How To Do Pancake Day Like Nigella

Seven of her best recipes to try on Shrove Tuesday.

Nigella Lawson's best pancake recipes
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With calendars empty due to lockdowns across the UK, and the beginning of 2021 looking – well, let’s face it – bleak, you’d be forgiven for clutching to any form of event. But a food-based event in particular? Sign me up. Pancake Day has arrived, offering up a smidgen of excitement in the monotonous world of lockdown. So where better to look than to Queen Nigella Lawson for the best pancake recipes for Pancake Day.

Shrove Tuesday might mark the night before the start of Lent in Christian teachings, but Pancake Day has become a widely celebrated family event, whatever your beliefs. Whether you love sweet or savoury, American pancakes or crêpes, there’s a recipe out there for you. But if you’re looking for something extraordinary? Nigella’s your go-to. Here are the most indulgent ways with pancakes, according to Nigella Lawson herself.

Nigella’s Nutella Pancakes

Nigella’s decadent twist on the humble Nutella pancake is a true indulgence, and one of the “most irresistible puddings” according to the sultry chef. The recipe calls for Frangelico, a hazelnut liqueur, but can be replaced with rum if it's not something you can easily get a hold of.

Find the full recipe is on her website and calls for store-bought pancakes. If you prefer to make them yourself, her recipe is here.

Oat Pancakes With Raspberries & Honey

The gluten-free oat pancakes can be made sweet or savoury, depending on your taste, but Nigella suggests a honey and raspberry syrup for a fresh breakfast alternative. The lack of flour makes them gluten-free but look for oats that say they are specifically gluten-free on the packet, if this is crucial.

The full recipe is from Simply Nigella, on BBC Two, and makes six to eight pancakes.

Crêpes Suzette

One of the more retro-inspired recipes in Nigella’s arsenal, Crêpes Suzette are usually served with a dramatic display of ceremonial flambé – that’s “set on fire tableside” to you and me. Add a performative element to your Shrove Tuesday with the sweet orange liqueur-soaked crêpes, but keep the extinguisher on standby!

The full recipe is on her website and serves four to six people.

Arabian Pancakes With Orange Flower Syrup

For something completely different, try Nigella’s Middle-Eastern inspired orange flower pancakes, that – quite frankly – make you feel like you’re on holiday. One can only dream.

The full recipe is on her website and makes approximately 20 pancakes.

American Breakfast Pancakes

The debate is still unsettled as to which type of pancake is best. Whilst they each have their moments, nothing beats American Breakfast Pancakes for a salty-sweet combination. Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of their fluffiness that pairs so perfectly with crispy bacon and maple syrup, but get the base right and you’re good to go.

The full recipe is on her website and serves four to six people.

Red Velvet Pancakes

Red velvet = good. Pancakes = good. Red velvet pancakes? Even better. Serve with crème fraîche for a fresh but fancy breakfast, or go full in with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream for a decadent dessert.

The full recipe is on her website and makes approximately 12 pancakes.

Pumpkin Pancakes With Pumpkin Caramel

Not strictly a Nigella recipe, but it does have her (IG) sign of approval, which is good enough for me! These are stacked in pumpkin flavour – note the puree, not pumpkin pie filling – and taste as brilliant as they look.

The full recipe is on Give Recipe's website and makes approximately 12 pancakes.