Sick Of Your Home? Here Are 46 Cheap Upgrades That Can Totally Transform Your Place

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There comes a point when, even after all the effort you’ve put into it, you fall out of love with the way your home looks. Maybe that sofa shaped like a giant pair of lips just doesn’t seem fresh to you anymore, or maybe you’ve adopted a dog and suddenly the all-white minimalist look doesn’t look so clean. If you’re sick of your home for whatever reason, I’m here for you, with cheap home upgrades that will completely transform any space.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is truly having a moment, and this list includes a couple of different riffs on this easy-to-nail trend. This marble style paper is perfect for countertops and backsplashes, while this this geometric design adds a fresh and modern element to accent walls. The best part? You can remove the paper without damage or residue any time you want to switch things up.

Lighting also makes a huge difference in the way any space looks. Start with these smart bulbs that give you access to 16 million colors as well as traditional warm white, then set them on schedules, so that they’re always on by the time you return home at night.

When you’re tired of your surroundings, making big changes can seem expensive and overwhelming, but this list is chock full of inexpensive home solutions that will instantly transform your space on the cheap.


The Peel & Stick Marble That Looks So Real

Real marble countertops are expensive, but this peel-and-stick paper looks incredibly realistic and makes it possible to transform kitchen and bathroom surfaces into lookalikes at a fraction of the price. Installation is quick and easy, and if you make a mistake, it’s totally forgiving — simply reposition it as needed. It’s available in four widths, and is also great for renters in search of some personalization for their space.


These Cabinet Pulls That Instantly Upgrade Any Piece Of Furniture

One pro tip for a quick and cheap upgrade is swapping out the hardware on your furniture and fixtures. This small change can make a huge difference, and these cabinet pulls are a great place to start. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they have a warm and inviting brushed brass finish and come with the screws you’ll need for installation. Available in a variety of sizes, you can redo your entire kitchen or bathroom for an inexpensive and impactful transformation.

  • Available sizes: 14


The Garage Door Accents That Install With Magnets

Give your garage door some personality with the rich, traditional look of a carriage house, thanks to these magnetic accessories that attach as easily as if you were sticking magnets onto a refrigerator. The sturdy pieces are designed to withstand all kinds of weather, and since they’re UV-resistant, they won’t fade over time.


A Faux Fur Throw That Adds Warmth To Any Room

This cozy throw adds texture to your decor while also giving you something warm to wrap up in when it gets chilly. Made from plush microfiber with a fluffy sherpa backing, it has a mottled pattern and is available in six colors. This throw won’t pill or shed, and reviewers have noted it washes beautifully.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 6


The Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Gives You A Ton Of Design Flexibility

Peel-and-stick wallpaper allows you to create an accent wall with minimal effort, and should you ever decide to switch things up again, it’s easy to peel off and won’t leave any damage or residue behind. The geometric design of this wallpaper offers a fresh, modern look that comes in three colors. Reviewers haver reported it’s “super easy” to apply and that it “looks so good.”


The Hotel-Quality Satin Sheets That Are Easy On The Wallet

For a budget-friendly price, these satin sheets will give your bed the feel of an upscale hotel. Satin is naturally temperature-regulating to keep you cool all night long, and the slippery surface is also gentler on hair and skin than cotton or microfiber (no more pillow creases or hair breakage). Available in 14 colors, the bottom sheet features deep pockets to ensure that it stays put on your bed.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 14


These Smart Bulbs That Give You Total Lighting Customization

One thing I’ve learned from watching hours of HGTV is the difference that lighting can make, and these smart bulbs give you lots of customization options. They offer literally 16 million RGB color combinations in addition to warm white, and you can also dim the brightness and “set scenes.” Plus, with the compatible app, you can control everything from your smartphone, or use voice commands if you have an Alexa or Google Home device.


The Smart Plugs That Automate Your Home For Less

Turn your house into a well-oiled machine with these smart plugs that let you monitor energy usage and set schedules for appliances, lights, and electronics. They can be operated with an app, and they’re also compatible with Alexa and Google Home if you want to use voice commands. With these plugs, you can come home to a more inviting environment when your lights are turned on and Jeopardy is already playing on the TV.


These TV Backlights That Turn Your Living Room Into A Home Theater

These LED TV backlights turns any night of watching television into a real home theater experience. You can set them to sync with music or sound effects, and use the remote control or compatible phone app to toggle between colors, set timers, and adjust the brightness. Also ideal for lighting bookshelves, the set comes with ultra-strong 3M adhesive tape for easy installation.


A Box That Disguises Your Power Strip & Cables

We all have so many electronic devices these days — computers, smartphones, TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, and the like — and they all have to plug in at some point to get powered up. When all those cords are making a snarled mess in your living room or home office, reach for this cable management box. An easy way to streamline things, it houses a power strip and has multiple cutouts for power cords.


This Tablet Stand That Can Also Be Mounted

This versatile tablet stand can be mounted to a wall or the underside of a cabinet, or you can simply use the built-in tripod to set it up on your desk. The hinged design means you can pull it close for a better view, and the rotating clamp lets you view the screen in landscape or portrait mode. This ultra-versatile piece even folds up compactly when you’re not using it.


These Curtain Tiebacks That Secure With Magnets

These curtain tiebacks are a big step up from slap-dash ties and so much more reliable. The braided rope ties have two pearl-covered magnets at each end that secure together to hold your curtains. Available in three colors — gold, gray, and pink — they’re a quick and easy upgrade since you don’t have to install hooks or use hardware.


The Window Privacy Film With A Cool Stained Glass Look

Turn any window in your home into a piece of art with this colorful privacy film. With a cool mosaic look, the film uses static cling to adhere to windows, so you can remove it in seconds, and the translucent design allows sunlight to filter in, but still preserves privacy.

  • Available sizes: 10


A Fluffy Rug That Adds Texture To Any Space

Few individual pieces of decor can do as much as an area rug can, providing warmth, texture, and dimension to any space. This soft, fluffy shag rug has a spongey mid-layer that your feet will love sinking into, and the anti-slip backing ensures it won’t slide around on the floor. Plus, it comes in neutrals like charcoal and beige, as well as fun brights like purple and red.

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Available colors: 15


This Socket With A Built-In Shelf & Night Light

Designed to plug right into your wall, this surge-protected outlet extender gives you six AC outlets plus two USB charging ports. The unique thing, however, is the fact that it’s topped with a shelf that’s perfect for smart home assistants, picture frames, or holding your phone while it charges. Just as good, it has a built-in night light that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.


The Toothbrush Holder That Gets Your Whole Bathroom Organized

Along with space for four toothbrushes, this wall-mounted bathroom organizer features an automatic toothpaste dispenser that squeezes out just the right amount, plus two cups for rinsing. But that’s not all — there’s also a storage tray on top of the unit that’s ideal for shaving supplies, lotions, and hair brushes. A great way to clear up counter clutter, it installs quickly and easily with the included ultra-strong adhesive.


A Mini Air Purifier That Takes Up Minimal Space

Keeping the air clean is just part of keeping house these days, and this pluggable air purifier is the perfect way to do it if you’re short on space. Not only does it cut down on airborne germs with the help of UV-C light, but it eliminates odors and reduces pollen, pet dander, mold, and other irritants. Its small footprint makes it ideal for even the tiniest rooms, and the powerful UV-C light needs to be replaced only once a year.


These Self-Watering Planters That Give Anyone A Green Thumb

Made with special built-in reservoirs, these planters offer a consistent supply of water while also ensuring your plants aren’t overwatered. They’re ideal for hesitant gardeners, taking the guesswork out of growing plants and making it possible to grow anything from herbs to African violets with very little effort. Plus, you can go on vacation for up to a week, knowing your plants can take care of themselves.


The Kit That Makes Wood Furniture Look Like New

Make furniture scratches, scuffs, and water marks disappear with this wood repair kit that makes surfaces look like new again. The crayons and markers come in a wide range of shades to match every type of wood from maple to mahogany, and using them is as simple as coloring. They’re versatile, too — put them to work on doorframes and wood trim.


This Peel & Stick Subway Tile That Gives You A Classic Backsplash

Designed for use in high-humidity and high-heat areas like kitchens and bathrooms, this peel-and-stick subway tile offers an instant design upgrade without any expensive professional installation needed. The durable material resists stains and wipes down easily, and won’t yellow over time. Available in six colors, it goes on quickly and stays put, and can be removed as needed with the use of a hairdryer.

  • Available colors: 6


The Showerhead That Saves Water & Filters Impurities

Up the water pressure in your shower — and save water at the same time — with this showerhead that uses a denser pattern of smaller nozzles to deliver a more satisfying showering experience. The showerhead has three settings — rainfall, massage, and jet — and the filtering stones in the transparent handle remove impurities and soften hard water for a bathing experience that’s gentler on skin and hair.


These Motion-Sensor Lights That Add Illumination Anywhere

These dimmable light bars let you add illumination just about anywhere, whether that’s in dark hallways, closets, or under your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They’re even equipped with a motion-sensor mode, so they’ll only turn on when you need the light. Available in warm and cool white options, they come with adhesive strips for easy mounting, or you can attach them magnetically to any metal surface.


This Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Sauna-Worthy

Crafted from renewable bamboo, this bath mat has the luxury feel of a sauna, thanks to its clean lines and warm color. The lattice-like mat drains water off the surface, allowing air to circulate, and the nonslip bottom keeps it planted on the floor. It’s germ-resistant, flexible, and can even be rolled up for compact storage when not in use — although it looks so good, you’ll never want to put it away.


A Device That Boosts Your Wi-Fi Coverage

For better internet coverage all over your house, this Wi-Fi extender is a must-have. It boosts your Wi-Fi coverage up to 1,200 square feet, so you can work, Zoom, stream your favorite shows, game, and much more, all without buffering or slow loading times. Universally compatible with standard routers and gateways, it takes minutes to set up and connect.


The Cloth That Makes Water Marks Vanish

Water marks on furniture used to mean you’d have to get the piece professionally restored, but not anymore. This water ring remover cloth makes it possible to buff out marks in just minutes with a little elbow grease. The reusable cloth can also get rid of heat rings, haze, and other wood damage, and reviewers have written it “works like magic.”


This Lamp That Lets You Take The Moon Inside

Truly a one-of-a-kind highlight for any room, this cordless moon lamp was made with 3-D modeling based on actual topographic mapping of the moon. Warmth- and brightness-adjustable, it charges via USB, and will shine for up to eight hours before needing to be plugged in again. This moon makes a great night light, but it’s also perfect as the start of a truly epic tablescape.

  • Available sizes: 4


A Stylish Way To Store & Display Knives

This wall-mounted knife holder replaces your knife block, which gives you just a bit more space back on your counter, but it’s also just a great way to give your kitchen a Cordon Bleu-style vibe. The sleek holder features built-in magnets that keep your knives on display and within easy reach. Also durable enough to hold tools in the garage, it installs quickly with the included screws and adhesive.


This Smart Dimmer That Works With Lights & Ceiling Fans

Make any light fixture 100% dimmable with this smart light dimmer switch. Compatible with dimmable LED and incandescent bulbs — as well as ceiling fans — it works in concert with Alexa or Google Home for hands-free voice control. The compatible app makes operation easy, and you can even set schedules for totally effortless use.


A Dreamy Cloud That Holds Keys With Magnets

Small whimsical touches like this cloud-shaped key holder can go a long way in perking up your space, and it’ll also make your mornings lets frustrating since you won’t spend precious minutes searching for your keys. It has three powerful built-in magnets that instantly secure keys, and can hold nearly a half-pound of weight.


An Adjustable Desk Lamp With Built-In Storage

Add some lighting to your WFH setup and clear up clutter while you’re at it with this desk lamp that has a built-in stand for your phone and two compartments for pens and other supplies. The lamp has a touch sensor that lets you adjust between three brightness levels and warm, cool, and neutral lighting. Plus, the flexible neck makes it easy to aim illumination exactly where you need it.


The Bidet Attachment That Makes Your Bathroom More European

Even if you’re not traveling, you can get the feel of a European hotel with this bidet attachment. A great way to reduce toilet paper use, it has two water pressure modes and a nozzle guard that keeps everything hygienic and clean. Plus, reviewers say it’s super easy to install, so you can have a luxe bathroom in no time.


This Solar Water Feature That Works With Ponds & Birdbaths

With this floating water feature, you can turn any birdbath, pool, or koi pond into a fountain. Thanks to the solar panels, there’s no electricity or wiring required, and the four nozzles allow you to switch up the spray pattern any time you like. Plus, the upgraded design ensures the feature stays right in the middle of a birdbath, without veering off to the side.


An Electronic Cabinet Lock To Keep Valuables Safe

If you have valuables you want to keep safely hidden away at home, this electronic cabinet lock is a great way to do it — and it works with any wooden cabinet door. The lock can be operated by USB or battery, and it comes with all the hardware necessary for installation. To unlock, simply wave the compatible RFID card after programming, and you’ll have instant access.


The Magnetic Screen Door You Can Install Yourself

With this magnetic screen door, you can enjoy a cool breeze flowing in from outside, without having to deal with any mosquitos or other insects flying in. A Velcro-like strap lets you hang it to any door measuring 38 by 83 inches, and the magnets all along the opening mean you can enter and exit, and have it close up right behind you.


These Toilet Night Lights With A Gentle Glow

Nothing will harsh your mellow quite like wandering to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then turning on the bright overhead light. Install these toilet night lights instead. They have motion sensors that automatically turn the lights on when they detect activity, and the subtle glow won’t jar you out of your sleepy state. You can even toggle between multiple colors, like blue, green, and purple.


Some Vanity Lights To Brighten Your Mirror

Add some Hollywood glamour to your bathroom or vanity with these LED mirror lights that simply adhere to the perimeter with sticky backing. The lights can be trimmed to fit, so they fit mirrors of all sizes, and there’s no wiring necessary — just plug them in. They’re brightness-adjustable so you can get bright illumination or just a subtle glow.


A Wall-Mounted Phone Holder That’s Totally Waterproof

This wall-mounted phone holder is waterproof, which means you can take it in the shower and sing along to your favorite songs, but it’s also great for protecting your phone from splatter and moisture when you’re using it to follow a recipe in the kitchen. The hinged design makes it easy to place your phone, and the window is touch screen-sensitive and fog-resistant.


The Smart Scale With 13 Body Composition Data Points

This fan-favorite smart scale has earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after 200,000 reviews, and it’s easy to understand why. It syncs to your phone and offers helpful info that goes way beyond how many pounds you weigh. For example, the app offers 13 body composition measurements, like bone mass, body water, and metabolic age. It’s surprisingly budget-friendly and a great way to get a little more insight into what’s going on inside your body.


The Cool Alarm Clock That Also Displays Temperature & Humidity

Step into the future with this digital alarm clock with a display that shows not only the time, but the temperature and humidity level, too. The display is dimmable, and you can toggle between 12- and 24-hour time as well as Fahrenheit and Celsius settings. The best part? Despite its high-tech functionality, it has a design-savvy exterior that comes in four wood shades: yellow, brown, white, and gray.


An Over-Sink Dish Rack That Rolls Up For Storage

Short on counter space? Use this over-the-sink dish rack that allows glasses and plates to drip dry directly into the drain below. It’s a great way to get some real estate back on your counter (especially during meal prep), and it can also be used to rinse produce. When you’re all done using it, you can roll it up and store it in a cupboard and out of the way.


This White Noise Machine With 20 Relaxing Sounds

Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating after 24,000 reviews, this white noise machine is buyer-approved for getting a good night’s sleep. Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the volume-adjustable machine offers 20 relaxing sounds to send you off into dreamland, like rainfall, ocean waves, and a crackling campfire. You can also opt for a standard fan noise, and set the machine on one of five timers.


The Blackout Curtains That Block Light & Reduce Your Energy Bill

Blackout curtains are one of the unsung heroes of upgrading your home. Not only do they block out sunlight and streetlights so you can get restful sleep, but the three-layer design also provides thermal insulation; that means you’ll save money on your energy bill, since you’ll lose less heating and air conditioning through your windows. This pair of curtains comes highly rated, and you can choose from a range of sizes and colors.

  • Available sizes: 10
  • Available colors: 18


An Automatic Soap Dispenser That’s Way More Hygienic

When you touch your soap pump with germy hands, you’re likely to transfer germs to the pump itself (sigh). Avoid that situation with this touchless soap dispenser that automatically doles out soap when the infrared sensor detects motion. It’s battery-operated, and you can adjust just how much soap is dispensed each time. It’s great for the bathroom, and especially helpful in the kitchen to prevent cross-contamination.


This Rolling Cart That Fits Into Tight Spaces

There are endless uses for this rolling cart that’s narrow enough to fit into the tightest of spaces. Use it in the living room as a side table, in your home office for work supplies, in the bathroom for toiletries, the laundry room for detergent... you get the picture. Made from sturdy steel, it has chic, industrial vibe and measures just 8.6 inches across.


A Drawer & Shelf Liner That Keeps Items In Place

Opening and closing drawers can send the interior contents flying, but this drawer liner is a great way to keep things secure and organized. Perfect for dresser drawers, desk drawers, cabinets, and even shoe racks, the nonslip liner can be trimmed to fit any size space. Plus, it comes in several color options, so you can go for something subtle like gray, or add a pop of color with hot pink or turquoise.

  • Available colors: 5


This Rack That Gets Cleaning & Gardening Tools Off The Ground

If your brooms, mops, and rakes are falling over all the time — whether they’re in you’re utility closet or the garage — it’s time to make a major life upgrade in the form of this wall-mounted holder. Surprisingly wallet-friendly, it features clamps that automatically adjust to hold up to five cleaning tools, along with hooks for cloths, hats, and dustpans.