45 Problems You Thought Would Cost A Ton But Can Be Solved For Under $35

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There are so many everyday problems that I honestly ignore because I don’t have time to search for solutions. There’s a broken strap on my favorite bag, my forever dull kitchen knives, or spending too much on takeout (probably because of my dull knives). But the solutions are out there, and they don’t even cost a ton because they’re all under $35.

So, I finally sat down and took the time to find all of the products on Amazon that solve things like a ripped couch. Yes, there’s a couch repair kit on this list with over 10 colors and even a small spatula. Or what about a clogged drain, small shoes, or a lost wallet? Yup, there’s a drain unclogger, a shoe stretching spray, and a BlueTooth tile for your wallet. Plus, an adhesive fridge alarm that’s probably the easiest solution on this list.

This list tackles 45 problems, so look through and finally start organizing scattered batteries, getting the rust off an old grill, adding more outlets to your home (yay, more spots for chargers), and more. Oh, and for those dull knives and too much takeout? Grab the sectioned meal-prep containers and the knife sharpener that comes with a safety glove.


Problem: Stained Carpets Due To Red Wine Spills

Solution: A Red Wine Stain Remover That Looks Like A Bottle Of Wine

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover looks like a mini wine bottle, so you can even keep it handy on your wine shelf with your other bottles. It’s a non-toxic commercial-grade formula, and it even comes in wipe form so that you can toss them in a bag or purse and have them handy.


Problem: A Clogged Drain

Solution: A Drain Clog Remover With An Easy Twist Design

Spin the top of this extra-long drain clog remover tool to twist up and remove everything. This pack comes with five wands with bristles on the end and one twisty “quick-connect” handle that pops onto each wand easily. Plus, you can keep your hands clean and throw away each wand when you’re done.


Problem: A Ripped Couch

Solution: A Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit With 10 Colors

This vinyl and leather repair kit comes with 10 colors, a spatula, a brush, and a mixing jar to mix up the perfect color match. So many pet owners in the reviews approve of this kit that’s complete with a repair e-book. One reviewer raved, “Completely covered several pet scratches on [the] sofa. Perfect color match right out of the tube.”


Problem: A Hole In Your Wall

Solution: This Mess-Free “Erase A Hole” Putty

This Erase-A-Hole repair putty comes in an easy and squeezable container that’s way less messy than most. It’s resistant to cracking and shrinking, can sit in your cabinet for up to two years, and one reviewer wrote, “This stuff is a miracle for fixing holes in walls.”


Problem: Breaking Your Phone Screen

Solution: A Real Glass Screen Protector with over 198,000 Five-Star Ratings

This phone screen protector has over 198,000 five-star ratings and is made of real HD clarity tempered glass. Plus, it has a special coating to protect against sweat and fingerprints. One reviewer raved, "It has been the best protection for my phone every drop!"


Problem: Cold Weather & A Cold House

Solution: This Waterproof & Wood Safe Window Sealing Tape

This window tape is transparent, watertight, and safe for your wood window frames. It comes with 30 yards for all of your windows, it seals out cold air, and it’s even transparent, so don’t worry — it won’t look like there’s tape on your window.


Problem: Kitchen Knives Getting Dull

Solution: A Three-Step Knife Sharpener With A Safety Glove

This three-step kitchen knife sharpener has a long handle with a curvy design that helps with grip, and it comes with a safety glove that’s cut-resistant. There’s a non-slip rubber base, you can sharpen with your left or right hand, and it has over 13,500 five-star ratings.


Problem: Pants That Are Too Long

Solution: This Iron-On Hemming Tape That Comes In Two Neutral Colors

Grab this roll of $5 permanent tape in neutral white or black to easily hem your pants. Don’t worry — even after hemming, you can still throw your pants in the washing machine. This tape works on most lightweight fabrics, and one reviewer raved, “Easy to work with. Easy to apply. Sure beats taking the time to sew the fabrics together.”


Problem: No Room For A Side Table

Solution: An Expandable & Wipeable Plastic Drink Holder For Your Couch Arm

This couch arm table is made of plastic (way better for spills), but it’s fashioned to look like actual wood. It stretches up to 9-inches, doesn’t need any tools, and it has over 2,500 five-star ratings. One reviewer raved, “Where has this been my whole life!!! Now I’m not digging remotes out of sofa cushions.”


Problem: Decor Pieces Falling Off Shelves

Solution: This Grippy Mounting Putty For Ceramic, Glass, & More

This non-damaging museum putty comes in a cream color, so it blends in with wood shelves or wherever you need it. It’s super grippy and keeps decor pieces made of glass, ceramic, wood, and more in place. One reviewer raved, “I can put anything valuable out and trust that it is safe.”


Problem: Losing Your Keys & Calling The Locksmith

Solution: This Compact Key Finder With An Easy-To-Carry Design

This compact Tile Mate is under $30 and is complete with a spot to loop it wherever you want to carry it — like on your keys or your dog’s collar. It works with the Tile app, comes in five colors, and has over 22,000 five-star ratings, with multiple reviewers calling it “very handy.”


Problem: Spills On Your Mattress

Solution: A Waterproof Mattress Protector That’s Actually Quiet

This 100% waterproof deep pocket mattress protector is cooling, and it’s actually super quiet even if you move around a lot (unlike most). It’s padded with a microfiber filling, and one reviewer raved, “Perfect! Best quality! Soft! Noise-free!” Plus, it has a 360-degree secure elastic band, is machine-washable, and it prevents stains from spills.


Problem: Leaving Appliances On

Solution: This Pack Of Outlet Timers With A Sleek Design

The sleek design of these outlet timers makes them quick to set up without fumbling through instructions and a bunch of settings. Choose from on all the time or the timer setting and simply spin the dial on the front to set your times. They come with two in a pack, and they even work with small appliances.


Problem: Holes & Tears In Your Clothes

Solution: This Portable Sewing Kit

This portable sewing kit comes with everything you need, from scissors and needles, to metal thimbles and thread. It’s great to travel with — especially business travel, where a lost button threatens to set a bad first impression. There are also plenty of crochet tools in here as well.


Problem: Can’t Find The Right Tools

Solution: A Universal Socket Tool With Self-Adjusting Springs

A lot of universal tools come with multiple pieces, but this universal socket tool adjusts to fit bolts, screws, and more all by itself with alloy steel springs. It attaches to your drill, and one reviewer raved, “Works as advertised and will be very useful when you least expect it.”


Problem: A Lost Wallet

Solution: This Slim BlueTooth Wallet Tracker That Tucks Into A Card Slot

Tuck this super slim Tile BlueTooth wallet tracker into a card slot. You can track your wallet if you’ve lost it, there’s a scannable QR code if someone else finds it, it can help you find your phone, and it’s water-resistant in case you lose your wallet in the rain.


Problem: Needing New Makeup Brushes

Solution: An Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner That Spins Your Brush Dry

This automatic brush cleaner lets you use your own face wash or skin-friendly soap, and when you're all finished washing, it spins your brush to dry it. This three-step cleaner comes in black or white, and one reviewer raved, "It's so easy to use, it cleans and dries my brushes in 30 seconds or less, and it does a fantastic job at getting them clean."


Problem: Shoes That Are Too Small

Solution: A Spray To Help You Stretch Your Shoes Out

This boot and shoe stretch spray comes in a single pack or a two-pack, because you’re probably going to want more after spritzing and stretching all of your shoes. The spray is transparent and won’t stain or discolor leather, canvas, suede, and more. Customers trust it so much that they’ve made it a #1 best-seller on Amazon.


Problem: Scratched Floors From Moving Chairs

Solution: A Set Of Stretchy Furniture Sliders That Won’t Budge

The Ruby Sliders are transparent and super stretchy to fit over the legs of your furniture. Plus, because they stretch to fit, they also won’t budge even if you feel like rearranging all of your furniture. The red fabric prevents floor scratches and these protective sliders come in a pack of eight for only $10.


Problem: Leaving The Fridge Door Open

Solution: A Handy Alarm That Sticks To Your Fridge Or Freezer

This fridge and freezer door alarm might be the easiest solution on this list because you simply stick one on each door. It comes in white, black, or faux-stainless steel to match your fridge’s finish. It goes off every minute that the door is ajar, or there’s a loud mode and personalized timing options.


Problem: Needing Hallway Lighting

Solution: This Set Of Mini Motion-Sensored Outlet Lights

With four in a pack, you can even line an extra-long hallway with these mini warm white LED nightlights. They plug into your wall outlet, and they’re complete with a fire-resistant cover. They have on, off, and auto settings, and one reviewer raved, “Now at night, I can see as I walk without turning on lights. Love having my path automatically lit!”


Problem: Not Enough Outlets In The House

Solution: A Six-Outlet Plugin With USB Ports With A Touch Activation Feature

This handy wall charger and nightlight plugin has six outlets and two USB ports, plus a unique touch activation feature. Tap the sun-shaped icon on top to change the brightness of the nightlight and if you want, feel free to plug something into every spot because each charging spot is perfectly spaced out.


Problem: A Broke Purse Strap

Solution: A Durable Replacement Purse Strap With Gold-Tone Accents

Perfect for your favorite bag that you carried up until the strap broke, this adjustable bag strap is a super durable replacement. It has gold-tone accents, the extra-wide canvas won’t dig into your shoulder, and it even comes in over 100 colors and patterns.

Available colors: 107


Problem: Old Tile In The Tub

Solution: A Go-To Grout Pen With Two Tip Sizes To Choose From

Choose from a narrow tip or wide tip for easy application that stays inside the lines with this white grout paint marker. It’s non-toxic and saves you from trying a bunch of cleaning hacks. Plus, each one covers up to 150 feet, and this handy pen that minimizes cleaning time has over 7,000 five-star ratings.


Problem: Not Being Able To Paint/Paper A Rental Property

Solution: This Stick-On Wallpaper That Peels Right Off

This peel-and-stick wallpaper is only $6 and it’s perfect for renters and homeowners alike since it’s a non-permanent solution to home decor. It comes in three lengths, it’s waterproof, and the finish has a chic matte texture.


Problem: Leaving Lights On During Trip

Solution: This Pack Of Smart Light Bulbs With App-Controlled Timers

With this pack of inexpensive smart and voice control light bulbs, you’ll be able to adjust your light timers with an app. If you want, you can even turn all of your lights purple, or orange, or 16 million other color options while you’re on your trip.


Problem: Running Out Of Makeup Product

Solution: Set Of Silicone Spatulas In The Perfect Mini Size

These flexible spatulas are BPA-free and the perfect mini size for makeup bottles. They come in a two- or four-pack, and you can choose from pink, blue, or a colorful pink and purple. One reviewer raved, "I get so much more product out of my bottles now and feel like I'm saving so much money buying products less frequently. Also makes it so much easier to rinse and recycle bottles!"


Problem: Getting Locked Out Of The House

Solution: A Faux-Rock Sneaky Spot For More Than One Key

For under $10, get a sneaky spot to hide your key in this Hide-A-Spare-Key fake rock. It’s weather-proof, made of durable poly-resin, and honestly — it’s just a classic home-security item everyone needs. Plus, the compartment is so large, one reviewer raved, “You could easily fit two keys in here if you wanted to!


Problem: Always Dropping Your Phone

Solution: A Phone Card Holder With A Grippy Handle

This cardholder sticks to your phone like most others, but it also has a unique and grippy handle to hold onto. It comes with six different handle colors and each handle doubles as a phone stand. There's even a protective flap if you're carrying important cards, and it has over 1,500 five-star ratings.


Problem: Your Teeth Have Years Of Stains On Them

Solution: This Easy-To-Use Whitening Kit

Feeling a little worried about your smile? Luckily, there are plenty of good ways to brighten it up, including this whitening kit that comes with an LED light. Made for adult use, the Cali system uses sulfate-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free ingredients, and includes trays that provide both upper and lower bite coverage. Happy customers have noted that it’s also fine on their sensitive teeth.


Problem: Miscalculating Your Cooking Ingredients

Solution: A Magnetic & Well-Designed Conversion Chart

With a water-resistant finish, this magnetic kitchen conversion chart will hold up on your refrigerator. It’s super well-designed and color-coded, so it’s quick and easy to glance at while you cook. Plus, it’s extra-thick, so the magnet won’t give out on you or fall off the fridge.


Problem: Overcooking Meat

Solution: A Simple Three-Second Meat Thermometer

Trust me — this easy three-second LED meat thermometer is a super simple solution to overcooking meat. It’s under $35, it already comes with batteries (always a little win), and it’s waterproof. One reviewer raved, “This one is still by far the simplest and easiest thermometer to use.”


Problem: Needing A Pricey Blowout

Solution: A One-Step Hair Dryer To Style At Home

This one-step hair dryer has over 26,000 five-star ratings, and it doesn’t tangle your hair if you need an inexpensive blowout. It has a lightweight paddle brush design, and also functions as a great styler. One reviewer raved, “This is the best hair product I’ve ever purchased.” You can buy it in black or pink.


Problem: Not Having Outdoor Lighting

Solution: A Set Of Solar-Powered & Zero-Upkeep Lights

If you have an outdoor lighting problem, these weather-proof solar-powered lights are inexpensive, and they don’t give you an extra chore. They come with rechargeable solar batteries and automatically turn on and off, so you don’t have any upkeep to worry about with this 12-pack.


Problem: Having An Old Grill

Solution: A Grill Brush With A Seriously Strong Scraper

You don’t need to replace your old grill with this stainless steel grill brush that has a seriously strong scraper. It’s complete with an extra-long handle, a 360-degree bristle design to help scrub the sides, and multiple reviewers raved that it even scraped off rust.


Problem: Needing To Get Your Nails Done

Solution: This Gel Nail Kit With A USB Port

This gel nail kit that’s free of parabens and more, and it’s complete with a USB-compatible UV light. This three-step kit comes with eight color options, including trendy colors like a fun yellow. Your nails will last for up to 21 days, plus the entire kit is under $15.


Problem: Spending Money On Ordering Food

Solution: These Meal Prep Containers With Entree & Side Dish Sections

These Rubbermaid sectioned meal prep containers are under $15, and they come in a five-pack. Prep and pack an entree, veggies, and all of your sides, and each BPA-free container is even microwave safe. Plus, all of your food won’t run together, and they’re dishwasher and freezer safe.


Problem: Half-Eaten Produce Going Bad

Solution: These Colorful Silicone Produce Huggers With Plenty Of Sizes

This set of four BPA-free produce huggers has all the sizes you need to stretch over your half-eaten veggies. They also come in packs specifically designed for avocados and half-used sticks of butter. So fill your fridge with them (their fun colors are an added perk), and save more produce.


Problem: You’re Always Losing Batteries

Solution: A Waterproof Battery Organizing Case That Looks Nice In Your Closet

Store this hard case battery organizer in your closet instead of a pile of scattered half-opened battery packs. It’s waterproof, has a battery tester, and is even complete with top pockets. Plus, the soft foam organizing compartments are removable, and the entire sleek case is dust-proof.


Problem: Old & Stretched Out Sheets Sliding Off Your Bed

Solution: A Set Of Bed Sheet Clips With An Adjustable Buckle

Each of these adjustable bed sheet clips is complete with plastic protective grippers, so they’re gentle on your sheets and won’t create tears. They come in a four-pack, and one reviewer called them “the best” and even raved, “If you want a tight smooth fitted sheet... get these.”


Problem: Losing Your Luggage

Solution: A Faux Leather Luggage Tag In Over 30 Recognizable Bold Colors

This suitcase tag is classic with its faux-leather fabric, but it comes in 31 bold colors that are super easy to spot. How easy to spot? There’s glittery rose gold, neon options, a fun sunflower option, and more. Plus, it has an extended strap design, so it’s easy to attach.


Problem: Buying New Toiletry Bottles All The Time

Solution: A Bulk Silicone Travel Bottle Set With A Funnel For Refills

This bulk squeezable silicone bottle set has 17 pieces, including toothbrush covers and even a funnel for refills. Plus, if you have thick cream products or liquids, this set has mini containers with leak-proof twist-on lids and two spray bottles. One reviewer even called this set “Practically perfect in every way.”


Problem: Not Enough Room For Plugs

Solution: A Power Strip With An Attached Outlet Cover

This power strip gives you three more spots for chargers but also has an attached outlet cover for a clean and minimalist look. For extra organization, this power strip kit comes with double-sided adhesive strips and adhesive cord clips. Plus, it’s perfect for an outlet that’s tucked behind furniture.


Problem: Not Enough Counter Space In Your Bathroom

Solution: A Wall-Mounted Vanity Kit With Protective Toothbrush Holders

This wall-mounted organizer has a spot for everything that could crowd your vanity, including toothbrush holders, two cups with an anti-bacterial design, a toothpaste dispenser, a drawer, and even a spacious top shelf. Plus, the four toothbrush holders cover and protect the bristles of your toothbrush.


Problem: Caught In The Rain Without A Jacket

Solution: A Rain Jacket In Over 20 Colors That Folds Up

This packable rain jacket in 21 colors folds up and fits into a matching little drawstring carrying tote, so it’s always tucked away in your car or bag. It’s perfect for those without a lot of storage for coats and outerwear. Plus, it has a drawstring hood and waist for super windy days, and one reviewer raved, “This jacket is perfect for rainy, warm days!”

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 21


Problem: Spending Extra On Ingredients

Solution: A Colorful Weekly Meal Planner In Four Adorable Patterns

Choose from a floral, greenery with lemons, or two color-block patterns in this colorful weekly meal planning pad. The pages tear off to take them with you, so you avoid overbuying, and it’s complete with a grocery list section and a daily meal plan section. It comes in four fun designs.

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