How To Navigate October's Off-Kilter New Moon & Solar Eclipse

It's time to focus on your relationships.

Follow these dos and don'ts during October's new moon.
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Ready for a little lunar drama? The new moon arrives on Oct. 14, 2023 at 1:55 p.m. ET (10:55 a.m. PT) in the sign of socialite Libra. It also doubles as an annular solar eclipse, where the edges of the sun appear to create a ring of fire around the moon. Cardinal air sign Libra is associated with justice and harmony, but since eclipses are known to bring tension, expect this lunation to throw things a little off balance.

“The general vibe of the Oct. 14 new moon solar eclipse is [about] healing relationships and finding personal growth through what people are mirroring back at us,” astrologer Narayana Montufar tells Bustle. That’s because Libra is associated the connections in our life — romantic, platonic, familial, professional, and beyond.

When three or more stellar forces (planets or celestial bodies) are in a single sign at the same time, it’s called a stelium, and means that we’ll feel an extra-concentrated dose of that sign’s energy. This eclipse has five in Libra — the sun, moon, Mercury, asteroid Pallas, and the lunar South Node of Destiny — so the impact will be even stronger.

Keep up with the cosmic curveballs with these October new moon dos and don’ts.

DO: Reflect On Your Summer

This eclipse is part of an 18-month journey that started in July, Montufar says. And because Pluto — aka the planet of karma — stations direct on Oct. 10, the solar eclipse encourages our spiritual maturity. In other words, revisit the lessons you’ve learned this the summer, and if needed, make changes to better serve your emotional needs (like taking a break from dating apps or putting yourself out there to make new friends).

DON’T: Try To Make Everyone Happy

Being fair is a strength, but in excess, it can easily backfire. Per Montufar, after Pluto goes direct on Oct. 10, it’s wise to address any people-pleasing tendencies you may have. “We must strive to be diplomatic and understanding, while also stripping away our need to please the other person at all costs,” she says.

If you tend to over-extend yourself in the name of keeping the peace, dial back your efforts.

DO: Speak From Your Heart

Libras are experts in the art of romance. As this eclipse brings emotions to the surface, this Venus-ruled air sign gives us the courage to be honest about our wants and needs, both in our hearts and in the bedroom.

“We must be clear about our desires so that the other side can fulfill them for us — and the other way around,” Montufar says. It’s all about the power of manifestation.

DON’T: Avoid Tough Conversations

Let’s be real, who wants to confront a loved one? But sometimes, tense discussions are unavoidable. Solar eclipses bring up uncomfortable feelings anyway, so you might as well get those awkward talks over with now.

Considering Pluto’s presence during this lunation, “We are getting a better idea of the changes we must now make, which includes having tough conversations with our closest people,” says Montfuar. Luckily, Libra is about taking the initiative — especially when it comes to strengthening their relationships.

DO: Create Boundaries

Often the mediator of the group, Libra does their best to ensure justice and fairness. That can sometimes translate to over-compromising or burning out their social battery.

“Since we are on a path of searching for more freedom and authenticity within our relationships, we must be clear and honest about what we truly want from them,” Montufar says.

Don’t be afraid to decline an invitation if you’re not up for it. It’s OK to ask people for space to recharge.

DON’T: Flake On Your Commitments

Libras are notorious for canceling their plans last minute — which is fine to do in a pinch, but it’s best not to make a habit of it. Be loyal to your responsibilities, including your dinner plans with a friend and the laundry that’s been sitting in the corner for days.

DO: Evaluate Your Relationships

Because Libra rules partnerships, this new moon is a great time to pursue healthy relationships. That’s especially true as the lunar South Node of Destiny — which represents your past, especially any patterns that need to be processed — moves into Libra. Shed romantic habits that no longer serve you, and look toward a brighter future.

“The relationships that fail to give us room to grow will have to end between now and January 2025,” Montufar says. Rest assured that these karmic shifts are part of a bigger lesson.


Narayana Montufar, astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Luminary Power