TikTok Is Thirsting Over The Savannah Bananas — Here’s Why

Suddenly I like sports.

It feels like every week the internet has a new crush. That’s probably because, well, it kind of is. But I’m not complaining! As someone chronically online, I love to see the niche heartthrobs that pop up all over TikTok and the Savannah Bananas baseball team is the latest group to steal the hearts of people across the internet.

Even if you don’t necessarily follow sports closely, it doesn’t take much to realize why this team is so charming. Founded in 2016, the Savannah Bananas is an “exhibition” baseball team and fans have even said watching a game is more like being at the circus. Think the Harlem Globetrotters but for baseball instead of basketball. They perform choreographed dances, participate in epic scoring celebrations, and have plenty more shticks they use throughout their games — including a breakdancing umpire, banana costumes, and a senior citizen dance squad instead of cheerleaders.

Naturally, the team’s traditions lend themselves to making captivating content with major viral potential and @thesavbananas has over five million followers on TikTok. The account’s bio reads “TikTok’s Favorite Team” and “Fans First, Entertain Always.” And with plenty of their videos consistently racking up millions of views, it’s safe to say they’re entertaining more than just the people watching from the ballpark.

One particular video, posted on March 7, brought the Savannah Bananas to serious sweetheart status across TikTok. The clip, which has 4.6 million likes as of March 24, features a player participating in the “Ceilings Trend” and the hashtag #ceilingstrend has over 107.5 million views on TikTok, so props to their social media team for hopping on the viral bandwagon. The trend features users running dramatically, often changing from a casual outfit to a cascading dress, to the song “ceilings” by Lizzy McAlpine.

The melancholic song includes lyrics like: “But it's over/ Then you're drivin' me home/ And it kinda comes out as I get up to go/ You kiss me in your car/ And it feels like the start of a movie I've seen before/ But it's not real/ And you don't exist,” so clearly, it makes for great background noise to run around theatrically. Once the initial video was posted by @thesavbananas, viewers immediately wanted more.

“If only he was wearing a long flowy yellow dress,” one user wrote. Ask and you shall receive, because three days after their first attempt at the Ceilings Trend, the Banans gave it another shot — this time, with a yellow gown to boot.

Sure, the Savannah Bananas have the agility and good looks of any other professional baseball team, but it’s likely their playfulness and ability to not take themselves too seriously that fans and thirsty TikTok followers especially love. We know it’s hot when guys call you by your last name and can do mental math, but it’s safe to say it’s pretty hot when they do a little dancey dance to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” too. At least, according to my FYP.