11 Pieces Of Pet-Friendly Furniture That Won't Break The Bank


If any of your roommates are of the canine or feline variety, you might want to make specific decisions when it comes to decorating your digs, Your pet might want to dig a hole in something to stash a toy — and as much as we love our pets, our couches, and arm chairs and coffee tables are investments we don't want to see bite or claw marks in. Thankfully there are pieces of pet-friendly furniture that won't break the bank or your style. You can have your cute sofa and cute doggo too.

Pets assume plush armchairs are their thrones. They reign over the living room. And when they're done with their outside business, they drag in dirt, fur, and other things that aren't anything you want to nap on top of. But hope is not lost for the cleanliness of your couch — particularly if you choose the right fabrics, designs, and colors to counteract whatever your pet might come at it with. Some of this is going to depend more on what kind of shenanigans your pet likes to get into, but know this: It is possible to live out your Pinterest fantasies. Allow yourself and your pet to rule the kingdom of your home side by side with durable, pet-friendly fabrics and furniture pieces that are still on the affordable side.

Swivel Armchair

Pets nails could pull on looser fabrics, but tight woven fabrics like twill will hold strong when your pet makes this chair their throne.

A Dark Sofa

Darker fabrics will help hiding the dirt your cat drags in. This Black Indigo twill sofa is perfect for snuggles with your giant dog who fancies itself a lap dog.

Side Chair

Don't fear design, or color. Go the way of your Hans Wegner inspired heart. This reproduction of the mid-century Danish designer's famed chairs will make every guest "ooh" and "ahh" over your living room . And the cotton twill fabric will aid against the wear and tear brought on by our lovable pets.

Performance Velvet

Velvet will typically be a no-no with pets. The fabric is considered to be too high maintenance when it comes to care. Allow me to introduce you to ~performance~ velvet. This velvet already appears distressed which helps as your pet decides it needs to curl up on these plush cushions daily. Multiple customer photos reveal their pets sitting proudly and approvingly on this stylish mid-century chair.

Sleeper Sofa

This comfortable, plush sofa looks like a piece of furniture you just want to sink into. It's perfect for a home that welcomes guests constantly considering its utility as a ~sleeper sofa~. Don't worry about the light color. Your dog won't ruin it with their slobber when they bring a treat to lounge. The twill pattern is "cleanable with ordinary household cleaners."

Sectional Sofa

There's a spot for everyone in the family (you, your roommate, and your pet) on this sectional sofa. Cozy up to catch the latest Netflix releases without worrying about, well, anything. The performance fabric works against wear and the slipcover feature means you can remove and clean.

Ottoman Bench

It's not all about sofas and armchairs. Ottomans spruce up a living space with a little something extra. The blue, denim looking material welcomes your pet to perch upon. And the price tag certainly is friendly to bank accounts currently enduring a furniture haul.

Denim Chairs

If you've been into denim ever since Britney and Justin rocked matching head to toe denim outfits to the 2001 American Music Awards, these chairs were made for you. These denim thrones are the perfect matching accent chairs for you and your pet. Plus, denim as a material puts up a tough front against your pet's claws so you won't have to worry about pulls.

Canvas Chair

The good news: Canvas is a famously durable material. So do your worst, pets! The better news: Urban Outfitters offers an interest-free payment plan if you're not comfortable with paying the full price up front.

Butterfly Chair

If you'd prefer to keep your furniture pet-friendly by purchasing furniture that isn't an enticing option to your pet, give the butterfly chair a try. It's comfortable for human lounging, but your pet might not love its design. However, should your cat or dog or iguana (you never know) find their spot on this seat, the distressed performance leather will do its darndest to not fall victim to wear and tear.