Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope, Virgo

This isn’t the time to get caught in the past.

by Astrologer Six
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Here's Your November 2020 Horoscope For Virgo

This month starts off with Mercury still retrograde, but you can rejoice because it turns direct on Nov. 4. Spend the remainder of November creating your holiday wishlist. With Mercury in your house of values and possessions, it’s likely that what you ask for now may be received at a later time. On Nov. 4, Mercury turns direct in Libra, where it will stay until Nov. 11. This transit translates into a huge “closed mouths don’t get fed” period. Spend this month advocating for yourself, Virgo. You aren’t going to get as far as you’d like maintaining your silence. As Mercury transits through Scorpio within your house of self-expression and siblings, now might be a wonderful time to make a call to sisters, brothers, and friends who are basically family. Their ability to help you discover what you’ve been itching to say may surprise you.

What November 2020 Has In Store For Virgo’s Relationships

As Jupiter, the ruler of your house of relationships, transits through your house of pleasure, become acquainted with your happy place. In Capricorn, Jupiter directly is helping inform what you need from your close relationships. This isn’t the time to get caught in the past, Virgo. Who do you want to join you in the future? On Nov. 19, the Moon will conjunct Jupiter, bringing forth a rush of emotions that may take some time to understand. Don’t force yourself to comprehend what's outside of your periphery, as there are plenty of things within eyesight that you can tend to. Sit in your room and light a candle, or consider cracking open a bottle of kombucha and writing a poem. You might not feel the need to be deeply vulnerable at first, but with Mercury in Scorpio, you’ll find luck in sharing your feelings towards the end of the month.

Tarot Card of the Month For Virgo

The Hanged Man: Don’t make any sudden moves, Virgo. Hang around and try to learn something.

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