September 2020 Horoscope: Aquarius Zodiac Signs

Let others advocate for you this month.

by Astrologer Six

Your September 2020 Horoscope For Aquarius

Enjoy the last of Saturn retrograde in your house of self, Aquarius. Saturn retrograde taught you significant lessons about how others perceive you, as well as your subconscious inclinations. On September 2, Mercury, the planet of communication, in Virgo will make a trine to Saturn in Capricorn. This transit could feel intense for you, seeing as it may challenge your narrative. Expect to spend the next few days after that unpacking your feelings around intimacy. I recommend tracking your dreams by writing them down in a journal and keeping tabs on any recurring dreams or themes that come up. On September 29, Saturn finally turns direct, releasing you from feeling “anchored.” Use the rest of your year wisely, Aquarius — you’re still unpacking lessons and there’s every reason to take your time!

What September 2020 Has In Store For Aquarius’ Relationships

The ruler of your house of relationships is in the careful and devoted Virgo this month. September will be all about shining a light on intimacy and sharing with the people you’re closest to. It’s easy for you to dedicate yourself to so many fights and movements, but the Sun in Virgo is reminding you that you need to let others advocate for you, too. With Venus entering Leo within your house of close relationships on September 6, you’re likely to see exceptional developments within your partnerships. Venus rules over love and beauty and in Leo, there’s a universal call to action for you to try something different with your hair. September is a month of creation and pizazz, Aquarius — don’t miss out on the fun!

Tarot Card of the Month

The Lovers: We all have choices to make, however yours could be regarding a love connection that could change your life.