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These 15 Things Will Make Your Tiny Space Feel So Much Bigger

Furniture that doubles as storage? Check.

A couple decorating a small room using products to maximize space

As cozy as they are, small spaces call for some extra TLC. You can give your home this extra care by purchasing one-and-done items — think statement full-length mirrors and multi-use storage — that maximize your floor plan and allow for the occasional dance party with minimal damage to the surrounding furniture.

Thankfully, some of TikTok’s favorite professional organizers also have tips to help make small apartments feel bigger by focusing on tidiness and overall order. Allie Shaw, a Toronto-based organizer who works with clients to declutter their homes, thinks strategic storage is a must. “Where you store things can help, especially in small, tight spaces,” she tells Bustle. She also encourages people to start with a foundation of identifying how often they reach for certain items and utilizing multipurpose storage to consolidate essentials while creating more open space.

Whether you’re giving your humble abode a full-on makeover or just going for subtle adjustments, these items and hands-on tips will make your space look way bigger than it did before.

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A Storage Ottoman To Hold Throw Blankets

Combining decor and practical use is a great way to save space. As Shaw suggests, smart storage is the way to go for a more open feel in your apartment since you can hold items that you reach for regularly, like throw blankets. Not only do they discreetly store just about anything that would otherwise cause your home to look more stuffy, but they also serve as a footrest or additional seating.

A Basket Ottoman For Decor & Storage

If you’re in the market for compact coffee tables and don’t want a full-sized piece of furniture, this woven storage ottoman is another piece of multipurpose gold. Structured to hold up the books you’re currently reading and even a potted plant on top, this woven basket is decor and storage with its large-capacity center fit for blankets and other belongings.

A K-Cup Storage Drawer To Maximize Counter Space

Shaw also encourages keeping your items close to their “place of performance,” and storing them at eye level so you don’t have to reach too far for them. For daily-use gadgets like your coffee maker, Shaw suggests keeping coffee pods in a slim drawer unit just below the machine. Creating a set station like this can make a world of difference in maximizing kitchen counter space and opening up a room.

A Full-Length Mirror That Leans On The Wall

Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors. Oregon-based professional organizers Stetson Sundin and Margaret Sundin-McCann of Everything Envy, an organizing service, are superfans of utilizing full-length ones in small spaces. The mother-daughter duo tells Bustle, “Think vertically to help draw the eye up. This can be withstanding mirrors, tall bookcases, and hanging your curtains closer to the ceilings.”

A slim mirror that takes up minimal room but is large enough to take up a quarter of a wall is more than ideal for creating a space that appears open. Amazon shoppers love this one for its solid frame and wide array of size options. “I was extremely pleased with the style, sturdiness, and size of this mirror,” one reviewer wrote.

Circle Wall Mirrors To Open Up Rooms

If a full-size mirror is a bit of a reach, Margaret and Stetson also recommend mounting a set of circle mirrors on the wall to make your place look more spacious. You can display them anywhere you see fit, but they work especially well in entryways for an instant illusion of depth as soon as you enter. These Hearth & Hand with Magnolia mirrors are a favorite for their sleek finish and keyhole for effortless hanging.

A Decorative Wooden Ladder To Make Your Space Look Taller

Honoring the rule of thinking vertically, using ladders for decor is another sage tip from the Everything Envy team. This decorative wooden ladder is many things — one of them being an artsy way to display blankets and another being a subtle touch of neutral color to brighten up the place.

An Adjustable Bookcase For Maximizing Storage

As per the tall bookcase recommendation, this adjustable five-tier bookcase is just the thing to show off everything from your favorite novels to sentimental tchotchkes. This translates to less mess, more open space, and the look of taller ceilings, all while serving a much-needed storage function.

Floating Wall Shelves That Free Up Tabletops

Another way to create a spacious impression is to implement floating shelves throughout the apartment. Shelves free up your tabletops and add extra dimension without taking up too much prime real estate. These rustic shelves have a well-earned spot on the Amazon’s Choice list for their sturdiness and lightweight aesthetic. One reviewer gushed, “These shelves are easy to install and look great. You have so many options with them, including flipping the brackets up or down, connecting two or more and using the brackets in the middle as bookends, and customizing them. They hold a lot of weight with confidence.”

A Narrow Console Table To Open Up A Tight Entryway

Even though it’s a passing point, the entryway is the first thing someone sees when they walk into your apartment. Make it breathable and functional by intentionally designing the space to hold your keys and coat while also leaving enough walking room. As Stetson tells Bustle, “Creating a little space for an entryway or dressing area can make the apartment feel like you have more rooms because you have more surfaces within one space.”

Size is crucial here, especially in tight areas. Luckily, this narrow console table is on point for accomplishing what the Everything Envy duo suggests. Sleek and durable, think of it as both a warm welcome home and a place for your essentials.

Large Potted Plants To Brighten Up Your Room

Plants play a vital role in any living space, but especially in smaller apartments. Bringing life and freshness to any home, they also provide a pop of natural color that completes the room and can make it seem vaster without actually taking up too much room.

Margaret and Stetson suggest going for taller plants, as this contributes to drawing the eyes up and creating a loftier visual. This Bird of Paradise plant is an option that adds some serious lushness.

A Neutral Planter To Elevate Your Space

If you’re going to become a plant parent, you’ll definitely need a raised, neutral-colored planter. This Adobe Rattan number does the job by lifting up your plants to stand tall and make a statement in any fun-sized space. Plus, there are several size and tier options to choose from so you can get creative with it.

Foldable Storage Bags You Can Keep Under Your Bed

Clutter is the enemy when it comes to the art of making a small apartment look and feel larger. Lydia Amerson and Hannah Ian from Georgia-based home organizing service Stored Simply have a few tips for clearing up any area and making extra storage out of not-so-obvious places.

“An easy way to avoid the cluttered look is to use non-see-through bins to hold your items,” Amerson tells Bustle. “By containing your things in covered bins, you’re able to see less and create a sense of cleanliness in your space.”

Make use of the gap underneath your bed with these foldable fabric bags that are high-capacity, ultra-breathable, and still compact enough to fit seamlessly in your space. No one’s going to know.

A Tiered Lazy Susan To Maximize Your Corners

When it comes to corners, the Stored Simply duo recommends capitalizing on them to make the most of the room you have in an organized way. “Corners can often be overlooked as useful space, but in small spaces, it’s important to use every inch you can,” Ian tells Bustle. “To maximize use of a corner, a Lazy Susan is your best friend. These turntables allow easy access to items that may otherwise get lost in deep corners.”

This two-tier turntable is the perfect home for your spices, matcha, and any other regularly used seasoning that needs to be on clear display. If countertop condiments aren’t your thing, you can also use this as in-cabinet storage.

Stackable Drawer Trays To Organize Small Items

While drawers are concealed, organizing trays are a go-to for mitigating mess from the outside in. Jacksonville-based professional organizer Kayleen Kelly is a major proponent of clearing the clutter to clear your mind. Turns out, adding built-in storage to drawers with trays and tiered organizers is one way to make your apartment feel bigger.

This organizer tray from The Container Store comes in several sizes so you can structure it however you see fit, and each one is built to fit well with its counterparts. Give your remotes, pens, and other coffee table whatsits a home so your visible space is completely clear.

Pull-Out Cabinet Organizers To Store Seasonings

Kelly also recommends utilizing vertical space under the cabinets by using stackable containers or pull-out drawers. This two-tier basket organizer is a strong contender, built to seamlessly slide out and store your seasonings in style so you have more room on the counter to chef it up. Amazon buyers have also raved about this product, giving it a solid 4.6 stars.

“I live in a small condo, so maximizing space is important to me. This item totally fit the bill for what I needed!” one reviewer wrote.


Allie Shaw, professional organizer and certified organizational specialist

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