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10 Super Useful Outdoor Office Accessories For Another WFH Spring

It’s time to step away from the couch.

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It’s 70 degrees, there’s a nice breeze, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. You’re WFH, so you do what any remote worker is supposed to do on the perfect spring day and work outside. But almost instantly you remember why you spent most of last May tapping at your laptop from bed: you’re squinting to see your computer screen, your battery is at 3% with no outlet in sight, and your co-workers can’t hear a word you’re saying because the damn car alarms across the street are going off again. Back inside you go.

Although many of us have been doing our jobs from home for more than a year, and may continue working remotely post-pandemic, it doesn’t mean we’ve fully mastered the art of staying focused in back-to-back Zoom calls or knowing how to actually relieve tech neck. Thankfully, as we head into our second WFH spring, a ton of genius outdoor office accessories are here to help solve some of the biggest issues around working outside.

Below, you’ll find 10 tech, kitchen, and desk essentials — whether you plan on answering emails from your small balcony or taking Zoom calls in the middle of your backyard directly under the sun.

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The Laptop Shade

With this laptop shade, your computer gets a spring makeover but you reap the real benefits: finally being able to see your screen in sunlight. You’ll be WFTB (working from the beach) in no time.


The Rechargeable Whisk

Working from home means the office cold brew never runs out when springtime hits — unless, you know, you finish it. And with Golde’s Superwhisk, adding cold foam to your favorite iced beverage is no longer a treat you pay extra for at a coffee shop. Handheld and USB-rechargeable, the device lets you froth on the patio, balcony, or wherever your workday takes you.


The Wireless Earbuds

With warm weather here, it’s time for headphones that can actually handle all the elements — including your sweat. Jaybird’s VISTA earbuds are light, waterproof, and, thanks to Bluetooth, easily transition from your work calls to your lunch-break runs.


The Inspirational Notebook

If you’ve been taking notes during work meetings on the back of your credit card statements lying around, it’s time for a spring makeover — namely paper that won’t fly away when you take it to your deck. Try this lined spiral journal by Be Rooted that offers motivation with a dash of warm-weather energy.


The Lap Desk

If your outdoor table is wobbly — or you’re working from the grass in your backyard — this home office lap desk has everything you need to create a stable surface and keep your computer, phone, and mouse in place. Plus, its dual-bolster cushion keeps you cool and conforms to your lap.


The Mini Desk Fan

When you’re craving fresh airflow on a humid day, this portable desk fan offers four speeds — from refreshing wind to turbo mode — and Bluetooth technology, so you can control it from an app. Its low-noise output means you can keep it on during virtual calls for a subtle hair-blowing-in-the-wind moment.


The Leak-Free Water Bottle

Trade your go-to big cup for a Goodee water bottle, co-branded with Miir. With a sweat- and leak-free design, you won’t have to worry about water damage on your tech devices if your outdoor setup is small. Plus, the stainless steel keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, meaning you don’t have to dash inside for ice.


The Portable Power Station

Planning to take things on the road this season? You’ll want this portable power station so you can work from parks, campgrounds, and lakes. It’s got a hefty price tag, but your devices will stay charged all day — and you’ll never have to fight over an extension cord with your partner again.


The Folding Deck Table

If your outside space is small — like a balcony — you can create your own durable desk with this folding deck table that’s easy to assemble, adjustable, and designed to hold 44 pounds.


The Keyboard Cover

Protect your keyboard from the great outdoors — dust, bugs, and those unexpected drops coming from air conditioners — and make sure it looks fashionable in the process with these colorful silicone skins.

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