35 Genius Secret Santa Gifts For Someone You Don’t Know Very Well

You can’t go wrong with a monogrammed mug.

by Rebecca Deczynski and Lauren Grant
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Secret Santa ideas for someone you don't know very well
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You’re probably familiar with the holiday-tinged dread of being assigned a complete stranger as your secret Santa. While in the past you may have tried your best to find out as much as possible about them, this year you don’t have to stress as much, thanks to these secret Santa ideas for someone you don’t know. Seriously, this list will please pretty much anyone in your office, school, or greater social circle.

The art of secret Santa gifting can be pretty tricky to nail. You don’t want to get your person a gift that no one wants to receive and you want to remain within your budget (inexpensive secret Santa gifts can help). Of course, it does help to know a bit about what your recipient likes — as well as any important allergies or extreme aversions — but you don’t need to be best friends with someone to get them a solid gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Below, you can find options that will help them organize their life, store their toiletries, upgrade their home, and take a moment for some self-care. There’s no need to overthink it before you add to the cart and even if you know you will anyway, these 35 gifts should do the trick with your secret Santa.

1. A Case For Essentials

Everyone likes a nice-smelling home. Gift your secret Santa with this mini essential oils case so they have a space to store all of their favorite scents.

2. Cute Earrings

These textured earrings are perfect for any style and any occasion, so naturally, they're a great gift for your secret Santa.

3. A New Yearly Planner

It’s almost the year of the rabbit. Give your secret Santa the gift of organization with this planner that comes with a storage pouch.

4. 100 Records Cover Book

Even if your recipient isn't a major audiophile, this coffee table book still makes great eye candy. Plus, it might even inspire them to start collecting some vinyls of their own.

5. Decorative Wooden Serving Bowl

Everyone has loose things hanging around their house. These decorative bowls are great whether you're giving lost items a home, using them as a nice centerpiece for your fruit, or anything that springs to mind.

6. Wool Gloves

Available in four colors, these warm wool gloves are a wintertime necessity. And since everyone loses gloves, it's helpful to have a spare pair.

7. Gold Playing Cards

The next time your giftee plays a card-based drinking game, it will be the most lavish drinking game ever.

8. Decorative Coasters

Coasters are a great practical and useful gift. And as an added bonus, these Leopard pattern coasters add a pop of color to any table.

9. Customized Llama Notepad

Who says you can't give something personal to someone you hardly know? Let your gift recipient know just how personal this gift is by customizing it with their name.

10. A New Phone Case

There are lots of iPhone cases to choose from, but this chic Cosmo Wallet iPhone case solves the problem of being cute and efficient.

11. Essential Oils Soap

This cleansing soap is filled with essential oils and herbs. Whether they use it in the bath or at the sink, your secret Santa is in for a refresh.

12. 2022 Wall Calendar

This stylishly minimal calendar is perfect for a bedroom or office space.

13. Office Desk Trays

Chances are, your secret Santa has turned their home into an office after this year. These desk trays will give their space a look that says I mean business.

14. Fancy Chocolate

No matter who your secret Santa is, you won't go wrong with a bar of chocolate. Especially if it's a fancy, pretty one.

15. A Portable Charger

No one's battery ever lasts long enough. A charging hub — for iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watches — is a life-saver at the least.

16. Brainteasers

This set of mazes will keep your recipient entertained, and might even pull some of their attention away from their phone. A brain exercise is always a good idea.

17. A Luxury Candle

Everyone can appreciate a scented candle. And this one, inspired by the secret nightclubs of Harlem in the 1920s, is particularly special.

18. Wireless Earbuds

With a noise-isolating fit, who wouldn't appreciate these headphones?

19. Barr-Co. Hand Cream

Winter wind is tough on everyone. Soothing, nice-smelling hand lotion makes that better.

20. Star Ornaments

This set of three ornaments adds some pretty shimmer to the holiday season.

21. A Bonsai Tree

No green thumb is needed for this kit. Plus, a mini tree makes the perfect desktop companion.

22. The Five-Minute Journal

Give the gift of gratitude with this top-rated journal. With a structured format, your secret Santa only need to spend five minutes a day on it to see positive effects on their mental well-being.

23. A Motivational Water Bottle

We could all use the reminder to stay hydrated. This water bottle will motivate the giftee throughout the day.

24. Llama Shaker Set

There's no shortage of how many salt and pepper shakers one can have. And it doesn't get more adorable than this pair of ceramic llamas.

25. Avocado Socks

If you’ve seen them with avocado toast on their plate in the office or in one of their Instagram stories from brunch, these socks are a no-brainer.

26. Notecard Set

These floral cards by are almost too pretty to send. In that case, they can double as miniature artworks.

27. Floating Wish Papers

The European tradition of wish papers is something your recipient may just start doing herself this New Year's Eve with the help of this sweet gift.

28. Monogram Mug

When in doubt, an initial mug will rarely go wrong. Even if your person doesn't drink coffee or tea, this big mug also makes a great pencil holder.

29. The Game of Mix-up Art

Think of this book as the stress-relieving adult version of your favorite interactive children's books.

30. A Nourishing Face Mask

Who doesn't enjoy a little pampering? Made with edible superfoods, this purifying face mask is the ultimate treat.

31. Handmade Coaster

This unique handmade fruit coaster will make a statement in any decor style and you can choose between cherry, apple, grapes, and strawberry.

32. A Coffee Press

If you at least know your recipient is a coffee drinker, this chic one's a safe — and much appreciated — bet.

33. A Gift To Get Through Cold Season

You know how everyone always feels icky when the seasons change? This gift will help nip that in the bud.

34. Easy-To-Use Skincare

Everyone’s skin deserves some extra hydration during the brisk months.

35. Board Game

That person you always talk to about the daily Wordle needs this party game version of the phenomenon.

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