Of All The Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home, These 50 Are Legitimately Brilliant

Clever improvements that don’t cost much.

Of All The Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home, These 50 Are Legitimately Brilliant
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House upgrades can get pricey, which is why you’ve hit the jackpot with these cheap but legitimately brilliant ways to upgrade your home. Instead of paying for new electrical wiring or hiring a plumber to do bathroom construction, these highly rated Amazon products show you how to get all the bang — like under-cabinet lighting and a bidet — for not much buck.

And we’re not just talking about interiors, the list includes clever ways to boost curb appeal to give your home “best house on the block” status. OK, here we go.


A Bidet Attachment For A Fancy Bathroom Upgrade Under $30

Get this non-electric bidet attachment and give your bathroom a major update on a budget, all without the need for contractors or construction. The high-quality plastic attachment fits any standard toilet and has a control dial on the side that’s easy to access and allows you to adjust the nozzle and water pressure to your liking.


These Bamboo Dividers To Organize Your Drawers

Declutter drawers and organize them with the help of these extendable bamboo dividers. The set includes four dividers that can be positioned horizontally or vertically and that have nonslip rubber pads on each end to prevent scratches and to keep them securely in place. Use them for utensils in the kitchen or to organize socks and underwear in the bedroom — they’re a versatile organizing tool that’s legitimately brilliant.


A Shower Caddy That Can Be Mounted Without Drilling Any Holes

Add sleek storage to your bathroom with this shower caddy that can conveniently be mounted without drilling holes into tiled walls. It comes with a strong self-adhesive strip that’s discreetly clear but ultra strong, holding up to 20 pounds. The stainless steel caddy has a sleek design, is rustproof for durability in a humid space, and provides lots of room for all your favorite products.


These Wireless Puck Lights For DIY Under-Cabinet Lighting

Upgrade your kitchen with modern under-cabinet lighting using these wireless LED puck lights that don’t require any electrical work. You can attach the battery-powered lights using the provided adhesive strips or screws and turn them on and off with the included remote. The remote also allows you to adjust brightness and schedule a timer for a customized experience that’ll cost you less than $22, friends.


These Corner Grippers To Stop Rugs From Curling & Sliding

Secure rugs in place using these brilliant V-shaped corner grippers that flatten corners and prevent sliding. They work best on hard surfaces and are reusable — if you need to reposition the rug, simply wipe down the gripper with rubbing alcohol to renew the gel’s stickiness and press it down to form adhesion in its new location.


This Chalk Style Paint To Give Old Furniture New Life

Instead of discarding an old piece of furniture, breathe new life into it with a fresh coat of this chalk-style paint with built-in primer and top coat. It provides great coverage and is suitable for indoor and outdoor pieces, creating a chalky matte finish. The paint can be applied to a variety of materials, from wood to glass or metal, and it dries within 30 minutes and can be distressed if you’re going for a rustic look.


These Clear Bins To Declutter Your Fridge

Declutter your fridge and organize it like a pro with these clear stackable bins. The shatterproof bins have built-in handles so you can easily move them around or pull them out and they allow you to see exactly what’s inside. Use the eight-piece set to organize drinks, produce, and condiments in a neat and compact way that maximizes fridge space.


A Silicone Dish Drying Mat That Can Be Rolled Up For Easy Storage

Replace a bulky drying rack with this roll-up silicone dish drying mat that doubles as a trivet for hot cooking pots or hair styling tools. The versatile mat has raised edges to contain excess water and ridges to allow for airflow that promotes faster drying. The silicone creates a nonslip grip and when the mat could use a quick clean, simply toss it in the dishwasher.


These Food Storage Containers To Streamline Your Pantry

Keep food fresher for longer and streamline your pantry shelves with these airtight food storage containers. The 14-piece set includes containers in four different sizes as well as cute chalkboard-style labels you can attach to each. Their clear construction allows you to quickly find what you need and know when it’s time to replenish certain staples.


These Blackout Panels That Are Practical & Beautiful

Install these blackout curtain panels for a stylish room accent that might also improve your sleep quality. Available in six colors, the thermal panels block up to 99.9% of light and help maintain room temperature (and therefore lower energy use) thanks to their triple-weave construction. Each panel has grommets at the top for easy hanging and the curtains are machine-washable for hassle-free maintenance.


A 2-Tier Lazy Susan That Doubles Surface Space

If you’re tight on storage space, think vertical and get this two-tier lazy Susan to organize spices and other essentials. The stainless steel design gives it a timeless look and makes it practically indestructible for long-term use since it won’t rust and can be wiped down with a damp cloth for a quick clean. It rotates 360 degrees to allow for easy access and features a nonslip base to protect surfaces and stop items from falling over.


A Cleaning Tool Organizer To Declutter Your Space

If you’re constantly tripping over a broom or fixing a mop that just fell, declutter and organize your space with this wall-mounted organizer. It features five slots and six hooks to hold various tall cleaning and garden tools and is a great way to get them off the floor and utilize empty wall space. Its ultra-strong clamps securely hold every tool and the organizer comes with all the necessary screws and anchors needed for mounting.


This Faux Suede Bath Mat That’s Thin Enough To Fit Under A Door

This low-profile faux suede bath mat is the perfect solution for a small space where the door is always hitting the mat. It’s super absorbent and quick-drying, and the rubber backing helps it grip the floor to prevent slippage. Because it’s not made from fluffy fabric, it doesn’t need to be laundered and instead can be wiped down with a damp cloth or rinsed off in the tub as needed.


An Electric Milk Frother To Upgrade Your Coffee Game

Make a coffee shop-level cup of joe at home and save money in the long run with the help of this easy-to-use electric milk frother. It whips up the creamiest foam in just 15 seconds and features an ergonomic handle for comfortable operation. The frother also comes with a handy stainless steel stand for freestanding storage, so you don’t need to worry about yet another item cluttering your drawers.


These Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats That Provide Support For Your Feet

Standing in the kitchen for long periods of time can cause foot and back discomfort, which is why these anti-fatigue mats are an excellent addition. The memory foam mats help alleviate pressure and provide extra support for your feet while you stand. They have a waterproof surface — which comes in a variety of colors and styles — so you can easily wipe down any splatter, and nonslip backing helps keep them in place.


A Genius Self-Adhesive Drawer To Add Desk Storage

Add extra storage space to your desk with this genius product — a self-adhesive drawer that’ll help declutter your work surface. The slide-out drawer is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, with one reviewer writing it’s “sturdy and can fit all my usual paper clutter and desk materials easily, freeing up so much space on my desk.” It comes with four adhesive strips that stick to the bottom of a desk and can hold up to 6 pounds.


A Door Draft Stopper That’ll Save You Money On Energy Bills

Keep drafts and energy bills down with this brilliant door draft stopper. It attaches to the bottom of the door with a super-strong adhesive and fits a gap that’s up to an inch tall. It seals the door to keep heat out in the summer and cold air out in the winter, helping maintain room temperature as well as lower noise levels. The flexible stopper can be cut down to size with a pair of scissors and is available in multiple colors to seamlessly blend in with your door.


These Clear Plastic Containers To Declutter Drawers

These cheap but highly rated clear plastic containers are a great way to declutter drawers and maintain an organized system. The set includes containers in four sizes that come with small rubber stickers to keep them in place. They’re incredibly versatile and are an excellent solution for holding daily essentials in a bathroom vanity drawer or a way to organize hair accessories in a bedroom dresser.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser For A Hygienic Way To Wash Your Hands

For an extra measure of good hygiene, get this automatic soap dispenser. The exterior has a sleek chrome finish and the dispenser uses an infrared sensor to quickly discharge liquid. It’s battery-powered, has a nonslip base for sturdiness, and helps minimize waste since it dispenses just the right amount of soap every time.


A Mini Jar Spatula That Reduces Waste

So much food, beauty products, you name it, go to waste at the bottom of a jar — but no longer thanks to this clever mini spatula. It comes in a two-piece set that includes 9.2-inch and 6-inch spatulas, both of which have a flexible but sturdy design and a thin profile to fit in a narrow-neck jar or bottle. Additionally, each spatula features a dual-end design with a spoon and a scraper to get every last bit of product.


This Rotating Organizer To Neatly Store Makeup

Clean up your vanity and corral makeup in this tiered organizer that rotates so you can quickly grab what you need. The spinning carousel has seven adjustable layers to provide storage for a variety of products, from tall perfume bottles to a collection of lipsticks. Each layer has a guardrail design to prevent items from slipping off and a nonslip base provides stability.


These Ice Cube Trays To Chill Drinks Faster

Make adorable round ice cubes inside this ice cube tray that has an easy-release design. It’s a great way to quickly chill drinks and the spheres look extra fun if filled with small fruit chunks or herbs. Plus, the BPA-free tray comes with an ice bucket and a scoop.


An Outlet Extender So You Can Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Upgrade a regular outlet using this clever extender and surge protector which has six AC outlets, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port and doubles as a night-light. It has a dawn-to-dusk sensor and features three brightness levels to choose from, and it’s a practical solution for a space where you need to plug in or charge multiple devices simultaneously but don’t have enough built-in outlets.


A Cutting Board With Inserts To Prevent Contamination

Chop meats and veggies safely using this bamboo cutting board that comes with six colorful inserts to prevent cross-contamination. The mats are flexible and grip the board, and each color-coded mat is assigned to a different food group to maintain a sanitary kitchen. You can fold the mats to easily transfer chopped food from the board to a pan and once done, give them a good clean in the dishwasher.


A Thin Outlet Cover To Discreetly Hide Unsightly Sockets

Eliminate bulky cords and hide unsightly sockets with this ultra-thin outlet concealer that’s a reviewer favorite with over 45,000 five-star ratings. It has a universal size and a 3-foot cord with three outlets. Simply attach it to an outlet as you would any other plug and use the provided adhesive strips and clips to stick the cord in place.


These Solar Garden Lights To Illuminate Your Backyard

Illuminate your backyard with these solar garden lights that create a magical ambiance. They look like a cluster of fireflies and sway as the wind blows, but their iron construction ensures they are securely planted and don’t blow away. The lights are heat and moisture-resistant, and since they’re solar-powered, you don’t need to deal with extension cords.


An Ergonomic Computer Monitor Stand That Looks So Sleek

If you find yourself hunching over your keyboard more often than not, upgrade your workspace and make it more ergonomic with this computer monitor stand. It’s made from tempered glass and has metal legs to support up to 88 pounds, and it also has an uncluttered look for a tidier work area. Choose from clear and black styles.


These Grippy Furniture Pads To Protect Floors

Stop furniture from sliding and protect floors with these gripper pads. They come pre-scored for easy application, but can also be cut down to the exact size that you need. The non-adhesive pads stick to the floor and furniture without needing glue or nails, and they have a heavy-duty felt core and nonslip rubber backing for durability and stability.


These Floating Shelves To Maximize Wall Space

Maximize vertical wall space and add a decorative storage surface with these photo ledge floating shelves. Layer them with framed memories and stylish accents and make use of an empty space without bringing in a bulky piece of furniture. Available in colors such as white, walnut, and natural, the shelves have pre-drilled holes and include mounting screws and anchors for easy installation.


An Over-The-Door Organizer To Safely Store Your Purses

Clean up the closet floor and store purses safely and neatly inside this over-the-door organizer. It has six clear pockets (four large and two small) that allow you to see what’s inside and that have side access on either end so you can quickly get to the purse you need. The organizer can alternately be used to store other items such as towels and blankets.


A Pan Organizer To Make More Room In Your Cabinets

Protect cookware and gain more room in your kitchen cabinets with this five-compartment pan organizer. The sturdy steel rack is adjustable to accommodate various pan sizes and it can be set up vertically or horizontally. It has garnered over 5,000 five-star ratings and shoppers say they also use it to store other items such as cutting boards and baking sheets.


These Magnetic Handles & Hinges To Dress Up Your Garage Door

Boost your home’s curb appeal and dress up your garage with these decorative magnetic hinges and handles. Instead of having to drill permanent holes, this carriage door-style hardware has strong magnets that attach to any steel garage. The set includes two handles and four hinges, all of which are made from UV and weather-resistant plastic to prevent rust and discoloring.


An Aerator & Pourer To Enhance The Taste Of Wine

Every budding sommelier needs this wine aerator pourer that infuses the perfect amount of oxygen into your glass of vino to enhance its taste. The pourer is designed with a rubber base that ensures a tight fit and helps eliminate drips. It can easily be disassembled for cleaning and comes in a two-pack inside a gift box, which also makes it a great gift idea.


This Magnetic Knife Strip For Space-Saving Kitchen Storage

Use this magnetic knife strip to keep knives on hand and save counter space. The stainless steel holder has a self-adhesive backing for simple, no-drill installation and is made with extra-strong magnets to safely hold knives in place. You can mount it on a variety of surfaces, from glass and ceramic tile to wood and metal.


These Nonstick Tongs That Won’t Scratch Your Cookware

Tongs are one of those kitchen utensils you can never have enough of, so get this three-piece set that includes 7, 9, and 12-inch tongs. They’re made from durable stainless steel and have an easy-to-operate locking mechanism. Plus, the nonstick scalloped silicone heads protect cookware from being scratched and the handles provide you with a comfortable grip.


A 2-Tier Organizer To Maximize Vertical Cabinet Space

Don’t let the vertical space in a bathroom vanity go to waste; instead, get this two-tier organizer that maximizes the area under the sink. It has an anti-slip design to secure it in place and each drawer pulls out smoothly for easy access. The organizer comes with eight adjustable dividers that can be moved around depending on what you’re storing.


A Food Storage Bag Organizer To Eliminate Bulky Packaging

Streamline drawers and get rid of bulky packaging that takes up way too much space by keeping food storage bags inside this bamboo organizer. It features four slots to hold bags in snack, sandwich, quart, and gallon sizes. The organizer is easy to refill as needed by simply sliding the cover off and includes pre-printed sticker labels to attach near each bag slot.


These Under-Cabinet Rotating Hooks That Create Extra Storage

Mount these self-adhesive hooks under cabinets to hold utensils and keep them on hand. Each hook has five hanging prongs and rotates 360 degrees to allow for easy access to all the cooking tools. Attach it to a clean, smooth surface such as wood, metal, or plastic, and in addition to providing extra storage in the kitchen, it’s a great hanging hack for a closet or bathroom.


A Food Holder To Use While Chopping & Grating

If you’ve nicked your fingers while prepping ingredients one too many times, stop what you’re doing and add this brilliant safety holder to your cart right now. It fits any size fruit, vegetable, hard cheese, you name it, and works on any mandolin or grater. Make slicing and grating easier and safer with the help of this must-have kitchen tool that’s conveniently dishwasher-safe, easy to use, and under $10.


These Popular LED Flashlights That Are Great To Have Around The House

Replace old flashlights that barely work with these LED tactical flashlights that are designed to be practically indestructible. They allow you to adjust focus and provide bright illumination even under extreme weather conditions. The battery-operated devices have a 20,000-plus hour life span and feature a nonslip handle and easy-grip strap for comfortable use.


An Avocado Hugger To Keep The Pitted Fruit From Browning

If you’re tired of avocados going to waste, get this clever avocado hugger to slow down the process of browning. The reusable silicone saver wraps around an avocado half with or without the pit, creating a tight seal to preserve maximum freshness. In addition to helping minimize food waste, this dishwasher-safe storage solution also saves money in the long run, both on repurchasing avocados and buying disposable storage bags.


These Light-Blocking Stickers To Cover Routers & Appliances

Cover bright lights on appliances or electronics using these light-blocking stickers. The set includes 120 blackout stickers of different shapes and sizes that don’t leave behind any sticky residue once removed. They are easy to peel and stick and provide a cheap and effective solution for hiding bright lights that keep you up at night.


A Silicone Garlic Peeler That Does All The Work For You

Peel garlic cloves quickly and easily — and without getting the potent smell all over your hands — using this highly rated OXO silicone garlic peeler. You basically pop the cloves in with their skin on, roll them around inside the flexible peeler by pressing it down on a flat surface, then pop them out peeled and fully intact. The peeler is dishwasher-safe and comes with a handy vented storage case.


These Color-Coded Tags To Label Cords

Get these color-coded tags to label cords, so you know exactly what you’re unplugging. The label surfaces are easy to write on and the 30-piece set includes an assortment of colors so you can organize devices by hue for quick identification. The tags use a hook and loop mechanism for secure closure around cords, meaning they don’t leave behind sticky residue once removed.


This Plug-In Fly Trap For An Insect-Free Home

Use this plug-in trap to get rid of mosquitos, fruit flies, gnats, and other pests. It starts working as soon as you plug it in, attracting insects with a UV LED light and trapping them on a hidden glue card that can be replaced once full. The trap provides protection for a 400-square-foot radius and is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 9,000 perfect ratings.


These Swedish Dishcloths To Replace Disposable Paper Towels

Replace disposable paper towels with a set of these Swedish dishcloths that feature adorable patterns to brighten the kitchen. They are made from a cellulose-cotton blend to provide high absorption whether you’re cleaning a stone, tile, wood, or stainless steel surface. The dishcloths are machine-washable for repeated use and over time, each individual cloth replaces up to 17 rolls of paper towels.


A Wireless Dehumidifier That’s Perfect For Small Spaces

Use this mini dehumidifier in a small bedroom, basement closet, or your car to absorb moisture and prevent mold from forming. The rechargeable device uses silica gel beads and works for up to 30 days on a full charge. Its compact design is perfect for tight spaces and it comes with a convenient hanging hook so you can place it on a clothing rail or door handle.


An Organizer To Finally Store Food Storage Lids Neatly

Storing food storage container lids neatly is practically an impossible task, which is why this adjustable organizer is a game-changer. Specifically designed for lids, the plastic tray has tall sides and comes with five removable dividers you can set up to best fit your lid collection. Built-in handles make it easy to move and a central channel stops lids from rolling around.


This Mason Jar Cold Brew Maker To Whip Up Your Favorite Iced Beverage

Save money on all those iced coffee runs and get yourself this mason jar cold brew coffee maker. With more than 20,000 five-star ratings, this thick glass carafe comes with a mesh stainless steel filter that prevents coffee grounds from getting in your drink. A flip-cap lid ensures maximum freshness while the coffee steeps overnight and makes for easy, leakproof pouring.


A Wireless Charger For Phones & Earbuds

This wireless charger has a whopping 128,000 five-star ratings and is the perfect way to upgrade the way you charge your devices. It’s compatible with multiple phone models and wireless earbuds and delivers a quick charge. A sleep-friendly indicator light turns on once your device is connected but promptly turns off so as not to disturb your sleep, and the charger is available in six colors.