Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope, Libra

Stick to your boundaries this month.

by Astrologer Six
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Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope For Libra

Count your lucky stars, Libra, because you’re starting the month off with Venus in your house of self. Don’t let this ideal transit pass you by. Venus rules over love and beauty, so having it within your house of self implies a need to cater to yourself. Being a Cardinal air sign, you’re no stranger to spreading yourself too thin, but it’s important to stick to your boundaries this month. Pampering yourself is a form of work, too, Libra. It’s important to recognize yourself as an investment, as your ability to prioritize yourself will pay off in the long run. On Nov. 11, Mercury’s direct motion will lead you towards introspection. As the month progresses, you’ll have to recognize the difference between your wants and needs. The more focus you have, the easier it will be to prosper.

What November 2020 Has In Store For Libra’s Relationships

Libra, your month is being colored by an enormous amount of wisdom. You take your close relationships day-by-day, allowing for those near and dear to you to reveal themselves. With Aries and Mars retrograde occupying your house of relationships, you’re becoming more keen to situations where you might have jumped the gun previously. On Nov. 11, Mercury enters Scorpio, encouraging you to become more intimate with yourself. Dig deep, Libra, because sometimes you project onto others and it blurs your vision. Take time to assess your values, virtues, and personal beliefs — it’ll make a load of a difference when you start to express yourself again. Remember to have compassion for others.

Tarot Card Of The Month For Libra

The Magician: You’re so capable this month — go claim what’s yours.

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