The $10 Gadget I’ve Used Daily For 3 Years & Will Never Be Without

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As a 4’11” woman, just about everything on me is small, but my hands especially. As smartphones got bigger and bigger over the years, I found myself struggling to take selfies and type with one hand. I also regularly dropped my phone on my face while scrolling through Reddit in bed. A few years back, I switched from an iPhone to a Google Pixel, and I was thrilled to find that it was offered in a smaller screen size — the Pixel 3a. When my new phone came in the mail, however, I unboxed it, held it, and realized that it was still too big for my small hands. That’s when I finally decided to pull the trigger on a PopSocket, and I’ve never looked back.

If you haven’t heard of PopSockets, they’re basically small, expandable grips that stick onto the back of your phone — or tablet, e-reader, or any other device, really. They come in countless different designs, and they function as both a pop-out handle and a built-in phone stand.

I had gotten ads for PopSockets on social media and had seen the thousands of reviews for them on Amazon, but I still wondered, “How effective could this $10 gadget really be?” My findings: Beyond effective. And after about three years of daily use, I’ve decided that I’ll never be without one again.

Why PopSockets Are The Best Phone Grip

Put simply: My PopSocket is something I use every single day that subtly improves my life.

It allows me to text with greater accuracy and take pictures with improved stability. Since it also props your phone up on a desk, table, or counter, I’m able to watch videos totally hands-free or more easily follow a recipe while cooking. I can now be the person to capture group selfies without too much hassle (even despite my short arms), and when I need to busy my hands while thinking, I pop it in and out like it’s a fidget toy.

I’ve had this PopSocket for three years, and it is still going strong. Seb Saga

These are some of the specific things I love about it:

Versatility: Thanks to its sticky, long-lasting adhesive, you can add a PopSocket to just about any phone, tablet, or case — and in any spot that best fits your hands. It also has two different height levels for use as a grip or a stand, and when you’re done with it, it sits (almost) flat against your phone, so it won’t get in your way while you’re on the move.

Personalization: PopSockets come in countless design options. You can get a clear one, you can get a sparkly one, you can get a floral one made from hand-polished metal, you can get one that’s basically a flat snowglobe, you can get one that’s made from eco-friendly plant-derived materials, or you can get one that opens up into a compact mirror. You can even customize your own on the PopSockets website. (Mine has Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty, and it’s been a conversation starter since day one.) And those are just the classic PopSocket PopGrip designs; the brand also makes cases, MagSafe grips, wallets, and adhesive-free sliding grips.

Durability: This thing has lasted me three years and counting. (I got a new adhesive base when I changed phones, but the swappable top — while the slightest bit faded around the edges — is still holding strong.) The adhesive is shockingly powerful, the materials are tough. The expandable design has withstood countless pops in and out.

Price: A basic PopSocket (like the all-black one) costs roughly $10 — but even the intricate or custom designs are pretty affordable. Most options fall below the $20 mark, which is a worthy investment when you consider how expensive it is to fix a cracked screen.

Reviewer feedback: I’m not the only one who loves these things. On Amazon, the basic PopSocket has nearly 60,000 reviews, an overall 4.6-star rating, and a number-one best-seller status in the cell phone grips category. One reviewer wrote, “Talk about the best design/function combo.” Another raved, “Best thing since sliced bread! I don’t know how I lived without this.” Ditto.

Where can you buy PopSockets?

While PopSockets are available in some tech, housewares, and phone stores, the internet is your best bet if you want to access the widest selection of designs and patterns. (That way, you can find one that truly suits your needs and personality.) You can get PopSockets on the brand’s Amazon store or directly from the website — though I’d recommend the former for fast shipping and the opportunity to check out a lot of reviewer feedback (including real-life pictures).