Wander + Ivy Single-Serve Wines Are Perfect For Moms — & They’re *So* Giftable

No more wasted bottles.

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We’ve all seen the moms on reality TV drinking fishbowl-size glasses of chardonnay. But the reality, at least in my house, is often a single pour, usually squeezed in after the kids are in bed but before I pass out mid-Netflix stream. A glass of wine during this parent “golden hour” can feel triumphant, indulgent, and sanity-restoring — and yet, I can’t help also feeling guilty knowing I’m wasting a perfectly good bottle of wine for just that one hard-earned glass. Because, as any mom can attest, opened bottles have the tendency to languish on countertops and in fridge doors.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Wander + Ivy’s single-serve bottles. At long last, the tired-mom plight of wanting a glass — one single, glorious glass — to decompress at the end of a long day has been addressed — and gorgeously so.

Why Wander + Ivy?

It should be noted that there are plenty of full-bottle-of-wine alternatives. Even my mom back in the day had boxed wine (no shame), and these days there are canned wines too. But there’s something about the ritual of wine in a bottle that I’m a sucker for. Dana Spaulding — the founder of Wander + Ivy and a mom of two herself — intuitively seemed to understand this. With Wander + Ivy wine, you get elegant glass bottles that are a perfect 6.3-ounce size (about a quarter of a standard bottle) — each labeled with lovely illustrations that represent the terroir. And the premium wines are made with certified-organic grapes and sourced from family-owned, award-winning vineyards from around the world.

If you’re wondering how these wines stack up against your favorite bottle of red or white, know that Spaulding is also a certified level II sommelier, so she has exacting standards when it comes to the wine going into those pretty single-serve bottles. Reviewers rave about the quality, but the real proof is in the numbers: Wander + Ivy’s sales have seen triple-digit growth for two years in a row.

What Wines Are Available?

Whether you love a cozy red, a refreshing white, or your tastes change by the season, there’s a wine for you. Currently, Wander + Ivy offers five varietals to try — a California cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, a Spanish red blend, an Italian white wine, and a French rosé. Plus, there are several variety packs available, including the popular Mixed Varietals Box which includes an assortment of each of the aforementioned wines, as well as more focused three-packs curated by grape: a Reds/Rosé box or a Whites/Rosé box. There’s also an exquisite Holiday Gift Box, which includes four bottles for less than $30 — literally the perfect gift for all the hard-working mamas out there.

It’s worth noting that all of Wander + Ivy wines are vegan-friendly, low in sulfites, and free from added sugar. Here’s a closer look at just a few of the standout offerings:

The Cab Sav

Sourced from an organic vineyard in Mendocino, California, this luscious Cabernet Sauvignon is velvety-smooth, blending bright cherry and rich vanilla tasting notes with boysenberry and mocha aromatics for an all-around delicious wine you’ll want to sip all winter long. One reviewer noted, “I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the wine. The reds were bold but had a clean finish.”

The Chard

If a buttery white has your name on it, Wander + Ivy’s Chardonnay won’t disappoint. It features hints of nuts and vanilla, with a light pear and apricot aroma. It’s sourced from Mendocino, California, from an eco-conscious, award-winning vineyard. One reviewer raved after having a ladies night, “Everything tastes so fresh and clean, crisp and delicious!”

The Mixed Varietal Box

If you’re like me, some nights you want red, some white, and then, of course, some evenings are just made for rosé. With this Mixed Varietal Pack, you can sample different vinos as your mood dictates. The 8-pack includes two cabernet sauvignons, two chardonnays, two medium-bodied red blends from Spain, one mineral-y Italian white wine, and one crisp French rosé. One shopper reported, Delicious quality wines in beautiful bottles! Enjoyed every flavor.”

How To Try Wander + Ivy?

As a direct-to-consumer wine business, Wander + Ivy single-serve bottles come to you. In terms of delivery options, you can choose from boxes with 8, 16, or 24 single-serve bottles, or you can subscribe (and save 30% off your first order), with delivery intervals offered every month, or every two or three months. Subscriptions can be cancelled any time. Whatever frequency you choose, there’s something beautiful about a lovely box of wine arriving right on your doorstep looking chic.

More About Wander + Ivy

The single-serve bottle premise is great in its own right, but the company also has an admirable giving model that’s worth supporting. The company donates 1% of total wine sales to charitable organizations that focus on providing healthy food to those in need. In fact, Wander + Ivy donated 100,000 healthy meals in 2021.

Final Thoughts

If there was ever a time to try out Wander + Ivy’s single-serve wines, it’s now as we plunge head-first into the holiday season — whether it’s for yourself to enjoy (all the presents to buy... and wrap...) or to give to your mom, sister, best friend, aunt, or really anyone who appreciates that sometimes the finest things come in small packages.

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