Real Estate Brokers Swear By These 44 Tricks To Instantly Make Any Home Look A Lot Better For Cheap

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You don’t have to put strain on your budget in order to make your home look nicer. Small changes, like switching outdated light fixtures with more modern options, can make a huge impact — and that’s just one of the many tricks that real estate brokers use to instantly make any home look nicer.

But if your lights are already looking good, don’t worry — I’ve reached out to a handful of real estate professionals who were more than happy to share their best pieces of advice. For example, replacing tired, scuffed floors can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why broker associate and consumer trends expert, Beatrice de Jong, recommends these vinyl tiles that install just like stickers. “Peel and stick tiles are a fun way to try out a completely different look, and be changed up often without any fear of commitment,” she explains. There are also gorgeous faux plants, long-lasting candles, as well as stylish pieces of wall art — all suggested by professionals who know best.

Even if you’re sticking to a budget, there are still cheap ways to make your home look a lot better — and these real estate brokers have more than a few tricks up their sleeves. Keep scrolling for more.


These Pathway Lights That Are Powered By The Sun

Rebecca Green, a real estate broker for Hasson Company Realtors, recommends using pathway lights to create a chic backyard space — she explains that they “look great during the day as well as the evening and quickly update a front or backyard.” This set in particular even feature built-in solar panels, so there’s no need for any complicated wiring.


An Outdoor Planter That’s Weather Resistant

Green also suggests this square planter. Placing it “at the front door filled with greenery or season flowers makes a big impact on first impressions.” Or, if you choose to put it outside, it’s both weather- as well as fade-resistant.


The Hardwood Cleaner That Lifts Away Stubborn Dirt

Not only does Green say that this spray “does wonders on worn hardwood floors,” but the water-based formula also dries fast without leaving behind any residues. And even though the formula is powerful enough to lift away stubborn grime, it’s Safer Choice-certified.


These Towels Made From 100% Ring-Spun Cotton

Spenser Harvel, a luxury realtor for Rachel Urso Real Estate, says that “crisp, clean, white towels will always elevate the look of a home. They are very affordable and can be bleached, which makes them easy to clean.” This set in particular is even made from 100% ring-spun cotton, giving them an ultra-luxurious feel for an extremely reasonable price.


A Faux Orchid That’s Easy To Take Care Of

Always forgetting to water your plants? Harvel suggests switching over to artificial plants, like this faux orchid. “They require no maintenance and takes a home to the next level,” he explains. “You can use these in the bathrooms, kitchen, or common areas of the home.” And unlike some artificial plants, this one is made with silky leaves that look nearly identical to the real thing.


The Candle That Burns For Up To 100 Hours

Some candles burn so quick that you’re hardly able to enjoy them — that’s why Harvel recommends buying this NEST candle. Not only is it able to burn for up to 100 hours, “but it will also make your house smell fantastic.” Choose from two scents: pumpkin chai or apricot tea.


A Picture Light That’s Easy To Install

“Picture lighting can take an ordinary home to an extraordinary home,” explains Harvel. “Not only will you look sophisticated, but the lighting will also enhance the effect of the art” — so grab this light. It’s battery-operated, which means there’s no need for complicated wiring. Plus, each order comes with screws for easy mounting.


This Cocktail Shaker Set That Comes With A Stand

If your home bar only has liquor bottles on it, Harvel suggests sprucing it up with this cocktail shaker set. “A nice cohesive bar set will is the perfect touch to refine any at-home bar,” he explains. And not only are the pieces in this set mad from stainless steel, but each order also comes with a classy bamboo stand.


These Modern House Numbers For Added Decor

Julie Upton, a realtor with Compass, recommends using these large floating numbers to modernize the outside of your house. She explains that “they make a great statement that draw in buyers” — and each one is even made from high-quality zinc alloy that won’t rust over time.


The Potted Plants That’ll Fit Nearly Anywhere

Think your home could use a little green, but aren’t sure where plants will make the most impact? Upton suggests that you “place green around in strategic locations, like bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops and bedroom dressers” — and these mini potted plants are the perfect size to fit nearly anywhere. Each order comes with three: one rosemary, eucalyptus, and boxwood plant.


An Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit That Won’t Break The Bank

Putting lights underneath your cabinets doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg — that’s why Anastasia Hartmann, a real estate associate with RE/MAX Professionals, recommends this affordable lighting kit. The warm white light casts your kitchen in a cozy glow, while the flexible light strips allow for stress-free installation.


These Cabinet Handles That Upgrade Any Kitchen

Still using the handles that came with the cabinets in your kitchen? Try switching them out with these modern ones. While they may not seem like much, Hartmann explains that “something so little can add so much for the aesthetic and feeling of a kitchen like adding cabinet handles or knobs.” Choose from three finishes: black, brushed brass, or satin nickel.


A Set Of Floating Shelves Shaped Like Hexagons

Got a wall that feels a little too empty? Hartmann also suggests grabbing these floating shelves, “as they can fit just about anywhere.” Each one is made from solid pine — not plastic or particleboard — while the pre-installed hangers make hanging them up a total breeze.


The Pendant Light With An Industrial Touch

Chris McGuire, a realtor and founder of Real Estate Exam Ninja, explains that “lighting can completely change the look of a room; it can make it look more modern, organized, luxurious, and even more spacious.” And not only does this pendant light have a stylish industrial touch, but many reviewers raved about how easy installation is.


These Wall Mirrors That Add Style To Stale Rooms

If your home feels a little stale or impersonal, McGuire says that adding “luxury mirrors and framed pictures is a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your house” — so grab these wall mirrors. The frames are made from MDF wood, while the unique design in the center will have them standing out in any room.


A Stylish Handle Designed To Fit Nearly Any Door

McGuire says that “fancy-looking hardware fixtures are a game-changer when it comes to upgrading spaces like your kitchen and bathrooms” — so swap out your door handles with this stylish one. It’s designed to fit onto nearly any door, and will work with both right- and left-handed doors.


The Cabinet Handles With A Sleek Chrome Finish

If the previous cabinet handles didn’t suit your style, McGuire suggests taking a look at these sleek chrome ones. They’re made from a tough zinc alloy, though each one is still individually wrapped for added protection during shipping. “These are really beautiful in person,” raved one reviewer. “They are solid, heavy and do not feel cheap like many others.”


This Canvas Wall Art That Hides Damaged Walls

Leslie Marie Moseley, a realtor with eXp Realty, is a big fan when it comes to using large pieces of art — like this — to hide damage and dings. “A product I swear by is canvas art to hide unsightly holes in walls,” she explains. “For instance, if a TV is mounted above the fireplace then removed... it's an easy hack to prop wall art above the mantel until the holes are filled."


These Outdoor String Lights For Some Glow On The Patio

Rachel DiSalvo, a real estate broker and design consultant, recommends using these string lights to give your outdoor spaces a refresh. The waterproof bulbs won’t short circuit when the weather takes a turn for the worse — and many reviewers raved about how they give off the “perfect amount” of light.


A Pack Of Decorative Apples That’ll Never Go Bad

Fruit bowls are an easy way to make your kitchen look more inviting — unless the fruit inside is going bad. That’s why DiSalvo suggests using these artificial apples in lieu of real ones. They look just like the real thing even when you’re up close, and each one is made from eco-friendly foam.


This Shower Curtain With A Luxurious Waffle Weave

If your shower curtain is looking a little worse for wear, DiSalvo recommends upgrading to this luxurious one. The waffle weave makes it look way more expensive than it is, and also gives it more weight. The result? It shouldn’t start billowing out while you’re showering.


These Pillows That Help Wick Away Moisture

DiSalvo also suggests these plush pillows if your bedding could use a change-up. They’re made with moisture-wicking material to help keep you dry. Plus, the plush fibers on the inside give you the right amount of support under your head, between your knees, or even on your lower back.


A Comforter Set That Comes With 2 Pillow Shams

Not all comforters come with matching shams — so if you’re looking for an all-in-one package, DiSalvo says that this set is a great pick. Both the comforter and shams are made from brushed microfiber, while the box stitching throughout the comforter helps keep the filling from bunching up.


The Coconut Coir Welcome Mat That’s Easy To Clean

Adding a welcome mat is an easy way to decorate your front door — and this one even comes recommended by DiSalvo. It’s made from heavy-duty coconut coir that latches onto dirt when you scrape your feet, yet allows it to fall off freely when you’re ready to shake it clean.


A Slipcover That Breathes New Life Into Tired Couches

Buying an entirely new couch can cost an arm and a leg, which is why DiSalvo suggests using a slipcover — like this one — to save yourself more than a few dollars. Each order comes with three separate covers: two for cushions, as well as one for the couch frame. Choose from four colors: off-white, black, teal, or chocolate.


This Pillow Cover With A Soft, Quilted Exterior

Looking for pillow covers that are a step above the rest? DiSalvo also suggests this pair of luxuriously soft, quilted covers. Not only are they quilted on both sides, but the zippers are also rustproof so that they’ll easily last for years to come. Choose from three sizes: standard, queen, or king.


A Piece Of Canvas Art That’s Split Into 3

Matt Ward, a realtor at The Matt Ward Group, is a big fan of wall art that’s been separated into multiple pieces. “You can make your home look more beautiful and elegant just by placing split artworks,” he explains — so grab these canvas pieces. They’re ready to hang right out of the box, as each one is already stretched over a wooden frame.


These Geometric Planters You Can Hang On Walls

Ward also suggests using plants to “give your home a fresh and peaceful look.” But if you’re in need of something nicer than a plain flower pot? These geometric planters are a modern-looking alternative — and you can easily hang them up to help save space, or even to create an accent wall.


A Trio Of Succulent Planters Made From Sleek Ceramic

Ward also recommends planting low-maintenance succulents in these cute planters. Each one is made from sleek ceramic — not plastic — and they even have drainage holes on the bottom to help prevent accidental over-watering.


The Set Of Shelves That Fits Into Tight Spaces

The Nolan Wilson Group from Compass recommends making the most of whatever storage space you have — so grab this set of shelves. It’s narrow enough to fit between your washer and dryer, or even in the slim space between your toilet and countertop. Plus, the wheels on the bottom allow it to easily glide back and forth.


A Rainfall Shower Head That Comes In Multiple Finishes

Beatrice de Jong, a broker associate and consumer trends expert for Opendoor, says that “upgrading faucets and shower heads will make a big impact in your bathroom. You can mix metal colors, but try to stick with a similar style for a cohesive look.” Luckily, this rainfall shower head comes in six different finishes to match any style: polished brass, chrome, gold, matte black, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.


These Floating Shelves That Fit Perfectly Above Your Toilet

Got empty wall space over your toilet? Beatrice de Jong recommends using a set of floating shelves — like these ones — for adding style and storage to your bathroom. “Since bathrooms are usually smaller rooms, they are a great place to showcase a small framed picture or use shelves to display unique trinkets, plants, and extra toiletries,” she explains. Plus, each order comes with all the necessary mounting hardware included.


A Sleek Bathroom Faucet To Match Your New Shower Head

If you’ve decided to take the plunge in upgrading all your bathroom fixtures, Beatrice de Jong also suggests this gorgeous faucet. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and comes in three finishes: matte black, brushed gold, or brushed nickel. One reviewer even wrote that it “looks like it costs way more than I paid.”


The Tiles You Can Peel & Stick To Your Floor

Not sure how you want to update your floors? Beatrice de Jong recommends trying out these removable tiles. “Peel and stick tiles are a fun way to try out a completely different look, and be changed up often without any fear of commitment,” she explains. Plus, each one is made from tough vinyl, which helps them hold up against foot traffic.


A Large Basket Made From Cotton Rope

If you need somewhere to stash throw blankets or dirty laundry, this rope basket is an excellent choice. Beatrice de Jong says that “woven baskets are very on trend to store belongings, and are a nice way to add a natural texture throughout your home.” Plus, this one in particular features lined handles so that it’s easy to carry around.


This Indoor Plant That Reviewers Adore

“Indoor plants help freshen the air and can make your home feel more inviting,” explains Beatrice de Jong — and this one is absolutely adored by Amazon shoppers. Many raved about how it arrived in “perfect condition,” as well as how it’s “easy to grow” and requires “low maintenance.”


These Plant Pots That Come In Gorgeously Rich Colors

There’s more than one reason Beatrice de Jong also suggests grabbing these plant pots. Not only do they come in gorgeously rich shades — navy, pink, sapphire, aqua, and more — but they also add a pop of color no matter where you put them. Plus, each one is made from sleek ceramic instead of plastic.


A Bouquet Of Pampas Grass That Adds Texture To Rooms

Need something to put in that vase? Beatrice de Jong suggests filling it with this bouquet of dried pampas grass. It will never shed, nor will it ever begin to decay. And if you ever need to fluff it up a bit? Simply leave it in the sun for a few hours to give it a little extra volume.


The Ultra-Pigmented Paint That Covers Everything

Chase Michels, a real estate consultant with The Michaels Group, recommends using paint as an affordable to put a fresh face on tired interiors. “Painting is the cheapest way to add value to your home,” he explains. “On average, a gallon of paint costs around $25, leaving you plenty of money to buy rollers, tape, drop cloths and brushes.” And since this paint is ultra-pigmented, you’ll likely only need a single coat to achieve maximum coverage.


A Bathroom Vanity Light That’s Easy To Install

A stylish light fixture can make a huge impact — that’s why Michels also suggests swapping out the fixture over your vanity with this rustic one. Each order comes with all the hardware needed to mount it to your wall, and many reviewers even wrote about how it’s “easy to install.”


These Spotlights That Hold Up In Poor Weather

Need a little extra light around the outside of your house? Michels recommends grabbing a box of these spotlights. The built-in solar panels keep them powered without any batteries or wiring needed, and you can even adjust where they’re pointed up to 180 degrees. Choose from two light colors: warm white, or a combination of red, green, and blue.


A Kit That Helps You Refinish Your Tub & Tiles

An old bathroom can cost thousands to renovate — but Joseph James Biscaha P.A., a licensed real estate advisor with Franklin Realty Consultants, recommends buying this affordable refinishing kit instead. It comes with enough material for over 100 square feet of tub and tile. Plus, it only takes about three days before you’re able to safely use the shower again.


A Cable Organizer That Helps Conceal Your Tech Cords

Tom Cafarella, a mortgage broker and founder of Ocean City Development, recommends adding this cable management box to your home. Not only does it help organize your tech cords, but it also helps blend them into your decor (thanks to the wooden design on the container).


Marble Contact Paper That Instantly Upgrades Old Furniture

Cafarella also suggests adding this marble paper to your decor. He says, “This adhesive marble contact paper can freshen up your space in a matter of minutes. Not only that, it looks expensive as well with great aesthetics to suit any style.” Thanks to the adhesive backing, you can apply it to nearly any surface and adjust the size as needed.