Kate Miller

Kate is a Commerce Editor with Bustle Digital Group, where she spearheads affiliate fashion content for Bustle and Elite Daily. It's her mission to unearth those "hidden gem" pieces that delight (and that you find yourself wearing on repeat). She also edits a range of other product-related content for Romper, Inverse, and Mic, helping shoppers find what's truly worth buying. Prior to this role, she was a Lifestyle writer for Romper, covering topics on parenting, health, home, beauty, and fashion. Kate built her career in advertising as a conceptual copywriter, working on a wide range of health and wellness brands. As an Associate Creative Director at Havas Worldwide, she oversaw 360-degree campaign development. She has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She's the proud mama to three tiny humans and loves going on adventures, both big and small.