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In a world of viral videos and customer review sections, life-changing products can quickly gain popularity. On Amazon, those crowd favorites can sell out just as soon as they are restocked. Which only entices people more, right? You’ll have to snag them quickly because people really want these 48 things that are selling out on Amazon.

It’s no surprise that this list features products with more than four stars and thousands of reviews. Happy customers have flooded the comment sections with rave reviews and experiences — which only brings more popularity. They sell out quickly with good reason since most of these finds solve life’s little annoyances. On this list, you’ll find smart plugs that can be controlled with an app, plastic helpers for beginner chopstick users, a solar-powered external battery, and a high-tech air purifier.

You can feel confident hitting that “Buy Now” button since these products are loved by so many. But you better hurry, they’re flying off the shelves.


A Luxurious Silk Pillowcase That Reviewers Love

This 100% mulberry silk pillowcase is luxurious and practical — and it’s no wonder that everyone wants one. It's smooth and cool to the touch, plus it can help prevent morning bed head and even acne. It has a hidden zipper and can be removed and washed when needed. This soft pillowcase comes in more than 30 colors to match your decor and five sizes that range from toddler to king-size cases, as well as a body pillow size.


This Balance Cushion For A Sitting Ab Workout

Strengthen your core muscles while you’re sitting at your desk with this balance disc. The half-circle cushion forces you to engage your ab and back muscles in order to stay sitting up straight, which also helps improve your posture. Place the disc on any office chair or use it on the floor during your regular workout. It comes in three colors.


These Seat Gap Fillers That Catch Crumbs and Change

The Drop Stop car seat gap filler hooks around your seat belt to stop loose change, phones, or food from falling into the hard-to-reach crack. This Shark Tank product fits most vehicles and each pack comes with two units, a slide-free pad, and an LED credit card light.


A Smart Plug That Uses Wifi To Connect Your Home

This smart home wifi outlet works with Amazon Alexa, Echo, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Home. Plug anything into this outlet and control it using just your voice or the free accompanying Kasa app. You can automatically turn electronics on and off or set appliances and lights on specific schedules to save money (and to have your coffee ready for you when you wake up). Even if you don’t have a smart home hub, you can still use this app-controlled outlet.


The Freezer Container For Portioning Out Cookies

Shoppers love this convenient and clever container that makes the perfect homemade cookies. The plastic tray has hexagon-shaped cups so you can spread out your cookie dough and get perfectly portioned cookies. The slim design is perfecting for stacking in the freezer and the containers are flexible, nonstick, and dishwasher safe. They work for more than just cookies too — use them to portion out sauce, cheese, hors d’oeuvres, and more.


An Electric Water Flosser With Customizable Settings

Most people hate flossing, which is why this electric water flosser can barely stay in stock. The device shoots a stream of water in between teeth and along your gum line to remove food and plaque without pain. Just fill the basin with water and plug the device in. It has two cleaning modes: floss and massage, plus you can control the pressure from 0 to 10. It’s earned nearly 70,000 reviews on Amazon and is rated a best seller among power dental flossers.


A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker For Your Shower

With this waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you can bring your music (or podcast) with you anywhere you go. It has an IPX7 rating, with means it's even submersible in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes — which means it's safe to use in the shower while you brush up on your singing. It also has a 12-hour battery life, and is easily rechargeable using a micro USB cord.


This Vegan Gel That Gives You Natural Full Brows

Get bold brows with this award-winning eyebrow gel that has more than 27,000 reviews. The gel helps to define, fill, and thicken your brows in a natural-looking way. The vegan formula is infused with fibers that mimic the look of hair and it’s smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and lasts up to three days. It’s available in a variety of shades and comes with a double-sided brush for application.


A Versatile, Lightweight Vacuum For Daily Messes

People can’t get enough of this lightweight, yet powerful vacuum that is a stick, hand, and stair vacuum in one. It deep cleans hard floors as well as low pile carpet and countertops. It’s bagless and instead has a .67 liter capacity that’s easy to empty and clean. The corded vacuum comes with a crevice tool and has earned more than 42,000 reviews. Choose among four bold colors like aqua and lime.


This Brown Sugar Scrub To Treat Yourself

People have started to embrace spa days at home and this brown sugar body scrub is flying off the shelves. It can help clear scars, stretch marks, calluses, and even acne. Its 100% natural formula exfoliates and moisturizes simultaneously to reveal more glowing skin. You can use it on your face and body and it works wonders before waxing or shaving. It’s earned more than 5,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating.


An Electric Milk Frother For Custom Lattes

More days at home means more homemade coffees and this electric milk frother takes your morning caffeine to a whole new level. Now you can make custom lattes — just stick the steel whisk into your favorite coffee, matcha, or protein drink, and turn it on. The spinning whisk creates rich, creamy foam from milk or a milk substitute in just a few seconds. To clean it, just rinse it in hot water and let it dry. This one has nearly 22,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.


A Portable Charger With An Affordable Price Tag

Never run out of battery with this portable power bank that’s wildly popular on Amazon (with almost 52,000 reviews). The slim design makes it perfect for keeping in your purse or backpack so you always have a backup charge for your device. It provides an ultra-fast charge and features both micro USB and Type C ports — you can even charge three devices at once. The bank is compatible with all devices and is approved to use on an airplane.


The Toothbrush Holder That Dispenses Toothpaste

This toothbrush holder will keep your brushes clean and even dispense your toothpaste — and reviewers love it. It has slots to hold four toothbrushes in adult and children’s sizes, as well as electric toothbrushes, allowing them to hang dry and keeping them away from dust. It can be mounted to the wall and also has one toothpaste dispenser, as well as a door that closes to conceal the brushes when you’re not using them. It comes with adhesive strips that make installation a breeze.


A Weighted Blanket That Reviewers Say Improves Sleep

This weighted blanket feels like a hug wrapped around you and can help you sleep better, which is why everyone is adding this blanket to their cart. It offers gentle pressure to help you relax and sleep, is made from cotton, and filled with glass beads that never bunch up. The blanket, which has nearly 40,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, comes in weight that range from five to 30 pounds.


This Veggie Slicer With Eight Blades For Different Shapes

This vegetable chopper comes with eight different blades: three chopper blades and five interchangeable blades for slicing, julienne, grating, and shredding. It's made of rust-resistant stainless steel and has a large catch tray so your vegetable scraps stay off the counter. It's easy to disassemble for cleaning and one reviewed noted, “This chopper is simple to use, very affordable, and easy to clean. I wanted a simple, manual chopper that I could use when I didn’t want to drag out my electric food processor (with the dicing attachment) and all of its parts.”


A Plug-In Himalayan Salt Lamp Nightlight

This is no ordinary nightlight — it’s made of natural Himalayan salt to give off a unique glow and can be plugged into any outlet to keep your nightstand clear. This light comes with a 360-degree adjustable pulley plug, a soft light bulb, and a crystal salt cover. Not only does the salt cover add ambiance to any room, but it also releases negative ions to help absorb dust, according to the manufacturer.


A Foam Wedge Pillow To Support Your Neck And Back

This wedge pillow is ultra-comfortable and can help improve common aches and pains. The incline pillow is made of dense memory foam with a removable and washable cover. Sleeping at an incline can help reduce snoring or relieve pain from acid reflux, neck pain, and even allergies, according to the manufacturer — and this pick can also be used as reclining support after surgery, while breastfeeding, or reading.


This African Black Soap That Shoppers Love

People cannot get over how well this African Black Soap works to rejuvenate and clean skin. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and enriched with essential oils, including coconut oil. The natural formula fights acne and can heal dry skin, rashes, dark spots, psoriasis, and even burns. One of its 7,000 reviewers noted, “After the very first use I was amazed at how soft my skin was and a little goes a long way. It's been a week now and not one breakout has occurred and my face is looking very glowy and it looks fine as hell without makeup.”


These Plastic Chopstick Helpers For Beginners

Anyone who wants to learn how to use chopsticks will love these plastic chopstick helpers that keep the set together while you get used to the form. This affordable set comes with 10 plastic connectors that have a place for each chopstick to slide into — tethering them together so you can focus on training your finger muscles. Kids and adults will learn quickly with these little assistants. One reviewer noted, “Work great and allow me to use chopsticks without making a fool of myself. Eating with chopsticks can be fun.”


This Set Of Resistance Bands With 80,000 Reviews

Resistance training is an easy workout to do at home — one that doesn’t require bulky weights that take up space — and that explains why these exercise bands (that cost less than $10) seem to always be out of stock. They can be used for strength training or deep stretching to help you recover from injuries. The colorful pack of five includes a variety of resistance levels from extra-light to extra-heavy. The bands are made of rubber that feels soft on your skin and they come with a convenient carrying bag. This set has earned more than 80,000 reviews.


This Brightening Charcoal Toothpaste

People are swapping their ordinary toothpaste for this activated charcoal toothpaste that whitens your teeth over time. This set comes with two whitening toothpaste twins and a BPA-free toothbrush. The toothpaste is made with coconut oil and activated charcoal from sustainable bamboo. It helps to remove plaque and naturally brighten and polish teeth and has a fresh mint flavor and scent.


A Bluetooth Water Bottle That Reminds You To Hydrate

This is more than just a water bottle; this 22-ounce smart water bottle doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and even reminds you to drink water by glowing. The BPA-free bottle is leakproof and has easy volume controls on the side of the bottle. It comes apart easily to clean and includes a convenient charging cable.


An Odor-Busting Toilet Spray With 32,000 Reviews

This toilet spray has a cult following with more than 32,000 reviews and a 4.7-rating for its odor-busting powers. Unlike other bathroom sprays, you spritz this one into the bowl before you go so it stops odors before they begin. It’s made with essential oils without any harsh chemicals, aerosol, or parabens and it comes in 10 scents like citrus, lavender vanilla, and wild poppy berry.


This Over-The-Shower Head Caddy For Storage

This adjustable shower caddy is the added storage you need in your bathroom. It’s made of rust-resistant steel and has four baskets for storing shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or face wash. It hangs over your shower head and has non-slip collars and durable suction cups that secure the caddy to the wall. The caddy baskets can be adjusted width-wise to accommodate a shower hose.


A Two-Quart Air Fryer With Temperature Control

Air fryers are the trendy new kitchen appliance that makes it easy and fun to cook healthier meals. This fryer’s AirCrisp technology fries food without oil and has a two-quart capacity fryer basket with easy-to-use controls for the temperature and timer. The compact appliance is so versatile and can be used to make chicken, fries, and even baked goods.


The Motion-Activated LED That Lights Up The Toilet

This toilet night light is a snap to install onto your toilet and will guide you in the middle of the night so that there's no need to turn on other bright lights. It has a motion-activated sensor that shuts off only after you leave the room. Adjust it to one of 16 colors (which you can also set on rotation) and five brightness levels.


This Crowd-Favorite Foot Scrubber For The Shower

Clean and massage your feet at the same time with this shower foot scrubber that has more than 10,000 reviews. The non-slip rubber grips to your shower floor to prevent sliding and the gentle bristles clean between your toes and the soles of your feet while helping to remove dead skin and increase blood flow and circulation — and it even comes in four colors. One reviewed cited, “This thing is awesome, and you should get one.”


A Solar-Powered Camping Lantern That’s Compact

As seen on Shark Tank, this camping lantern uses the sun for power so you can always have a backup source of light, whether you’re out in the wilderness or just want a back-up light in case the power goes out at home. The lantern gives off 75 bright lumens of light and even has multiple brightness settings. The lightweight design is inflatable, collapsible, and waterproof — and when the battery is fully charged, it can last up to 24 hours. You can also power it with a micro USB cord, which fully charges the battery in less than two hours.


A Solar-Powered Backup Battery For Camping

This solar-powered backup battery is a camper’s or adventurer’s best friend. You can charge it using a USB, but if it runs out on the trip, just use the sun — it charges using solar power! The charger is equipped with an emergency LED flashlight and two USB ports, so you can charge devices like your phone. It takes about six hours to fully charge. One reviewer noted, ”I just set it on the window or outside on a sunny day, and by the end of the day I have a spare battery that can charge my phone or laptop like 3-4 times and a backup flashlight for any emergency.”


This Shoe Stretch Spray To Break In New Kicks

Avoid the uncomfortable process of breaking in shoes with this innovative shoe stretch spray that softens and stretches even the stiffest shoes. Use it on leather, suede, canvas, linens, nubuck, and linens to make your shoes fit better. Just spray it onto your shoes, put on thick socks, and walk around in the shoes until the liquid dries. And don’t worry — the spray goes on clear and won’t stain or fade your shoes.


A Silicone Mat That Secures Your Phone On The Dash

Keep your hands free while you drive with this silicone car mat for your phone. It sits on your dashboard and secures your device, regardless of the temperature outside, thanks to four sticky gel footprints. It holds phones that measure up to seven inches as well as navigation systems like Garmins. With just one hand, you can lock your phone into place and keep driving. It’s reusable and if it gets dusty or dirty, just wash it off with water.


An Bamboo Cutting Board That Is Also A Server

This bamboo cutting board doubles as a serving plate — it’s that beautiful. It has convenient compartments to keep your ingredients separate or display food, with a groove for catching any juices as you’re chopping and slicing ingredients. It’s made of BPA-free, natural bamboo and has an extra-large 18-by-12.5-inch surface area for cutting multiple things at a time. It even has a handle that makes it easy to store or carry.


The Vacuum-Insulated Travel Tumbler In 14 Colors

Keep your coffee hotter for longer with this vacuum-insulated travel tumbler. The 16-ounce stainless steel cup has a built-in tea-hook for holding tea bags or infusers, plus a lid that locks and won’t spill or leak. It’s easy to clean too — just put it in the top rack of your dishwasher. It’s available in 14 colors so you can snag one for every member of the family.


A Facial Peeling Gel Made From Dead Sea Salt

This facial peeling gel is made with salt from the Dead Sea, which works to exfoliate skin for a smoother complexion. It deep cleans and removes dead skin cells, dirt, and grease, while brightening your complexion and helping to reduce discoloration and reverse dark spots. It’s safe for all types of skin from oily to dry — and the price is hard to beat.


These Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses

Enjoy your favorite bottle of wine without worrying about spills with these unbreakable stemless wine glasses, which come in a pack of four. The 16-ounce glasses are made of shatter-proof Tritan plastic but look just like high-end glass. They’re free from chemicals like BPA’s and come in a convenient and adorable gift box. At the end of the night, wash these heat-resistant cups in the dishwasher.


This Power Inverter For Charging In Your Car

Charge on the go with this car power inverter that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and offers two USB charging ports and a US power socket. The compact device is about the size of a credit card, which makes it easy to travel with. It’s made of durable metal and has a cooling fan to keep it from overheating. It’s also protected with features that prevent overcharging your device and has earned more than 11,000 reviews.


A Colorful Bath Fizzy Set That Moisturizes

Bath lovers can’t get enough of this affordable set of moisturizing bath fizzies. This colorful set of 12 comes in a variety of scents that include lavender, vanilla, strawberry, coconut, mango, rose, and melon. Each one can help relieve and nurture dry skin, while also giving your bath time a fun kick. It even has a cult following, with more than 32,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


An Inverted Umbrella That Won’t Drip On Floors

This inverted umbrella makes it easier to withstand whatever bad weather comes your way. The unique design closes so that the wet part is on the inside, keeping water from dripping all over the floor, you, or your car. It has eight fiberglass ribs that reinforce the umbrella when it’s open, even on the windiest day. And if you get caught in the rain while carrying packages, the single button to open the umbrella will come in handy. It’s available in 23 colors and patterns.


These Absorbent Hair Towels That Come In 10 Colors

These quick-absorbing hair towels are perfect for drying your hair without having to balance a heavy towel on your head. These smaller towels are designed to tie into a turban on your head as you step out of the shower. The microfiber material is super soft and dries hair 10 times faster than an ordinary towel, according to the manufacturer. It’s available in packs of two and in 10 different colors. One of the 25,000 reviewers noted, “These are the absolute BEST if you have long thick hair.”


A Heated Massage Pillow That Relieves Tension

Give yourself the massage you deserve with this shiatsu back and neck messager. It provides a kneading massage and even features heat to loosen tight muscles. You can use it at home, in the car, at the office, and whenever you need a little relaxation. It works well on other parts of your body as well, like your arms, feet, legs, and back.


The Bedside Shelf For Your Laptop

This bedside shelf has gone viral and was featured on news outlets like NBC. It clamps onto bed rails that measure less than 3.1 inches to provide a convenient spot for your laptop, bedtime drink, or charging phone. This shelf can hold up to 15 pounds, as well as a 15-inch laptop. It’s made of oak but finished with a natural bamboo look.


A Pair Of Gel Socks That Moisturize Your Feet

These moisturizing gel socks do more than just keep your feet warm — they moisten and soften dry feet and calluses while you sleep or lounge. The socks are infused with natural oils like grape seed, jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin E. Plus, the cotton and spandex blend socks have silicone grips on the bottom to make walking on slippery surfaces easier.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Collapse

Take your closet back and organize it with these wonder hangers that triple your closet space. The strong durable hangers have slots for hanging two standard hangers, before collapsing down into a vertical position. They can hold up to 30 pounds and are perfect for clothes, linens, jewelry, or scarves. This pack comes with 10 hangers but is available in packs of six, 24, or 50.


An Air Purifier That’s Nearly Silent For Cleaner Air

Whether it's allergens, pet hair, or germs you’re worried about, you can breathe easier knowing your air is so much cleaner with this air purifier. It weighs about four pounds, so you can easily move it from room to room, and reviewers reported that this purifier is super quiet. It removes airborne pollutants by drawing in air through its carbon filters, then uses its internal UV light to kill germs, mold, and bacteria. It will also capture dust, pollen, smoke, odor, and even pet dander to make your home’s air cleaner for you.


A Pore Vacuum That Eliminates Tough Blackheads

Shoppers love this easy-to-use and effective pore vacuum. It using suctioning power to painlessly remove blackheads, oil, grease, and acne, leaving your skin cleaner. It comes with five replaceable working probe heads and has three levels of suction based on your type of skin (dry, neutral, or oily). The rechargeable device comes with a USB cord and conveniently displays the battery life on the LED screen.


This Multitasking Skin Cream Made With Snail Mucus

Made with 92% snail mucus extract, this snail repair cream can help address blemishes while rejuvenating your complexion — and shoppers cannot get enough of it (more than 6,300 of them, to be exact). Because it’s fragrance-free and made without artificial colors or parabens, this "snail slime" is ideal for sensitive skin. One rave review noted, “It has the power of calming down redness, reducing acne, fading hyperpigmentation. I have been using it for only 2 weeks and already see a result.”

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