solution: Reusable Dish Cloths That Are Actually More Absorbent

High absorbency is key when it comes to dishcloths that do a stellar job. These Swedish dishcloths are a fan favorite — with nearly 30,000 five-star ratings — for their premium absorbency and reusable quality. They’ll save you money over time and do a better job cleaning. Available in a pack of ten so you can dry your dishes and clean your counters for a good while, these sponge cloths are also washable and come in so many bright colors. Oh, and they work well on anything from stainless steel to wood. So basically, these babies are just winning at life.


Mistake: There Are Never Enough Cutting Boards To Chop Everything

Solution: This Three-Piece-Set Of Cutting Boards With Rubber Grips

It's time to level up to high-quality cutting boards with rubber grips that make chopping up fruits and vegetables a no-hassle activity. Dishwasher-friendly and 100% non-porous, this set of three cutting boards in multiple sizes is just the thing for slicing and dicing the night away. Even better, they come in a whole selection of colors so you can look forward to the details.


Mistake: You Don’t Have A Special Place To Slice Your Bread

Solution: This Wooden Bread Board For Displaying Your Sourdough

I strongly believe a telltale sign of adulthood is a wooden bread board and I said what I said. Double-layered to catch the crumbs from slicing, this board does a 10/10 job of displaying your loaf in style while also functioning as a handy cutting board. Your future charcuterie boards are about to be serving looks.


Mistake: You’re Grabbing Burning-Hot Pots With Old Holders That Slip

Solution: These Grippy Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Heat-Resistant To 450 Degrees

Don’t risk burning yourself while cooking; just get these silicone oven mitts that are resistant to both heat and steam. They feature flexible, ultra nonslip outers that easily grip hot pots, bakeware, and other tools, and rinse clean in the sink. They're also ready to add to cart in several colors so you can style with your kitchen accordingly. We're protecting our cookware and hands now.


Mistake: Sun Rays Are Getting In The Way Of Your Afternoon Nap

Solution: These Thermal-Insulated Curtains That Block Out All Light

Is there anything better in this world than blackout curtains? I think not because these thermal insulated blackout curtains have over 68,000 five-star ratings. With the capacity to reduce up to 99% of light and mitigate noise, these curtains will have you sleeping way more soundly. They come in over 35 shades and are also available in 13 sizes, so everyone can get in on the thermal curtain trend.


Mistake: Hair Keeps Clogging The Drain

Solution: This Hair Catcher That Keeps Your Drain Totally Clear

Labelled revolutionary for more reasons than one, this TubShroom drain protector is the reason your water is about to be flowing so much smoother than ever before. If you struggle with hair getting caught in the drain, this hair catcher backed by over 85,000 ratings on Amazon is an easy fix to prevent drain clogging. Plus, it's basically effortless to clean since you just have to twist out the gadget, empty the hair, and you're good to go.


Mistake: Coffee Cups Are Leaving Their Mark On Your Table

Solution: These Geometric Coasters That Protect While Looking Aesthetically Pleasing

Coasters are a must for preventing table marks from coffee cups and keeping your furniture looking good as new at all times. This set of six silicone hexagon coasters is beautiful and gets the job done. Plus, they’re stain-resistant and dishwasher-safe. You can get them in muted hues like teal, beige, and mustard.


Mistake: The Only Light You Have In Your House Is Warm White

Solution: These Smart Bulbs That Shine In Every Color To Ever Exist

Who needs regular light bulbs when you can have smart bulbs? Serious answers only. These Wifi-compatible light bulbs connect to genius assistants like Alexa and Google Home and can be controlled from a smartphone app to change the colors, brightness, mood, and more. Plus, these lights can turn almost every color you can imagine, so parties just got a whole lot more exciting.


Mistake: Pungent Food Smells Are Taking Over Your Kitchen Sink

Solution: This Garbage Disposal Cleaner That Clears Out Pesky Odors

Last night's dinner has no business creeping up the garbage disposal, which is why these freshening tablets are key to have on hand at all times. Created with odor-eliminating agents and made to foam-clean your disposal until it's sparkling, these Affresh citrus-scented tabs are here to take your kitchen to the next level and make it feel polished AF. It really is the little things.


Mistake: The Air In Your Room Is Getting A Bit Stale

Solution: This Humidifier To Add Moisture & Improve Breathing

For reducing stale air in your home and infusing refreshing mist with as little noise as possible, this humidifier is the bestseller that will majorly improve your space. With a full-rotation nozzle and two-liter capacity, this gem is loved for its various mist settings (yes, you can do that) and automatic shut-off function. Easier breathing? Just a click away.


Mistake: Your Hamper Is Taking Up Way Too Much Real Estate In The Closet

Solution: This Hanging Laundry Bag That Stores While Maximizing Space

A hamper is one thing that shouldn't take up more space than absolutely necessary. That's why this over-the-door hamper bag is so highly-rated and reviewed, as it has an extra-large holding capacity and mega-strength holding hooks to keep your clothes in place. Made of durable Oxford fabric and washer machine-friendly, this bag is perfect for more compact closets. Plus, there's a breezy zipper at the bottom that makes unloading into the laundry room virtually effortless.


Mistake: The Backsplash Doesn’t Make A Statement

Solution: This Transparent Wallpaper That Adds A Quick Gloss To Your Kitchen

In the mood to add some gloss to your countertops and backsplash? This adhesive clear wallpaper does just that at a fraction of the cost and with 10/10 results. Just peel it off like regular peel-and-stick paper and stick onto the desired surface, which can be anything from behind-the-sink backsplash to the breakfast bar. You'll not only have a fresh sheen to your place but also enjoy that the protective paper is both waterproof and easy to clean.


Mistake: The Dish Soaps Are Always Toppling Over

Solution: This Shelf Organizer That Holds Soaps Under The Sink

To prevent the dish soaps and sponges from toppling over every time you so much as peek into the sink cabinet, this expandable shelf organizer is just the thing. Designed with two tiers for extra storage and made with sliding panels to fit your cleaning tools with ease, this shelf is simply a brilliant find that needs to be under sinks everywhere.


Mistake: Letting The Laundry Detergent Drip Everywhere

Solution: This Drip Tray-Cup Holder Hybrid That Catches Every Drop

Washing clothes can cause unnecessary stress if you're not sure how to create a process that works flawlessly. To nail down a routine with just one excellent tool, this detergent cup holder is the perfect online find that will go a long way in the laundry room. Just position directly under your detergent spout of choice and your countertop will no longer be covered in soap stains because this tray catches every last bit. Yes, you can thank me later.


Mistake: The Door Handle Keeps Digging Into The Wall

Solution: These Handle Bumpers That Keep Your Walls Damage-Free

Swinging open doors tends to be a tad risky, considering your door handle will probably start digging at the wall behind it over time. For a major preventative measure that works wonders, this silicone door stopper comes in several sizes and colors so walls everywhere are hereby protected from door damage. Composed of heavy-duty silica gel and super-strength adhesive, a bumper like this is just a household essential.


Mistake: Your Furniture Is Wearing Down Your Floors

Solution: These Furniture Leg Caps That Keep Your Floors Scratch-Free

Maintain your floors and chairs simultaneously with these silicone chair leg protectors that work like magic. Reducing damage and noise, these bumpers can be easily popped onto any furniture leg of your choice and will then eliminate the squeaking noise that comes with moving chairs back and forth (on top of providing a heavy-duty barrier between floor and chair). Plus, they're transparent so they'll blend into the room with no trouble.


Mistake: The Pots & Pans Cabinet Is A Mess To Sift Through

Solution: This Stacked Organizer That Arranges Your Pans Perfectly

Keep your pots and pans in tip-top shape with this rack that stacks all the goods with total ease. Capable of storing up to five standard pans, this rack organizer can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. Plus, it's available in chrome, silver, and bronze so you've got a few stylistic choices to make. A space saver and a quick way to make finding the frying pan a breeze? Genius.


Mistake: Leaving Holes In Your Walls

Solution: This Drywall Putty That Conceals Imperfections In Seconds

Repair holes and imperfections on your walls with the original drywall repair putty that does the job to smooth out wood and plaster. With its handheld size and super-smooth applicator, this putty will dry quickly once it's applied but won't dry out in the bottle. Plus, it's 100% sandable and paintable with its white finish, so you can get back to smooth walls in no time.


Mistake: A Cold Draft Always Makes Its Way Into Your Room

Solution: This Draft Stopper That Blocks Out Uninvited Air, Light & Noise

Block out unwanted air, noise, and light with this draft stopper that uses sponge technology to keep the elements of your rooms separated. With a simple installment process and a wide array of colors to choose from, this cushion stopper provides an effective barrier that can't be replicated with anything else. It's also washer machine-friendly so you can keep the stopper clean and clear of dust mites. Uninterrupted nights are on their way, friend.


Mistake: You’re Always Misplacing Your Keys

Solution: This Bluetooth Tile Tracker So You Always Know Where Your Things Are

Never lose your keys again with this Tile bluetooth tracker that allows users to locate their items within a 250-foot range. Complete with a battery that lasts three years and made of water-resistant material, this Tile simply needs to be connected to a smartphone app and then attached to any item that tends to get frequently lost.


Mistake: Your Outdoor Furniture Is Getting Worn Down By The Elements

Solution: This All-Guard Spray That Makes Your Fabrics Repel Water & UV Damage

Keep your outdoor fabrics looking fresh and vivid as ever with this Scotchgard spray that not only makes your outdoor furniture waterproof but protects it from fading by warding off UV rays. Just spray over umbrellas, lawn chairs, and any other backyard furniture you want to protect, and let the shielding begin.


Mistake: The Cabinet Doors Are Extra Loud When They Close

Solution: These Clear Bumpers That Soften The Sound & Protect From Damage

For cabinet door closing that would wake the neighbors with its too-loud noise, these cabinet door bumpers are the *chef's kiss* fix. Designed to protect, these half-inch adhesive pads can be popped onto the corner of doors and drawers to soften the harsh closing sound. They can adhere to glass, wood, metal, and ceramic.


Mistake: You Don’t Have A Safety-First Place To Set Your Heat Tools

Solution: These Heat-Resistant Silicone Mats That Can Also Hold Your Tools During Travel

When styling hair with heat, it’s not always obvious where to safely place your hot tool throughout the process. The fix, you ask? This ridged silicone mat pouch that comes in tons of vivid colors and also functions as a pouch for on-the-go hair curling. Plus, it’s made with food-grade silicone and is heat-resistant up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Just roll up when not in use or lay out on any desired surface as a protective base for your countertops. Easy, boom, done.


Mistake: The Walls In Your Home Are Ready For TLC

Solution: This Peel-&-Stick Wallpaper That Infuses Newness Into Your Space

Give your home an easy and lovely refresh with this adhesive paper that doesn't damage your walls. It quickly makes a major visual impact on the look and feel of a room. Waterproof and seamless to clean, this peel-and-stick wallpaper is a must.


Mistake: Sweeping The Floors Without A Durable Dustpan

Solution: This Broom & Dustpan Set That Helps To Capture Every Last Bit Of Dirt

A broom and dustpan set is essential for any home ever, especially one that's as durable as this one. This set is a shopper favorite with over 21,000 five-star ratings, and it features a 5-foot handle for a sweeping experience that's easier on the back. Plus, the dustpan has built-in teeth that work to clear out particles from the broom fibers into the pan. Complete with heavy-duty bristle power and a dustpan lock function, this combo makes sweeping up a lot easier.


Mistake: Your Ceiling Fan Is Blowing Dust Around Your Room Every Time You Turn It On

Solution: An Extra-Long Fan Duster That Removes Dust Easily

Don't skimp on cleaning the ceiling fan, especially when all you need is this extra-long duster that does the job in seconds. Plus, it’s both reusable and washable. Designed with an extendable handle and ultra-wide brush with dust-trapping fibers, this tool is a superior cleaning tool for your fan. Still on the fence? Just know it’s a duster with over 4,000 five-star ratings.


Mistake: The Charging Cords Look A Mess

Solution: This Cable Management Box That Looks Sleek While Tidying Up Your Cords

To clear out the pesky cords in your life, this bamboo cable management box is a sleek way to cover wires without blocking them from being charged properly. Designed with a wooden lid top and a window to pull your cords through, this organizer is capable of holding up to a whopping 17 wires. Say goodbye to pesky cord knots because this simple box takes care of the problem.


Mistake: Leaving The Couch Fully Exposed To Wear & Tear

Solution: A Sofa Slip Cover For Making Sure Your Couch Stays Looking As Good As New

We all want to ensure our furniture passes the test of time, but it's largely unavoidable without some help. Luckily, this stretchy slipcover exists. Designed to protect couches everywhere, this polyester spandex cover is available in dozens of colors and multiple sizes so everyone can enjoy a covered sofa that’s protected from pets, little ones, and everyday spills. Machine-washable and hassle-free to install, this couch jacket is simply a no-brainer if you want to keep your furniture in mint condition.


Mistake: Setting Used Sponges On The Counter To Dry Without Ventilation

Solution: A Sponge Holder That Airs Them Out

If sponges are laid out on top of a sink or counter to dry, odds are they won't fully dry because they're still pressed up against a surface. And they start to stink. This roll-up sponge holder-meets-dish drying rack is the hero in this story, serving as a foldable stainless steel way to store soaps and sponges while also allowing them to air out with ease. BTW, there's rust protection so your tools are 100% covered.


Mistake: Stepping Out From The Shower Onto The Slippery Tile

Solution: An Ultra-Plush Rug That Wicks Away Water Like Nobody’s Business

As understated as a bath rug is, having an extra-cozy rug to step on after a shower makes all the difference in a routine. This non-slip plush rug makes your bathroom feel complete and will container water from getting everywhere. Available in 11 shades, this polyester shag rug is also made of microfiber material, so it will air itself out easily. Oh, and it’s totally machine-washable.

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