Tons Of People Say These Clever, Small Things Made Their Homes Look Way Better

Amazon reviewers swear by these home upgrades.

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If you think making a meaningful difference in your home’s look will take expensive purchases and a major overhaul, I’m happy to say, think again. Products such as gorgeously textured throw pillow covers, stylish shower caddies, and affordable satin pillowcases can all make a huge difference in the way each room of your home feels.

But you don’t have to take it from me. In fact, tons of people say these clever, small things made their homes look way better, as you’ll see from the plethora of high ratings and glowing reviews below.


These Under-Bed Storage Containers That Help Reduce Clutter

Overflowing closets will be a thing of the past once you start storing large seasonal items in these under-bed storage containers. Designed in a rectangular shape, they feature a transparent window to easily see the contents and sturdy handles so you can pull them out from underneath the bed. They come available in three colors (gray, black, and java) all featuring chic contrast trim.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These were EXACTLY what we needed for extra blankets and jackets and to eliminate clutter! They fit perfectly under our bed!” — Teresa Dixon


A Toilet Bowl Cleaner That Removes Hard Water Stains

When it comes to intense stains in the bathroom, simply use this pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner with thousands of positive reviews. The stone is attached to an easy-to-grip handle and can remove dirt, grime, and mineral buildup with ease. It can be used on all bathroom surfaces such as ceramic and tile without leaving a scratch.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Seriously recommend. I had a ring around my toilet that I tried to get off for MONTHS and nothing worked. This scrubbed it right off. Going to use it in my shower as well for hard spots.” — Hayley Cartwright


These Elegant Shower Caddies That Organize Your Products

With over 27,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, these shower caddies are clearly a winner for tidying up your shower without sacrificing style. Two caddies come in each set and are available in four elegant finishes to suit your aesthetic: matte black, gold, polished silver, and rose gold. Don’t be fooled by their delicate-looking design — these caddies can each hold up to 20 pounds of weight and mount securely to your shower wall.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Really love these racks! They are insanely easy to hang, look nice, and hold lots of items. Immediately bought a second set for my other bathroom.” — Casey L.


A Broom Holder That Gets Cleaning & Gardening Tools Off The Floor

If your utility closet, garage, or garden shed has become a snarl of tangled tools and supplies, simply mount one of these broom holders to the wall to enjoy a clean floor. With a load-bearing capacity of 35 pounds, it features five spring-loaded slots to hold brooms, mops, or rakes, while six retractable hooks allow you to hang smaller cleaning and gardening tools.

One Reviewer Wrote: “We have limited space and bought this to get all of our mops and brooms out of a closet and to be somewhat organized. This hangs great in a tight space by our washer and dryer and works well to keep things from falling on the floor.” — Ljandliz


A Budget-Friendly Pack Of Hangers Made Of Nonslip Velvet

Not only are these velvet hangers a real steal at $30 for 50, but they also do a great job of keeping your clothing securely hung instead of in a crumple on the closet floor. Able to each hold up to 10 pounds of weight, the hangers feature a slim, space-saving profile and feature contour shoulder lines with notches, making them great for anything from camisoles to jackets. They’re available in six colors.

One Reviewer Wrote: “LOVE these velvet hangers! Great price for the quantity, non-slip grip on my spaghetti strap and otherwise slippery clothes, plus it cuts down on the amount of space regular plastic hangers take up.” — Courtney Conner


The Bed Sheet Set Made Of Soft Microfiber

A new set of sheets can feel like an instant upgrade for your bedroom and you won’t do much better than this popular bed sheet set with over 145,000 reviews. It comes in nine neutral color options such as ice blue, light gray, and taupe, and is made of extremely soft microfiber. The breathable material additionally does a great job of keeping you cool all night long.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I bought these sheets in both gray and white. They are so soft, so comfortable and look great on the bed. They wash nicely too.” — Susan1961

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king


An Over-The-Door Purse Organizer That Saves Lots Of Space

Take advantage of previously unused space with this purse organizer that hangs over your closet door. It provides you with six clear pockets (two small and four large) to neatly store your treasured handbags. Available in either a gray or white option, the organizer uses two chrome hooks to hang securely over the door and can be put up or taken down quickly and easily.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I like how this organizes my purses and saves shelf space by hanging over my closet door. It works well for small to medium size purses. Wish I had discovered this item a long time ago.” — cautious1


These Cotton Rope Baskets That Stylishly Store Anything

This set of three cotton rope baskets is the perfect solution for providing extra storage while adding to your home’s overall aesthetic. The natural cotton material lends a warm yet minimalist feel with over seven different color options available, all sporting chic faux leather snap-on handles. They can be used in any room in the house and there are even label clips included with an accompanying pen.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Perfect in every way. Great size, super sturdy and helps give my room the perfect minimalist vibe.” — Natalie Hunter


A Soap Dispenser & Sponge Holder That Frees Up Countertop Space

When it comes to small, clever upgrades, this soap dispenser and sponge holder does double duty and saves you lots of countertop space. Fill the bottom container with your liquid dish soap, place the included sponge in the holder, and depress the sponge to saturate it with the desired amount of soap. After you’re finished washing, place the sponge in the holder to dry, preventing watery messes at the side of your sink.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This thing has made my kitchen sink look less cluttered and I've convinced my in-laws to get one as well! It holds a nice amount of soap which is important if you're like me and are the dishwasher in the household. It takes a few pumps to get the soap up through the dispenser but once it's flowing it's easy. 10/10 recommend!” — Cara


This Satin Pillowcase With Over 289,000 Reviews

For effortless and budget-conscious beauty sleep, opt for this fan-favorite satin pillowcase with over 289,000 reviews. It comes in a range of sumptuous colors like teal and burgundy and features soft, silky satin fibers that provide your skin and hair with a frictionless surface on which to sleep. The case comes in a set of two and is conveniently machine-washable.

One Reviewer Wrote: “They look so nice and cozy on the bed and they are the most comfortable pillow cases I own! I am all about being cozy and elegant and these pillow cases fit every bit of that!” — Jenni Vaughn

  • Available sizes: standard, king, queen, body pillow


A Low-Profile Bath Mat That’s Incredibly Absorbent

This ingenious bath mat with a faux-suede surface will have you bidding farewell to high-pile mats forevermore. It’s designed in a super slim profile yet is incredibly absorbent and fast drying, not to mention free of pilling or shedding. A nonslip rubber backing helps it stay in place and, best of all, the mat can be washed directly in the shower.

One Reviewer Wrote: “After the last cloth rugs that wore out from machine washing and drying, I took a chance on a very different floor cover for a bathroom. The thin, lightweight mat is easy to lay out. It dries quickly when wet even after wiping it clean with a damp cloth.” — DCdaughter1


This Storage Lid Organizer That Keeps Cabinets Mess-Free

This clever food container lid organizer not only makes it easy to find that exact lid you’re looking for, but it also brings order to chaotic and overflowing cupboards. It features five adjustable dividers as well as built-in handles to easily move the entire organizer. Choose from several available sizes including options with tall dividers for especially large lids.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My lids were a mess and always falling out of the cupboard. This organizer was truly a godsend. I was able to organize all my lids, from tiny to large and keep them at bay. Now when I need a lid, I take out the whole organizer, find what I need and simply slide it back into place. AWESOME!” — Marlene W


A Drawer Organizer Set That Includes An Array Of Sizes

This drawer organizer set includes 25 bins in four different sizes to accommodate a range of storage needs. Each bin is fully stackable, features a nonslip exterior, and is made of clear plastic for a minimalist and clean look. Use them anywhere from the pantry to the bathroom to the bedroom to effortlessly organize any drawer.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I got this to organize my drawers with my make up, I like that it has a little grips on the bottom, so that it doesn’t slide around, the different size compartments are really nice for storing different things, definitely helps keeping things organized while elevating how my drawers look when opened.” — Ade


These LED Puck Lights To Add Wireless Illumination

Add some easy-to-install lighting without a hefty bill from the electrician with these LED puck lights that mount using self-adhesive or the included screws. They come in a pack of three and operate using three AA batteries with a handy remote included to set timers or adjust brightness. The lights cast a warm yet bright glow that helps to illuminate darkened areas such as in closets, under cabinets, or along stairways.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I wanted to get lights for under our kitchen cabinets. These lights are just the right color temperature that I was looking for. Easy to use, comes with a remote, the lights dim and also have a timer. What more could you ask for.” — Amazon Customer


A Pack Of Corner Grippers To Help Rugs Lay Neatly Flat

Simply making sure your rugs lay flat can make a difference in how a room feels and it’s all possible with these rug corner grippers. Made of a tacky gel, they stick firmly to the corners of your rugs using self-adhesive and include an EVA foam tip that helps you easily lift the corners to clean underneath. Renew the stickiness easily using a bit of rubbing alcohol.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I slapped the corners onto my curled up rugs and they lay nice and flat now. It’s a beautiful thing!!!” — E. M. D.


This LED Backlight Strip That Creates A Home Theater Ambiance

If you want cinema vibes from the comfort of your couch, mount this LED backlight strip to the back of your TV for an even better viewing experience. The strip can be cut to your desired dimensions and stuck to the back of the TV using a peel-off self-adhesive. Power it by plugging it into your TV’s USB port and enjoy better contrast and more vivid colors.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I LOVE the look of this! I am a big gamer and Netflix-er and this [...] definitely adds to the experience. It makes the contrast on your TV appear to be even higher than it was before, and it adds a nice touch of soft lighting to the room.” — Lauren


A Paint Pen For Quick & East Touch-Up Jobs

Perfect for dealing with those annoying scuffs or scratches around the house, this paint pen allows you to quickly touch up your walls without needing to grab an entire paint can. Simply fill the pen with your desired paint, add the precision brush tip, and touch up anything from walls to cabinets to window frames. The pen’s cartridge even provides an airtight seal so the paint can last for years to come.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I LOVE these little pens! I have one filled with cabinet paint and one filled with wall paint for those random touch ups that I see need to be fixed. Instead of getting an annoying bucket of paint out and dealing with that nonsense, I just grab my pen and twist the end and the paint flows right out! Twist, paint, rinse, done.” — NurseMom16


These Throw Pillow Covers That Add Both Texture & Color

Jazz up your living room on a budget with the simple swapping in of these beautiful throw pillow covers with a high 4.7-star rating. They come in a pair and are available in over 20 shades from muted tones such as sage green or rust as well as brighter colors like coral and yellow. The corduroy material comes in an appealing textured pattern that will be sure to add that crucial bit of visual interest to any surface.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is my 6th order of these pillow covers. They are high quality and durable. Can’t see the zipper at all. Very soft and comfy. The colors are beautiful!” — Tina D Clark


A Can Organizer To Save Space In Your Fridge & Pantry

Though you may never have considered organizing your soda or canned food collection, once you try out this can organizer, you’ll never go back. Made of clear BPA-free plastic, it comes in a set of two with each able to hold up to nine cans. Not only does it make your soda or canned food much more accessible but the amount of space you’ll save on fridge or pantry shelves will make you a devotee overnight.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I was a little skeptical about buying these for the soda cans in my fridge because I didn’t think I needed to spend the money on an organization tool for them. But as soon as I put the cans in place not only did it look good but it also gave me more space. Definitely worth it.” — Kris


This Apothecary Jar Set To Beautifully Display Bathroom Supplies

This apothecary jar set has garnered over 30,000 five-star reviews for its ability to store bathroom supplies in a stylish and practical way. Though resembling glass, the jars are actually made of a very clear shatterproof plastic making them perfect for your bathroom countertop or shelf. They come in a pack of four in two different sizes and each container includes its own charming apothecary-style lid.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The smaller containers are perfect for cotton rounds or cotton balls, and the larger containers I use for Qtips. They fit perfectly in a medicine cabinet above the sink and are cute enough to leave on the counter!” — Judith Cohen


A Set Of Drawer Organizers For Pristinely Stored Socks & Underwear

If you’re tired of searching endlessly for that matching sock, all you need is one of these drawer organizers that will store pairs of socks in their own individual pockets. It comes in a set of three and is made of durable fabric and mesh pockets. Available in an array of colors to suit your style, the two 24-pocket organizers are perfect for socks while the one 16-pocket organizer is great for underwear and lingerie.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These organizers are great for organizing in our dresser drawers and closet. Makes it look so less overwhelming when we open the drawer and items are falling out all over the place. No more digging for the white socks, They are right where they belong.” — sprint7


These Stackable Shelves That Create More Countertop Storage

If your countertop space seems to be losing real estate with every passing week, opt for these counter shelves to give yourself more levels of vertical storage space. They come in a set of four and can be stacked on top of one another or nested side by side. The shelf itself is made of engineered wood in a rustic finish and also comes available in three other colors while metal legs lend an industrial feel.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have a lot on display in my apartment kitchen but these shelves allow for everything to have a place. I can now consolidate these items while keeping them in sight in an organized fashion. They really helps reduce countertop clutter.” — Pooja J Saini


A Hanging Closet Organizer To Add Vertical Storage

For those who are dealing with limited bedroom or closet space, this hanging closet organizer can make it all work. It provides you with three shelves on which to place pants, shirts, sweaters, and more by hanging over your closet rod via the built-in hooks and taking advantage of that vertical space. There’s even a short, clear plastic stopper built in front to prevent items from falling to the floor accidentally.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I just moved into a very small apartment with very little storage. I hung this in the one small closet and it tripled my storage space. A life saver.” — Pam M.


This Outlet Concealer That Creates A Clean & Cordless Look

This ingenious outlet concealer mounts directly over any standard outlet and will instantly transform what was once a bulky and messy cord situation into one that’s sleek and nearly invisible. The concealer — which has earned a high 4.7-star rating after 55,000-plus reviews — is attached to a 3-foot cord that lays flush to the wall thanks to self-adhesive. At the other end is a three-outlet surge-protected power strip that can sit discreetly behind furniture.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I am so happy to have found these concealers. It really is wonderful to get the plugs out of sight and also out of the way of drapes and furniture that goes against the wall. They even come with cord covers so it makes it nice to hide the cord. I now have three of them and will probably buy more.” — SPD


A Pot & Pan Organizer That Frees Up Cabinet & Countertop Space

Make cooking and baking that much more streamlined when you utilize this clever pot and pan organizer. Made of strong alloy steel, the rack is built with four slots and can store up to five pans if used vertically. You can even secure the rack to the back of your cupboard if you wish using the included hardware.

One Reviewer Wrote: “We don't have much cabinet space in the kitchen and the frying pans were stacked on a small table. After putting them in the rack, they looked so much nicer and everything didn't look cluttered.” — Amazon Customer


These Decorative Curtain Tiebacks That Use Secure Magnets

These highly rated magnetic curtain ties make it as easy as can be to pull back curtains while adding a charming bit of decor at the same time. The large pearl objects feature magnets on each end to help them come together securely once wrapped around your curtain, no matter the heft of your panels. Choose from four available colors for the nylon rope: gray, aqua, gold, and pink.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These are awesome because they’re simple, easy to use, and look nice. For smaller or less bulky curtains, wrap around a couple times and it still works great.” — Christine


A Makeup Organizer That Rotates 360 Degrees

Overflowing and disordered cosmetic collections will become a thing of the past when you implement this makeup organizer with over 15,000 five-star reviews. On top of providing you with multiple adjustable shelves on which to store anything from skin care products to foundations, it also rotates 360 degrees to give you quick and easy access. There are even special compartments at the top designed for lipsticks, brushes, and nail polish.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The makeup organizer has transformed the way I manage my cosmetics. With its 360-degree rotation and adjustable shelves, it easily accommodates my makeup, jewelry, brushes, and lipsticks, all while saving space on my vanity.” — Annie Wu


This Computer Monitor Riser With A Built-In Wire Basket

This ingenious computer monitor riser not only creates a more ergonomic workflow but also provides you with additional storage in the form of a built-in wire basket below. Use it to store your keyboard, notebooks, calculator, or other desk supplies, and easily slide the basket out whenever you need to retrieve something. The sleek tempered glass material of the riser adds to an overall modern look.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I bought two of these computer risers for both my work monitors and they work great. The glass allows my desk to look less cluttered since it's see-through and the little wire cubby under the riser is great for extra storage.” — B.D.Holder


A Set Of Flameless Candles That Give Off An Authentic Glow

Set up these beautiful flameless candles anywhere you’d like a little extra ambiance and fool anyone into thinking they’re the real thing. They come in a set of nine in six different heights, all made with a material that resembles authentic wax. Use the remote control to adjust brightness and set timers as well as opt for a steady or dancing flame.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love these candles and appreciate the various sizes! They look really nice and have a waxy feel to the outside. You can choose to have the flame ‘flicker’ or just stay on like a light. It’s a nice soft yellow glow, and you can even adjust the brightness using the remote. Can’t go wrong with these!” — Catrien


This Cable Management Box That Hides Ugly Power Strips & Cords

Protect your power strip with something that actually adds to your home’s aesthetic using this cable management box. Sporting a minimalist design, the box comes in white with a lid in a natural wood finish. It has cable outlets along the sides as well as on the end that additionally help to let air flow through without letting dust accumulate.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I love this. It looks nice and keeps your cords and cables organized, so much better than having them all over the floor collecting dust and making it difficult to sweep around.” — wesley carriere


An Indoor Doormat That Prevents Dirt & Debris From Contaminating Your Floors

Made in a low profile so that doors will have no problem opening and closing, this indoor doormat is made of durable material that works to trap debris as you come home. Choose from six different color and geometric pattern options as well as three available sizes, all featuring a rubber nonslip backing. Easily vacuum, brush, or shake the debris from the mat and toss it in the washing machine for a deeper clean.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is just what I was looking for! The door can pass over it just fine without catching on the mat, and the mat stays in place well without sliding around. The colors are nice, too.” — Amazon Customer


This Magnetic Knife Holder That Displays Your Tools Beautifully

This 4.7-star rated magnetic knife holder securely stores your gleaming tools on the countertop in a sophisticated way. It’s constructed of beautiful bamboo and is made with powerful magnets that keep knives safely attached yet easily accessible by their handles. As a bonus, the slim profile of the holder means it takes up barely any room on your countertop.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great looking freestanding magnetic knife holder. So much better than the giant block. Holds 5 big knives with a bit of room left over.” — David T.


These Shoe Organizers To Properly Display Your Collection

It’s amazing how fast accumulated shoes create a messy heap on the closet floor, making individual pairs impossible to locate. These shoe storage organizers instantly create order by providing you with a large box that fits most shoes from high-tops to sandals as well as a transparent finish to neatly display your collection. They come in a pack of 12, assemble easily, and are available in seven color options such as black, pink, and gray.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These are perfect to display my ever-growing Nike collection instead of just laying them out along the wall. Protects them from dust and I can see them clearly through the transparent fronts [...] Super easy to make, especially after the first two when I had a little practice doing it. Directions were easy to follow. Seem very sturdy (way more than I thought they’d be!). Now I just need to order more!” — Karen


A Rotating Utensil Holder With A Removable Divider

This roomy utensil holder with nearly 10,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating works to keep all your kitchen tools neatly organized and ready for action. Made of brushed stainless steel, it has the ability to rotate to easily grab what you need and comes with a removable divider that creates three compartments to keep items separate. It’s also available in four other finishes: white, black, mint green, and lava gray.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My messy, overflowing utensil caddy wasn't getting the job done. This one, though, visually declutters. Tall enough to hide a lot and the rotating aspect is so handy. Love it!” — BroderWriter


This Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer To More Easily Grab Items

Install this pull-out cabinet organizer to finally gain easier access to the back of those pantry or kitchen shelves. It’s constructed of stainless steel and slides easily and smoothly thanks to its industrial-grade design. Able to hold up 100 pounds, it can be removed and cleaned as needed.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I should've done this years ago! Definitely an upgrade to organize cupboard storage and provide much better access.” — Daniel Stensland


These Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles In A Faux-Wood Finish

Having those desirable hardwood floors might not be in the budget but there’s another way to achieve the same look at a much more reasonable price. These floor tiles look like wood but are in fact made of vinyl. They come in a range of different wood finishes from light brown hues to smoky gray tones and are installed using simple peel-and-stick self-adhesive. Go for the sample pack to try different options, then choose either a pack of 12 or 36 planks in the finish of your choice.

One Reviewer Wrote: “So happy with this purchase, the reviews are on point. Great customer service. I installed these in our ADU [accessory dwelling unit] space, look way more expensive than they are. I’ve never done this before and it was so simple.” — T Hunt


A Corner Shelf That Adds Visual Interest To Unused Space

Display treasured items, books, photos, or pieces of art using this two-tiered corner shelf. It comes with everything you need for a secure installation and is available in a choice of three finishes: espresso, gray, and natural. In addition to the living room, this shelf works just as well in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom and can serve as a great place for extra storage.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have had this product for three years now and survived three moves. It is so sleek and most importantly, functional. I keep it next to my door for keys and perfumes. Also, there is a surprising amount of space.” — Sara Jargalsaikhan


These Cabinet Pulls That Swiftly Modernize Your Kitchen

Making a critical update to your kitchen can be as easy as swapping out old hardware for these sleek cabinet pulls. They install quickly, are made of strong stainless steel, and come in three finishes (matte black, brushed brass, and satin nickel) that will suit any kitchen. With a high 4.7-star rating over 30,000-plus reviews, these are clearly a popular choice for a budget-friendly style upgrade.

One Reviewer Wrote: “We updated our 40-year-old cabinets and this hardware gave them the upgrade of a lifetime! They look awesome and were super easy to install!” — Amanda


A Bathroom Storage Cabinet Designed For Narrow Spaces

This bathroom storage cabinet is perfect for taking advantage of that otherwise unusable narrow space. It features a shelf at the top to place small items, a toilet paper dispenser, and a cabinet below with two shelves to store extra supplies — all of which are included within a 5.9-inch wide footprint. Choose from six finishes.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have a very long narrow bathroom. This little cabinet is just perfect. Easy to put together. The material is water resistant so great for the bathroom. Love it!” — Amazon Customer


This Stainless Steel Wrap That Makes Surfaces Look High-End

Make appliances and kitchen surfaces look far more expensive than they actually are simply by using this stainless steel wrap. It’s easy to install using the peel-and-stick adhesive and can be used without fear in the kitchen due to its oil-proof and waterproof properties. Trim the wrap to suit your dimensions and jazz up anything from your fridge to your oven to countertops.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Definitely would buy this stick on stainless steel wallpaper again. It is much thicker than I expected and, as you can see from the photo, looks absolutely real. As long as you clean the surface and it has no bumps, it will stick nicely [...] I have gotten so many compliments. Great product!” — GEM


A Stain Treater Spray To Clean Carpets, Upholstery, & More

Reach for this stain treater spray the minute that yellow mustard hits the carpet or red wine splashes happily onto the sofa. With over 31,000 five-star reviews, it’s clear that even though this spray is made with a gentle water-based formula, it still packs a seriously effective punch. Choose from a range of different styles like the 4-ounce spray pictured here or packs of wipes to be perpetually prepared.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This stuff is worth its weight in gold! I have yet to meet a stain that this can’t remove.” — Lindsey Renfro


This Furniture Repair Kit That Makes Scuffs Disappear

Instead of spending a fortune replacing wooden pieces that have seen better days, reach for this furniture repair kit to render those scuffs and scratches invisible. It comes with six markers in a range of wooden finishes from black to oak as well as six wax sticks to deal with deeper scratches, also in shades to match your wood. After selecting the correct shade, you’ll be amazed to see those previous eyesores slowly disappear.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These markers and crayons are amazing, and saved us hundreds of dollars, and hours of work!!” — Kristina Shadaram


A Set Of Turkish Hand Towels That Come In Beautiful Shades

Not only will these Turkish hand towels with over 11,000 five-star reviews serve you well in the bathroom and kitchen, but they’ll also add tasteful decor. Made of soft, 100% cotton, they come in a range of lovely shades such as turquoise, light blue, and latte in a geometric weave and include a tasseled hem. They’re highly absorbent and dry quickly, to boot.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’ll admit that at times I’m a form over function person. I like things to look neat and tidy. I get the best of both worlds with these towels. They are super absorbent, soft, and very stylish! How often do you have guests walk out if the bathroom asking you about the hand towel? Until now, my answer was never and now it is more often than not.” — Christina Melhorn


This Window Film That Provides A Touch Of Privacy

Adding a bit of much-needed privacy doesn’t have to detract from your home’s aesthetic. This window film adds that subtle frosted opacity without acting like an eyesore. It mounts easily using water, won’t leave a sticky residue, and removes just as simply. Cut it to your desired dimensions and block out both UVA and UVB rays while softly diffusing the incoming light.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This product does a great job in blocking the view into my bedroom without sacrificing any of the light from the single window. The frosting allows me to forgo using curtains/blinds so I don't have to reduce the amount of natural sunlight coming into the space while at the same time gives me enough privacy that I don't have to worry about anyone seeing in.” — Constantine2001


A Grout Pen To Help Bathroom Tiles Gleam

Who knew that such rejuvenating power could come in such a small footprint? Though compact, this mighty grout pen works to refresh your whole bathroom look by making your tiles really pop. It comes in either a narrow or wide tip option and allows you to refresh grout with its bright white, water-based paint. As a bonus, one pen is able to cover up to 150 feet of grout.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My bathroom tile looks like new! [...] I’m literally in shock at how gorgeous it looks and how quick and easy it was. You want to keep shaking it well and pressing the applicator to moisten it between each stroke. I love it! Thank you for inventing this!” — Amazon Customer