I Slept On Silvi’s Anti-Acne Silver Pillowcase — & We Need To Talk About It

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As someone who has struggled with acne for the better part of her life, I’ve tried nearly every solution. Expensive dermatologist appointments, over-the-counter retinoids, chemical peels, spa facials, you name it. So when I hear about a new anti-acne product on the market, I’m immediately curious. Imagine my surprise when reading that Silvi’s anti-acne silk pillowcase is designed with silver in the material, for antimicrobial and anti-bacterial benefits. I had to try it.

Do Silk Pillowcases Help With Acne?

While many dermatologists warn that the frequency with which you wash your pillowcase is the key to fighting acne, silk pillowcases have long been held up as the peak linen in regards both luxury and skin and hair health. Since it is less absorbent than many fabrics and smooth on your skin, many skin care experts recommend them as a fantastic purchase for acne sufferers.

What Makes Silvi’s Silk Pillowcase Different From Other Silk Pillowcases?

What really sets Silvi’s silk pillowcase apart when compared to others on the market is their SilvTech™ fabric. This fabric is infused with silver ions to eliminate 99.7% of bacteria on the surface of your pillowcase, so you can actually go longer without washing it. Since many silk pillowcases (Silvi’s included) need to hang dry, this is a huge benefit. You can go nearly 14 days between washes with this pillowcase, and it’s also machine washable on the delicate cycle of your washer.

Silvi Silk Pillowcase Reviews From Other Users

After years of acne struggles, I’ve become a little bit of a cynic about anti-acne recommendations. But the reviews of Silvi’s silver pillowcase are rave. One reviewer says, “The pillowcase is beautiful, very soft and cool to sleep on. While my acne hasn't completely gone, I have noticed a reduction in redness and oil on my face after [three] weeks of use.” And, if words weren’t enough, the before and after photos from their customers are a strong vote in their favor.

Some reviewers go as far as to insist these are a must-buy for anyone with acne. One fan says, “Another very [skeptical] buyer, and originally thought it was unnecessary as I wash my normal pillowcases regularly, but these are a god send. I’ve had them for over a week and so far no new breakouts when I wake up (which is rare for me). They are also a beautiful fabric and super comfortable.”

My First Impressions Of Silvi’s Silk Pillowcase

I’ve tried quite a few silk pillowcases in my day, and the first thing I noticed when I unboxed Silvi’s silk pillowcase was the thoughtful construction. Their 22-momme silk fabric is made with 6A fibers, which is the highest grade given to silk fibers in a linen. Most silk pillowcases range from 19 to 25 mommes, and a 22-momme silk is a great middle-ground that saves you money but still feels luxurious and soft.

After sleeping on this pillowcase, I can attest to the feel of Silvi’s silk. I’ve tried a number of silk pillowcases of higher momme weight and price tag, and this is as luxurious as a pillowcase twice its price. The pillowcase also comes in two sizes, seven different colors, and even has a zipper that makes it easier to close and keeps your pillow in place while you sleep.

While any claim of acne-clearing would be hard to singularly attribute, I’m inclined to recommend this pillowcase. It has every feature you’d want when looking for the best pillowcase for acne-prone skin, and even takes the design to another level with the silver ions. And, in regards to feel and construction, there’s little to want here. It’s durable, soft, and sleeps like a dream.

Caring For Silvi’s Silk Pillowcase

As someone who has found pricier silk pillowcases hard to care for, I really appreciate how easy this one is to wash. I know I’ll be reaching for this silk pillowcase every time I change my linens. So for my fellow acne-prone people, the Silvi pillowcase is a great swap to make in your lifestyle. They even offer a 100-night trial for you to try it out which, considering that many people who have tried Silvi have seen improvement in 30 days, is so exciting to see.

The Verdict

I can’t wait to see the results of sleeping on this pillowcase as I continue to use it. And if, like me, you feel like you’ve tried everything to appease your acne-prone skin, this anti-acne pillowcase might be a swap worth making.

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