Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope, Leo

Get real about your relationships, because they’re going to sink or swim.

by Astrologer Six

Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope For Leo

It’s time to pull out the costumes and throw on the glitter. Even though the world feels like it’s so turbulent right now, you don’t have to lose your inner fire. The sun in Scorpio within your house of self illuminates a mysterious aura. With Mars retrograde holding long and strong within your house of higher learning and travel, try not to get too caught up reminiscing on where you’ve been (and where you haven’t). Mars has a way of starting up an internal fire, and in Aries, it’s easy to want to jump to some quick and childish decisions. Focus on where you are right now, and then work from there.

What November 2020 Has In Store For Leo’s Relationships

Dang, Leo. Saturn is finally direct, and you might start seeing some progress regarding your close relationships. Capricorn is a pretty ideal place for Saturn to be, as it’s basically as ideal as an anchor in the ocean. The anchor has one major job and that's to keep the ship in place so it doesn’t drift off. Alternatively, it can be the very thing that results in it sinking. The point? Get real about your relationships, because they’re going to sink or swim. Some close relationships will help you stay put and thrive while you’re at port. For other Leos who are trying to ignore their pending doom, if some close relationships do nothing but make it more difficult to swim, well, there’s your hint.

Tarot Card Of The Month For Leo

King of Swords: It’s your kingdom, Leo, call out what discomforts you. Your intuition is talking.