Here's Your September 2020 Horoscope, Taurus

Now isn’t the time to shut down your feelings.

by Astrologer Six

Your September 2020 Horoscope For Taurus

September kicks off with the Moon in Pisces, creating feelings of sentimentality and potentially bringing up feelings that you haven’t unpacked. Now isn’t the time to shut down your feelings, even if you can’t express yourself. You have to learn how to be a strong leader, especially with Aries in Chiron shining brightly in your house of subconscious and dreams. You’re being asked to take a deeper look at who you are — your future self loses out when you don’t take the reins over your life. On September 6, Venus, the ruler of your house of self, enters proud and creative Leo. Now is the time to love out loud, which includes prioritizing self-love. When the Moon in Gemini conjuncts the North Node of fate within your house of possessions, you will begin recognizing what’s missing from your space. A Gemini Moon suggests that leaning into your conversation skills and curiosity could result in destined financial opportunities if you’re able to see outside of your own personal narrative.

What September 2020 Has In Store For Taurean’s Relationships

Try not to lose your cool on September 9, especially when both Mars is the ruler of your house of relationships, and Lilith will be turning retrograde. Mars will be retrograde in Aries for the next few months, which can feel a bit foreign to you — with your house of relationships being in Scorpio, that is. Scorpios crave a deep intimacy, they want to know they have a ride-or-die, partner! While that’s not too different from what Aries wants, Mars in Aries will highlight more of your needs to directly charge after the things you want. Within reason, you should be transparent with people. Try not to overthink relationships, because you might just end up holding yourself back. It’s understandable that you don’t want to be taken advantage of, however, through reflection you’ll be able to have deeper relationships — even if that means holding yourself accountable for your past.

Tarot Card of the Month For Taurus

Seven of Pentacles: You’re working for something that requires a lot of patience and sacrifice, but slow and steady growth can give you desired results.