Here's Your October 2020 Horoscope, Scorpio

You may find clarity in your love life mid-month.

by Astrologer Six
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Here's Your October 2020 Horoscope For Scorpio

October kicks off with Mercury in your house of self, Scorpio. Mars, your ruler, is retrograde for the entirety of the month, which means you’ll spend much of this time in self-reflection. You may know who you are, but others may not be clear. Try not to let people get under your skin, as it’s best that you prioritize maintaining your inner peace for the remainder of this year. When Mercury turns retrograde on October 13, you may find clarity in your love life and your relationships. Mercury will be making an opposition to Uranus, the visionary planet, so don’t be surprised when your wishes come into fruition. Take a deep breath, Scorpio — you’ve got this.

What October 2020 Has In Store For Scorpios' Relationships

It seems like you have a lot going on in your personal life, and while your personal relationships are a priority, there’s not much you can control when it comes to others. Power and control are interesting themes within your life, Scorpio. And as you get older, you’re realizing how little power and control we truly have in this world. Trust that your close friends are your close friends for a reason and there’s nothing that you need to have power and control over, other than yourself. With Mars transiting through your house of health and daily routines, focus on your daily tasks and routine. You’ll be surprised by how your close connections will prosper when you're at peace. On October 2, Venus enters Virgo, bringing a positive influence in the world around you — but that process starts with you.

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