18 Products For People Who Live In Small Spaces

At some point in our lives, we all live in a really tiny, small, cramped, ridiculously inconvenient apartment. For me, that was back in college, when the bathroom was just big enough to pee in and literally nothing else. Once the tiny home trend caught on, people were like, "Okay, let's make this work." Now, many of us are living in small spaces... by choice. Regardless of your situation, if you're working with a tiny house or apartment, these 18 products for people who live in small spaces will not only make it easier to neatly store all your stuff, but they'll optimize what little space you have to work with, so it feels less like you're living in a can of sardines.

It's hard not to feel claustrophobic in a small home. There's stuff everywhere. You can't scratch your butt without knocking something over. You have to sacrifice things you normally wouldn't. ("Well, I guess I don't really need a single chair to sit on.") No more.

These days, you can find all sorts of tiny home products that are functional, efficient, and even pretty to look out. Get creative, make smart use of your space, and check out these 18 items.

1Drop-Leaf Table

Ingatorp Drop-Leaf Table, White


This cute table is ideal, because it's small enough for even the tiniest of kitchens, but if you have the room and want to entertain guests, just expand the ends and it's like you've got a brand new table. How efficient!

2Storage Rack

Erin Wall Mounted Storage Rack


When you live in tight quarters, it helps to think up, not out. You don't have a ton of surface area to use, so think about the space above your head. This vertical storage rack makes good use of wall space without really taking up much room.

3Towel Rack

Folded Towel Rack


While we're on the subject of storage racks, this towel rack isn't a bad idea either. Towels typically end up taking up valuable space in closets and cabinets. Use your room more efficiently and keep them folded and stored in a wall rack.

4Over-The-Door Clothes Hamper

Laundry Nook Door-Hanging Laundry Hamper with Stainless Steel Hooks (Blue)


If your home has left you with so little space that you don't even know where to put your dirty clothes hamper, this over-the-door hamper will solve all your problems. It's one less thing taking up room on your floor.

5Cabinet Door Hanger

Spectrum Diversified Grid Tall Hair Styling Station, Over the Cabinet Door, Satin Nickel


Are you noticing a pattern here? Hanging stuff over the door is a creative and efficient way to utilize space if you live in a small home. While this hanging rack is shown in a bathroom setting, it'd also be put to good use under the kitchen sink.

6Shower Curtain With Pockets

MAYTEX Quick Dry Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain or Liner, Bath/Shower Organizer, Clear


You know what really hurts my feelings? Showers that don't have enough space to line up all your bottles and soaps along the edge. However, if you live someplace tiny, this is often space that has been sacrificed. Worry not, because this shower curtain comes with pockets.

7Magnetic Spice Rack

YAMAZAKI home 2410 Plate Magnetic Spice Rack, White


Spice racks are nice and all, aside from the space they take up. If you have no space to spare, this rack hangs out on the side of your fridge, so you get to organize your jars without taking up much-needed room. A win-win!

8Over-The-Door Ironing Board

Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board


Not having enough room for an ironing board stinks, but having wrinkly clothes is worse. Neither one is a problem with this ironing board that fits over the door. When you need to smooth out some wrinkles, just expand the board down and get to work. Easy.

9A Tiny Humidifier

LED Humidifier Gohome Mini Humidifier


Even if you live in a small space, the air inside can get ridiculously dry. We all know a dry home can wreak havoc on your nose, throat, and eyes. This mini humidifier can go just about anywhere, and — let's be honest — look at how darn cute it is.

10Multipurpose Breakfast Appliance

Elite Cuisine EBK-200B Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Center, Black


Have you ever wanted toast, eggs, and coffee in the morning but can't because you don't have the space for all the stuff to cook it? You're going to love this three-in-one appliance that includes a frying griddle, toaster oven, and coffee maker.

11Under-The-Shelf Storage Rack

2 Pack - SimpleHouseware Under Shelf Basket, White


Over the door, inside the cabinet, on the side of the fridge — what other random places can you use to store stuff? How about under a shelf? When you get a little creative, you find all sorts of ways to make use of the limited space in a small home. These racks can be used for just about anything — kitchen supplies, paperwork, hand towels, and beyond.

12Bed Shelf

Bamboo Bunk Bed Shelf

Bed Bath & Beyond

Night tables are awesome... except when you don't have the space for one. This bed shelf is meant for top bunk beds, but it attaches to the frame or end rails, so you can use it on just about any bed. It holds up to 25 pounds and takes up just a wee bit of space.

13Multifunctional Ottoman

Filbert Multifunctional Ottoman/ Twin Guest Bed


Okay so, if you're really tight on space, I mean *really* tight, forget buying a regular bed and opt for this ottoman that unfolds into a bed. What will science think of next?

14Ottoman With Extra Storage

Safavieh Tanisha Beige Shoe Storage Ottoman


This ottoman houses an amazing secret: when you open it up, it'll hold your shoes. No one will ever know. Best piece of furniture ever? Possibly. Possibly.

153-In-1 Table

Industrial Storage Pop-Up Coffee Table

West Elm

Is it a coffee table? Is it storage? Is it a desk? It's all three! One piece of furniture, multiple uses. It's music to the ears of a person who has a teeny, tiny home.

16Foldable Grater

HappierChef Stainless Steel Grater Zester - Two-Fold Collapsible Rust Resistant Sharp Blade Shredder


Let's be honest: at least once in our lives, we've all uttered the words, "Gosh, I wish I had more room for a cheese grater in here." Now, you do! This one collapses so it's flat, making for easy storage. You're going to whip up so much cheesy goodness in your kitchen.

17Over-The-Faucet Tray

Over the Faucet Shelf Trays White/Chrome - Zenna Home


Counter space is stupendous, but in tiny houses and apartments, it's just not a thing. This cute shelving unit fits over the faucet, so you have a place for your soap, razor, and other necessities. Remember: think up, not out!

18Tabletop Fireplace

Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit


Nothing makes a home more cozy quite like a fireplace. If you don't have one, now you can. This tabletop fireplace is portable and can be used inside and outside. Time to roast some mallows.