6 TikTok-Approved Party Themes That Are Anything But Basic

Who said dressing up is for kids?

Party theme ideas from TikTok to use with your friends.
FilippoBacci/E+/Getty Images

Theme parties can be kind of silly, but they can also be pretty amazing. It all depends on the actual theme of the event, though — not everyone is enthusiastically rolling up for an under-the-sea party in 2023. Thankfully, TikTok is filled with tons of unique theme ideas that are sure to get your guests hype. So to make sure your bash is anything but basic, check out these six TikTok-approved party themes.

If the last time you attended a themed party was in elementary school, you might be a little skeptical of the idea at first. But there are tons of ways to cater the concept to your interests and elevate the experience for your squad, like inviting your friends to all dress up as the same celebrity or forcing everyone to where the most random piece of clothing in their closet. White lie parties are making the round as well (because, after all, a little white lie never hurt anybody), and don’t even bother looking up Euphoria-themed parties on TikTok unless you want to be sent down a rabbit hole. Themed parties aren’t just for birthdays, either — from holidays to bachelorettes, the possibilities to transform your event from “been there, done that,” to a festivity that’ll live in friend group infamy forever.

Anything But Clothes

A fully clothed party that doesn’t actually use clothes at all. You wanted an idea that wasn’t basic, and that’s what this is. User @nijaaki and their friends came wrapped in plastic bags, caution tape, and dollar bills — and still made it look fashionable.

Meme Theme

Everyone has a favorite meme, and thanks to this idea from @kelsey.petty, you and your crew can rep the photo, video, or GIF that makes you cry-laugh every time.

What’s Your Red Flag?

It’s time to embrace your own red flags with a red flag-themed party. And if you don’t have any because you’re perfect in every way, you can pull inspo from this video by @liyana_458. Possible outfit ideas include letting people walk all over you, being an enabler, and bending over backward to please others — not that you know anything about that, obviously.

Song Title

What’s your favorite song? Or better yet, what’s your favorite song title? TikTok user @onlyglori and their besties used this song title-themed party as a chance to show off their favorite tune and their style. “Toxic,” “Sk8er Boi,” and “Sky Full of Stars” were all in attendance, and you can get just as creative with your interpretations as they did.

First Letter Of Your Name

Given the wide range of attendees that spanned from beloved characters like Mario and Shrek to everyday people like mimes and lunch ladies, it looks like @c_wilbsfirst-letter-of-your-name party was a success. In case it wasn’t clear, you don’t have to show up as an actual letter — you just have to use the first letter of your first name to help inspire a costume idea.

Different Themes

These ideas have been pretty great and all, but there’s no better theme for a party than all of them. @Puddytart told each of their friends to come dressed as a different theme, resulting in a seriously chaotic 20th birthday bash.