11 Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks That'll Look So Good On Your Instagram

Kombucha, anyone?

by Callie Tansill-Suddath and Mia Mercado
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Trader Joe's

During the holiday season, you're told over and over to eat, drink, and be merry. Eating, logically, tends to take the main focus of the three, and there are entire songs about being merry. But drinking is just as emphasized as any other part of the season — namely, drinking alcohol. While it can be difficult to find non-alcoholic options that still feel celebratory and festive, this year there's a slew of options available to you — in particular, these non-alcoholic holiday drinks for 2020 that you can buy online or in grocery stores.

For those who are sober or trying to drink less, finding a festive, non-alcoholic drink has never been easier. There are zero proof spirits like CEDER's "gin" which comes in varieties like Pink Rose and Crisp Citrus. There's Kin Euphorics, a drink brand creating gorgeous alcohol-free elixirs. In other words, whether you're prepping for Dry January or simply looking for an alcohol alternative, there's something for you in this list.

And if you're doing it all for the 'gram, well, these drinks definitely will not disappoint. Here are 11 non-alcoholic holiday drinks that are every bit as Instagram-worthy and festive as the real thing. Also, they taste delicious.


Welch's Sparking Red Grape Juice


Welch's is the OG of non-alcoholic holiday drinks. Harken back to your childhood with a glassful of their sparkling red grape juice cocktail. Or level up your holiday drink one of Welch's mocktails like Sparkling Mimosa or Sparkling Rosé.


Polar Seltzer's Holiday Seltzers

Polar Seltzer's Winter 2020 line-up includes five flavors that will pair perfectly with any holiday dinner: Grapefruit Melon Kiss, Concord Clementine, Blackberry Citron, Ginger Peach, and Pomegranate Apple.


Reed's Extra Ginger Beer

Beer drinkers at the table probably want something a little stronger with a touch of bubble and spice. Extra ginger beer, not to be confused with ginger ale, offers just that and is available at Target.


High Rhode from Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics combines adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals to create unique, beautiful drinks you'll want to post to your Instastory ASAP. If you're a fan of all things tart and floral, you'll want to try High Rode.


R.W. Knudsen Family Crisp Apple Cider

Apple cider is a seasonal favorite, but there are a lot of varieties to choose from. If you're looking for one that perfectly walks the line between tart and sweet, and doesn't have an artificial taste, go for this one. The Washington Post agrees.


Holiday Kombucha


While there is some naturally-occurring alcohol in kombucha, the amount is insignificant. And if you're looking for something super festive to celebrate, Kombucha company Health-Ade has a holiday kombucha that has notes of ginger, vanilla, allspice, and chocolate. Go all-out and get their holiday pack which also includes their Cherry-Berry and Pomegranate kombuchas.


CEDER's Pink Rose "Gin"

CEDER's alt gin lets you imbibe without... well, actually imbibing. Their alcohol-free, gin-like drink will be your new favorite for a mock G&T.


Ritual Zero Proof's Whiskey Alternative

Craving an Old Fashioned sans hangover? Ritual Zero Proof has a whiskey alternative that has notes of caramel and oak, making it a perfect pairing with any of your favorite whiskey mixers.


Sweet Reason

For those who are forgoing ABV for CBD, Sweet Reason offers a range of sparkling beverages in flavors like Peach Jasmine and Plum Blush. Each has 30mg of CBD and is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic holiday season.


Sip Clean's Non-Alcoholic Rosé

Yes, you can rosé all day while keeping the actual booze away. Sip Clean uses a de-alcoholization process to remove the alcohol content from wine, giving you all the notes of a regular rosé without any actual alcohol.


Trader Joe's Sugar Plum Sparkling Beverage

New for the 2020 holiday season, Trader Joe's has a Sugar Plum sparkling drink that is equal parts pretty and delicious. Have it on the rocks. Garnish it with some mint. There is really no wrong way to enjoy a Trader Joe's sparkling beverage.

If all else fails, put a tiny Santa hat on a can of Spindrift and call it good.

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