Of All The Weird Things That Are Popular On Amazon, These 60 Are Clever As Hell

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The digital shelves of Amazon truly are an endless sea of products that can fit into endless categories that fit a wide range of needs. That’s one of the biggest benefits of browsing Amazon; it really is a one-stop-shop to find pretty much anything you could possibly imagine.

This list has some of the weirdest but most clever Amazon products that people absolutely love and cannot stop raving about in the product reviews. There is literally something for everybody on this list no matter your interests, hobbies, or current household needs.

Know someone who refers to themselves as a coffee or tea aficionado? There is a specially designed spoon to help stir those beverages that also won’t slip down inside the mug. Who knew that there was a simple yet clever solution to one of the most common issues of leaving your stirring spoon in a mug? Do you or someone you know love to prep their food for the week? There is a set of food storage containers that are specifically designed to fit inside each other for space-saving organization.

Scroll through and see what quirky, unique, and clever products stick out to you. Even if you don’t find something for yourself, you may spot something that would make an excellent gift for a friend or loved one.


A Dish Rack For The Kitchen Sink That Can Roll Up For Space Saving Storage

You will love the versatility of this roll-up dish drying rack. The ends are coated with a non-slip rubber that allows the rack to stay steady and stable over the sink while you’re using it. With steel rods that are wrapped in FDA-approved silicone, they can withstand heat from temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It rolls up for easy and convenient storage when you’re not using it. There are three sizes available to accommodate most sinks.


This Eraser Stick That Helps Remove Makeup When You’re Out & About

If you’re ever in need of a quick touch-up to give your makeup a quick refresh, this makeup erasing stick is the perfect tool to make that happen. It is inevitable that throughout the day you’ll get a smudge here or there in your makeup. This $10 makeup eraser stick can get rid of unwanted mascara marks, eyeliner smudges, and more in one simple swipe.


An LED Reading Light That Hangs Around Your Neck

Calling all book lovers — this LED neck reading light makes reading in bed an easy and relaxing experience without keeping other people awake. The light is incredibly lightweight, so you hardly feel it while using it. It also has several settings for the color of the light, as well as the brightness, so you can always adjust how much or how little light you need. Turn it on and off by simply pressing the button on the side.


This Container That Acts As A Super Cooler To Keep Drinks Nice & Cold

If you use this HyperChiller beverage container to take drinks with you while out and about, you’ll feel confident that they’ll stay nice and cold for hours on end. One of the coolest features this beverage chiller offers is the fact it is capable to chill hot coffee in 60 seconds flat, making it the most efficient and easy way to get your iced coffee fix. It is also dishwasher safe whenever it needs to be cleaned.


This Microfiber Hair Towel That Efficiently Air Dries All Hair Types

Wrap this microfiber hair towel into a simple twist to keep wet hair out of the way after a shower. The microfiber material is incredibly absorbent, which helps your hair dry more quickly and naturally. It works well with all hair types and won’t leave behind any kinks, bumps, or knots. There is a button on the backside of the towel that connects to the twisted tip to help hold the towel in place.


A Wireless Charging Station That Is Compatible With Multiple Smart Devices

Never struggle to find the correct cord that works with your smartphone or tablet again when you use this wireless charging pad. Simply set your smartphone, tablet, and earbuds on top of the charging pad and watch as your device begins to get its juice back. It is also compatible with both Apple and Android products. The light also turns off while charging so there is no annoying glow to worry about.


These Stackable Containers With Multiple Compartments Perfect For Salads & More

All of the ingredients for your salad will stay fresh and crisp with the help of this multicompartment stackable lunch container. The tops of these salad containers is equipped with four compartments, one of which holds three ounces of sauce or dressing. You can use the other compartments for different veggies, nuts, cheese, and proteins like tuna or chicken breast.


A Rapid Egg Cooker That Can Make Up To 6 Eggs At Once

Create the perfect hard-boiled egg every time with the help of this rapid egg cooker. Designed with six circular slots, you can cook up to six eggs at one time with this device. Not only is it great to use at home, but it’s small and compact enough to take with you while traveling. There are also different settings to choose from, so you can get the exact type of egg you want every time.


These Slim Edition Wi-Fi Smart Plugs To Upgrade Your Power Outlets

Operating your lamps and other electrical devices around the house is now easier than ever using these Wi-Fi smart plugs. It gives you the ability to use voice control with different electrical appliances around the house. You can also download an app for touch control capabilities, as well. It should be noted that in order to use these smart plugs, they need to have access to Wi-Fi.


This Liquid Eyeliner With A Styling Tip That Helps Create The Perfect Look

This waterproof winged eyeliner stamp is the perfect tool to add to your makeup arsenal that will give you flawless eyeliner application with every use. All you have to do to create the most perfect and simple winged eyeliner is line up the stamp edge with the corner of your eye and press down. Made with two different forms of wax, the eyeliner dries quickly so it won’t smudge and will stay perfectly in place.


A 2-Pack Of Mini Spatulas That Can Scrape Clean The Inside Of Bottles

Make sure you get every last drop out of your bottles with the help of these mini rubber spatulas. Each box contains two spatulas, a larger one and a smaller one. The small one is perfect for getting into small bottles of your cosmetics so you can scrape out every last drop. These are also handy to get out the last bits of different condiments like ketchup and mustard.


These LED Motion Sensor Lights That Can Be Mounted To Walls and Ceilings Without Tools

This three-pack of stick-on LED motion-activated lights is an easy and simple way to get additional light in unlit areas without taking up floor space. You can also install these lights without using any tools as the back has an adhesive material that lets you stick them right on the wall. Each light has 10 small LED bulbs to provide maximum glow so you will always be able to see easily.


A Cable Clip That Holds All Of Your Cords In Place For Simple Organization

This cable cord holder helps maintain and order and tidiness to all of your different wires and cables for your different smart devices. Each pack comes with three cable clip holders and each holder has 11 slots to manage all your different wires. The backside of the cable clip is equipped with a strong adhesive that keeps it firmly attached to your desk or nightstand.


This 3-Piece Set Of Angled Plastic Measuring Cups

These angled measuring cups give you the ability to measure large quantities of ingredients compared to the average set of measuring cups. One of the best features of these measuring cups is that you can see the amount from above and don’t have to crouch down to eye level. This makes it simple and easy to ensure you get the correct amount the first time around instead of having to constantly adjust your measurements.


This Pan That Makes Perfectly Uniform-Sized Brownies Every Time

Whip up a dozen brownies easily with this brownie bar pan. Each brownie will always be the exact same size thanks to the 24 uniform slots to bake the batter in. After using the pan, you can pop it straight in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. The pan measures 13.25 by 8.25 inches.


A Set Of Satin Pillowcases That Keeps Your Hair Looking Fresh After A Night Of Sleep

This two-pack of satin pillowcases not only protects your hair from damage while sleeping, but they are so silky soft, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t tried them before now. Even if you are someone who tends to toss and turn in their sleep, you won’t wake up with static or kinks in your hair. The satin material also helps your hair retain its natural oils that keep your hair healthy.


A Small Warming Plate That Will Keep Mugs Nice & Warm For Hours

Your morning coffee or tea will stay warm during all those hectic early morning hours while you go about your normal routine thanks to this mug warming plate. The mug warmer turns on and off with the flip of a switch and has a safety lip around the edge of the plate to help your mug stay securely in place on top of it. This specific heating plate is designed to work solely with ceramic and glass mugs.


This USB Plug-In Charger That Lays Flat Against The Wall

Save space and have your wall plugs look incredibly chic when you switch over to these flat USB wall chargers. It is designed with two ports that let you charge two devices simultaneously. This wall plug is equipped with smart IC technology that automatically detects the type of smart device it is charging. That allows every device to be charged as quickly as possible to minimize your wait time.


A High-Tech (But Easy To Use) Electric Wine Opener

This cordless, electric wine opener is even more technologically savvy than the electric wine opener you’ve gotten used to using. On a single five-minute charge, this wine opener has to ability to open up 100 bottles of wine before needing to be recharged. Another feature that makes this wine opener next level is the fact that it comes with a pour spout and a bottle stopper.


This Water Dispensing Fountain That Your Pets Will Absolutely Love

This electric pet water fountain comes with a silicone mat to help your floors stay dry. The base of the fountain holds up to 84 ounces of water, which means you won’t have to constantly be refilling it every day for your pet. The spout was designed to look like a flower and is equipped with three different fountain settings: waterfall, bubble, and gentle fountain.


This Glass Dry Erase Board That Fits On Your Desktop

Jot down notes or write your daily to-do list on this glass desktop dry erase pad. This desktop writing board was purposefully designed to fit between your computer monitor and keyboard to help maximize your productivity. The sleek look lets it blend in perfectly with any style and decor, thus making it one of the coolest writing tools you’ll ever use.


An Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That Is Super Quick & Efficient

Few tasks feel more tedious than cleaning your makeup brushes, but luckily this brush cleaning machine and shampoo combo makes it super simple and efficient. This brush cleaner has an automatic spinning function that removes any remaining makeup on your bristles when mixed with water and shampoo, then instantly air dries using the same spinning technology once it’s all clean. You’ll never dread cleaning your brushes again!


A Clip-On Selfie Ring Light That Will Make Your Photos Pop

This LED selfie ring light clips directly to your smartphone for high-quality photos that will look like they were taken with a professional camera. Never struggle to find the perfect lighting again when trying to capture that flawless selfie. The light from this ring ensures you’ll never have to deal with the flash from your phone’s camera that can distort color and cause red-eye.


These Plastic Nail Cap Clips That Easily & Efficiently Remove Gel Polish

Removing gel polish has never been easier at home than when you use these nail-soaking cap clips. The clip itself is designed to stay securely on the tip of your fingers while they do their job of breaking down your gel polish for easy removal that won’t damage your nails. Open the clip by pinching the top and then inserting your nail inside.


This Mini Food Steamer That Works In The Microwave

Steam a quick serving of veggies in mere minutes with this mini microwaveable steamer. This mini steamer is the perfect portion for a single serving of veggies and holds approximately two full cups. The steaming basket inside pulls double-duty as a colander. It is made from BPA-free plastic that makes it safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Free Up Room On Your Rack

If the clothing collection in your closet is getting out of hand, keep it better organized while freeing up room on the hanging rack with these space-saving hangers. These hooks take advantage of the vertical space in your closet by providing hanging space for up to six articles of clothing at a time, while only taking up the space of one traditional hanger. Plus, the wooden construction of these hangers ensures they’ll last you forever.

  • Available colors: 3


These Item Locators That Will Ensure Your Keys Or Wallets Will Never Be Lost Again

Find your keys, wallet, phone, and more anytime without any hassle thanks to these nifty item locators. As long as the item you are looking for is within 131 feet of you and the location transmitter, it will ping your items, making them super easy to find. It comes with four tracking tabs so you can choose which items need to be connected with one.


A Set Of Plastic Containers That Will Keep Produce Fresh For Extended Periods Of Time

Store your favorite fruits and veggies in this produce-saving container. The lid is designed with a crisper tray and ventilation system that keeps out moisture, preventing food from spoiling too quickly. It’s also easy to clean — just toss the container in the dishwasher after using it. This produce saver is made from BPA-free plastic that makes it safe to store food inside.


This Reflective Window Film That Offers You A Bit More Privacy For A Low Price

Give your windows a simple and easy upgrade with this one-way window film. Simply peel off the back of the window film and apply it directly to your windows to create a nice tint that helps keep out excessive sunlight. This film also provides an added source of privacy inside your house or office space. Additionally, it blocks out over 99% of UV rays as it filters light into your house.


A Rack Organizer For Your Pots & Pans That Is Expandable

This expandable pot and pan organizational rack will give you different options for the amount of storage you need. When it is fully expanded, it holds a total of 10 pans, lids, or a combination of both. Not only is the whole rack adjustable, but so is each individual slot that holds the pans or lids. At its smallest, the rack measures 12.25 inches long. When it’s completely expanded, it reaches 22.25 inches.


These Containers That Are Freezer Friendly So Food Stays Fresh Long-Term

Prep meals ahead of time and keep them fresh for weeks with these food prep freezer pods. The silicone lids make it easy to pop them off even after you’ve taken these food prep pods out of the freezer. These are perfect for storing leftover soups, casseroles, broths, and more for future meals. Each tray has four separate serving slots that hold one cup of food.


A Mock Button-Up Shirt Collar That Is Detachable & Easy To Take On & Off

This removable shirt collar is perfect to wear underneath a blazer or sports jacket. Made from 100% cotton, the quality material ensures you will get long-lasting use from this shirt collar. It is designed to look like a professional button-down blouse and even has four real buttons on the front to add to its realistic look.


A Tea Mug That Has A Lid & Infuser That Steeps Loose Leaf Tea

Steep your favorite loose leaf teas directly in this porcelain mug that comes with its own metal infuser. The mug itself holds 15 ounces. The tea steeping infuser sits on top of the edge of the mug so you can easily set it in the water and pull it out when your tea is ready. You can also turn over the lid of the mug and use it as a coaster for the infuser after using it. This mug is available in 10 gorgeous colors.


This Tub Drain Strainer That Keeps It From Getting Clogged With Unnecessary Hair

Keep your drains clean and water from backing up in your tub with these rubber drain protectors. The tiny holes in the rubber stopper grab hair and hold on to it before it has a chance to make its way down the drain. It will fit into any average size drain between 1.5 and 1.75 inches in diameter. Save yourself money in the long run by not having to deal with clogs that would require a plumber.


A Touch Screen Makeup Mirror With Built-In Lights

You will love how this light-up makeup mirror enhances your skincare routine. It is situated on an adjustable base so you can swivel the mirror to the angle you need. There is also a detachable close-up mirror that magnifies up to three times more than the light-up mirror. Turn the mirror lights on and off by simply touching the screen with your fingertip.


An Insulated Curtain That Hangs In Doorways To Help Regulate Airflow

This insulated door curtain is a perfect solution to the doorways that lack a way to regulate the airflow and temperature of a room. There are three different sizes to choose from to fit doorways that are wide, as well as narrow. The flaps stay closed with the help of 19 magnetic clasps that run the entire length of the door curtains.


A Pot That’ll Water Your Plants For You

Never stress about over or underwatering your houseplants ever again thanks to this self-watering plant pot. Each pot is made from strong and durable plastic, with the outer shell covered in a colorful lacquer. Not only is this a self-watering flower pot, but it also is designed to optimize the airflow necessary for growing healthy plants.


This Spinning Device That Cleans Leafy Greens For Easy Salad Prep

Clean your favorite types of lettuce quickly and easily by tossing them in this salad spinner before crafting your veggie creation. The base fits up to five quarts of leafy greens at one time. Place the greens in the spinning base after rinsing them off with water, and then use the handle to spin the colander basket. The water will fly right off the greens.


This Detachable & Portable Desk That Is Great For Personal Use In The Car

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a quiet place to work. If you’re often in a pinch, or need to take a work call someplace private, this innovative wheel desk may be a great fit for your lifestyle. It’s also good for people who grab lunch while on the road and need a little more room than what a car’s interior already provides.


These Best-Selling Hangers That Are S-Shaped For Maximum Storage Potential

These customized s-shaped hangers are capable of holding up to five pairs of pants at one time, which really helps reduce the number of hangers needed in your closet. The hangers themselves are made from stainless steel, ensuring years of use. While these hangers are perfect for pants, they also work well for storing scarves, ties, and belts.


A 10-Piece Set Of Food Storage Containers Designed With Nesting Features To Stack Everything In One Place

These nesting food storage containers help ensure you never lose track of the lids that accompany them. Each lid is color-coordinated so you can easily identify which base container it goes with at a simple glance. The locking snaps create an airtight seal between the base and lid, keeping your food fresh for future leftovers.


This Spice Rack For Your Kitchen That Can Be Attached To Magnetic Surfaces

Organize and find your spices with ease when you store them in this magnetic spice rack. Any metal surface in your house or kitchen makes the perfect surface to attach this magnetic rack to. While the spice rack itself weighs just over one pound, it is capable of holding up to three pounds of different spices. The slim bar that wraps around the whole rack keeps the jar and bottles from sliding all over the place.


A Silicone Pad To Set Your Kitchen Utensils On While Cooking

Keep your countertops clean and let your kitchen utensils rest someplace with easy access when you use this silicone utensil holding pad during your cooking adventures. There are four slotted holding spaces for your cooking utensils. It is great for holding spatulas, basters, spoons, whisks, and more. It is made from a food-safe silicone that can easily be wiped clean with a wet rag or put in the dishwasher for simple cleaning.


This Bamboo Book Stand That Makes Reading A Hands-Free Activity

If finding ways to keep cookbooks open while trying to follow along with a recipe, you’re going to love this bamboo book stand. You can adjust the angle of the bookstand as it has a wire stand on the back that can fit into the carved-out slots to keep it securely in place. It also has two moveable arms on the front that will keep your book open to the page you need.


A Smartphone Dashboard Mount For Hands-Free Use When Driving

Stay safe when driving and using your smartphone with this hands-free dashboard phone mount for your car. The base of the mount is coated in an adhesive material that makes it easy to install right onto the dashboard of your car. You can adjust the arm of the mount to have your phone in a convenient spot that makes it easy to see and touch when necessary.


These Anti-Fatigue Rugs That Will Cushion Your Feet For Hours While Standing

Stay on your feet for longer periods of time without feeling the expected aches and pains that come with it when you stand on these anti-fatigue rugs. The extra-thick cushioning helps provide support for your feet and back that other rugs don’t offer when you’re standing on them. Choose from six different color options that all have a fun, geometric pattern that’ll look great in your home.


This Makeup Organization Tray That Can Rotate 360 Degrees

Find your go-to lipstick or favorite mascara quickly with the help of this rotating makeup storage tray. In total, there are six trays that can be adjusted to different heights to get the most out of this makeup storage organizer. While this rotating organizer is great for storing your cosmetics and beauty products, it’s also great for holding your accessories, as well.


A Floating Shelf That Mounts To The Wall With Its Adhesive Back

This space-saving floating shelf is the perfect storage solution to keep your most used items near your bed. The top shelf lays flat, and is great for holding your glasses, contact case, jewelry, and other personal items. Below that is a pocket shelf great for storing larger items, like your phone or tablet.


These Mini Portable Vacuum Sealers That’ll Keep Your Snacks Fresh

This two-pack of portable heat-up vacuum sealers can easily reseal snack bags to keep your leftovers fresh. They are battery-powered and only need two AA batteries to properly operate. Not only will these mini tools reseal your snack bags, but they can also be used as a cutter to take off the excess material from half-empty bags.


A Digital Meat Thermometer To Ensure A Proper Cook Every Time

Skip the guessing games when cooking steaks, chicken, and more with the help of this digital meat thermometer. You will get an accurate internal temperature reading in three seconds flat. The needle has the ability to fold up when it’s not being used to protect it from jabbing things or getting stuck in things unnecessarily. It comes with a list of correct cooking times for easy guidance.


This Armrest That Is Great For Couches Or Chairs That Need A Convenient Storage Option

This non-slip armrest cover provides function storage for a variety of couches and chairs. The underside of the armrest organizer is made from a non-slip material that will keep it in place while being used. It has four slim pockets that are great for storing things like your phone or remotes. The larger pocket in the back is large enough to hold tablets and books.


An Organizational Pouch That Attaches To Your Car Visor

Find items like CDs, your license, pens, and more in a snap thanks to this sun visor organization pouch. The front of the pouch has five slots to hold different items and a larger mesh pouch to store larger items. You can also unzip the visor pouch and access more storage pouches on the inside. The straps on the back connect together with Velcro to secure it to the car visor.


These Star-Shaped Felt Protectors That Can Double As A Trivet

Protect your pots and pans from scratches and other damage with these star-shaped felt pads. They are equipped to prevent slipping and sliding and can withstand high temperatures as they can also be used as a trivet to help protect wooden dining tables. The star shape also makes them easy to maneuver in different directions if you need to grab or hold onto a hot pot or pan.


A Puzzle Mat That Rolls Up For Easy & Out Of The Way Storage

There is no need to tear apart your incomplete puzzle to get table space back if you use this roll-up puzzle mat. No matter how far you have gotten in completing the current puzzle you’re working on, this mat ensures you always get to finish your creative endeavor at your leisure without taking up precious table space for an indefinite period of time. It is big enough to accommodate puzzles with 1500 pieces.


This Clip-on Colander That Makes Straining Hot Water Easier Than Ever

Strain hot water in no time and without the worry of burning yourself with this clip-on silicone strainer. The shape of the colander area is designed to catch any food, like pasta noodles, that may fall out when straining out the hot water. It will also fit into the vast majority of pots and pans as it is designed with universal use in mind. You can grab this in five different colors.


These Stainless Steel Spoons That’ll Make Tea Drinking Even More Delightful

These long-stemmed stainless steel spoons are the perfect accessory to upgrade any tea drinker's tea drinking experience. The tip of the spoon handle is meant to look like the head of the Loch Ness monster, giving a fun little novelty element to this spoon. It is also slightly cured at the tip of the spoon handle to keep it from slipping down into the mug for you to fish out with your fingers.


A Satin-Lined Beanie That Will Never Leave Behind Static Hair After Wearing It

Your hair will look smooth and flawless even after wearing this satin-lined cable knit beanie. The beanie itself is knit into a cute but simple pattern that adds some dimension and flair to the hat. It only comes in one size, as it is designed to fit most sizes and shapes of heads. The satin lining keeps your hair from getting frizzy when you take it off and comes in this awesome charcoal color.


This Personal Blender That Comes With Its Own Travel Mug

As soon as you finish blending your smoothie with this personal mini blender, pop the canister off the top and start drinking. The blending jar holds 14 ounces and has steel blades strong enough to crush up ice when blending. The unit is available in black or white and has over 25,000 4.5-star ratings, so you can rest assured you’ll be satisfied with this mini blender.


These Swedish Dishcloths With Extra Absorbency Power

Soak up messes quickly and efficiently with the help of these Swedish eco-friendly dishcloths. This 10-pack of reusable cloths is a great alternative to replace single-use paper towels that you use on a daily basis. You can use these to wipe up all kinds of messes on a wide range of surfaces. These Swedish dish towels can be washed and dried for multiple uses.


A Bagel Slicer That’ll Totally Change Your Breakfast Game

This guillotine-style bagel slicer makes it easy to cut bagels in half with one simple motion. All you need to do is slide the bagel down into the holding slot and then use the handle of the slicing blade to cut down through the middle of the bagel. The stainless steel blade is coated in a non-stick Xylan for a smooth and effortless slicing motion.

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