Here's Your September 2020 Horoscope, Pisces

Be open to wherever your hard work takes you.

by Astrologer Six
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Your September 2020 Horoscope For Pisces

Just keep swimming, Pisces! That Jupiter retrograde was no joke, and it’s amazing that you were able to keep your head above water that whole time. Neptune and the Moon are in Pisces within your house of self during September 1. Be open to writing, drawing, singing, or any other artistic expressions. On September 12, your ruler Jupiter will turn direct within your house of career. It seems like summer is truly coming to an end, and with it, endless lessons and memories will be reflected upon. Take careful notes about your 5-year-plan, and be open to wherever your hard work takes you. You’ll be pleasantly delighted when you recognize all that you’ve set yourself up for. It’s time to step into your greatness, Pisces, one step at a time!

What September 2020 Has In Store For Pisces’ Relationships

On September 5, Mercury, the planet of communications and messages, will enter your house of intimacy within Libra. This energy might make you feel like you’re flirting with danger, especially because there are so many ways to express intimacy. On September 9, the Sun in Virgo within your house of relationships will trine Jupiter in Capricorn within your house of community and aspirations. This is the time to take initiative toward your goals. Sharing your dreams and personal endeavors can feel like a vulnerable task — and that’s exactly why it’s worth exploring. Rally up your closest friends and host a dream-boarding session or a game night, as you’ll be surprised what can come out of natural conversation.

Tarot Card of the Month

Four of Swords: Focus on resting, relaxing, and recovering, Pisces. There is no need to rush.

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