People Are Creating Edible Tide Pod Recipes In Response To The Dangerous Viral Challenge

Sushi, doughnuts, and more.

Tide pods
DebbiSmirnoff/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

The average grocery store has hundreds of edible, non-harmful foods to choose from, so it confused many people when the "Tide Pod challenge," aka videos of teens popping Tide Pods into their mouths and eating them like candy, became an incredibly dangerous viral sensation. Eating laundry pods is unequivocally a bad and dangerous idea, and YouTube is removing the videos in hopes of stopping the trend from spreading. Tide has also tweeted statements saying it doesn't want people eating Tide Pods because, well, duh. But that hasn't stopped people's curiosity — and now, the Tide Pod fad has taken another bizarre turn. Now, people are creating edible Tide Pod-inspired recipes in response to the dangerous challenge.

I have been rooting for 2018, but we are barely a few weeks in and people are eating poisonous laundry pods for YouTube views. If you are tempted to put a Tide Pod anywhere near your mouth, please don't. You could burn your digestive tract, and it could possibly be fatal. The internet is a strange and scary place, so it is not exactly surprising that people have used the Tide Pod challenge as a reason to create edible Tide Pods in cookie, doughnut, and jello form. Here are five Tide Pod lookalikes that are indeed edible, although anything that encourages people to eat something resembling a Tide Pod is getting a side-eye from me.


Tide Pod Sushi

Thanks to Reddit, we now know that Tide Pod sushi exists. According to the original poster, a friend made Tide Pod-themed sushi with carrot, cabbage, and rice paper and gave them permission to share the pictures with the rest of the world. As one Reddit commenter said, "Your friend's commitment to this meme is commendable." I'm not sure if any restaurant will add this to the menu anytime soon, but it did get a lot of attention on the internet.


Tide Pod Doughnuts

Tide Pod doughnuts are also apparently a thing thanks to Hurts Donut Company in Missouri. There is a part of me that's asking, "What have we done to deserve this?" But I have to credit this bakery for taking advantage of what's currently in the headlines and making a Tide Pod replica. They are definitely getting points for creativity.


"Forbidden Treat" Candy

This is as simple as it gets, folks. If you are craving all of the excitement of eating Tide Pods with none of the danger or painful side effects, there is a candy from Public Displays of Confection. It is only described as having "a unique flavor," so there is no word on what it actually tastes like, but it doesn't contain laundry detergent, so that's a plus.


Tide Pod Pizza

I have always said that all pizza is good pizza, but this is causing me to rethink my stance, hard. Even though bread stuffed with cheese and pepperonis is always a good thing, the color of the dyed cheese is throwing me off. Do we really need Tide Pod-inspired pizza? Because I'm guessing the answer is no.

Instead of attempting a dangerous stunt, these people have come up with recipes guaranteed to bring just as much social media attention — although I vote that we just drop Tide Pod talk altogether. Seriously, guys. Don't eat Tide Pods.