So Many People Make These 40 Dumb Mistakes Around The House

Live and learn — and find your easy solutions here.

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If you’re someone who’s made an avoidable mistake around the house, rest assured that you’re not alone. Housework is work, and it’s not always intuitive. Accidents, mishaps, and mistakes happen. Thankfully, there are a number of products and practices available to help us through and offer us solutions.

Some of these errors are obvious (scratched furnished, water rings, and broken wine glasses, for example), while some are more subtle (disappointing coffee or cluttered cabinets), though in every case, a potential solution awaits. And the best part? The key to many of these fixes is an easy purchase that’s just a click away.


Mistake: Missing Key Spots When Dusting

Solution: A Microfiber Duster That’s Super Versatile

Feather dusters have come a long way since those old-school feather versions. Case in point is this microfiber duster that’s bendable, extendable, and washable. The head itself offers 18 inches of surface to clean with, and pole goes from 40 to 55 inches in a snap, allowing you to reach behind furniture, up to corners, and even under the fridge.


Mistake: Not Optimizing Prime Storage Space

Solution: These Under-The-Bed Organizers With Transparent Lids

Store seasonal clothes, blankets, coats and more with these under-the-bed storage bags. They’re practical, versatile, and they’re a great way to utilize empty space — if you don’t need them under your bed, consider them for those upper closet shelves. The transparent zip lids give you a clear view of contents, too. Choose from three colors (black, grey, and brown).


Mistake: Relying Solely On An Electric Dryer To Dry Clothes

Solution: A Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack That Pops Up When You Need It

Not only does this best-selling collapsible clothes drying rack cut down on energy usage, but it’s also gentler on clothes, too. When fully expanded, you have 24 feet of clothesline that’s strong enough to hold your heaviest sweaters. When it’s not in use, it folds down to just 3 inches wide. Other styles are available too, in case you prefer a different size or design.


Mistake: Letting Minerals Build Up In Coffee Makers

Solution: Regular Descaling With A Targeted Solution

Three bottles, or roughly a year’s supply of this descaling solution, means roughly a year with a clean coffee maker. Not a bad deal, right? It works with most major home brands, and promises to be five times more effective than classic vinegar. It’s also a cinch to use, with a pre-measured line on each bottle.


Mistake: Cluttering Up Your Space With Cords & Wires

Solution: A Sleek & Subtle USB Outlet Extender

If you have power strips or charging cords snaking around your home, you should know that there’s a better way. This outlet extender fits right over your — you guessed it — wall outlet, and offers five electrical sockets and four USB ports (including one C sized).


Mistake: Using Disposable Plastic Straws

Solution: A Set Of Reusable Silicone Straws

If you cringe a little every time you find yourself tossing out a plastic straw, then you might want to sit down for this one. These silicone straws are durable, reusable, and colorful to boot. They’re sized for 20-ounce tumblers, so you can enjoy every last drop of your favorite drink without feeling guilty about the waste left behind.


Mistake: Relying Only On Overhead Lighting

Solution: Installing Easy LED Lights In Helpful Spots

These LED puck lights are versatile enough for any corner of your home — including cabinets, closets, or cupboards. Use the included remote to control them and enjoy settings like dimming and brightening. They’re also a cinch to install and come with both adhesive tape and screws. The set even includes batteries, too.


Mistake: Letting Grease & Grime Collect On Your Grill

Solution: Regular Cleaning & Scraping With A Grill Brush

Keep this 18-inch grill brush and scraper on hand for easy clean-ups both pre- and post-barbecue. The edge features a scraper, and the stainless steel bristles won’t scratch your grill — not to mention they’re rust-resistant, too. Use it comfortably with porcelain, stainless steel, or cast iron grills.


Mistake: Storing Bulky Items In Ways That Take Up Tons Of Space

Solution: A Set Of Vacuum-Sealing Storage Bags & A Hand Pump

No more fighting to cram that comforter into the back of your closet — these vacuum storage bags help you compress bulky blankets, clothes, towels, and more for easy storage in between uses. They come in sets of two, six, or 10 bags, and there are four sizes available (and a variety pack, too).


Mistake: Trying To Freehand When Cutting Treats

Solution: A Round Wood Cutting Board With Slice Grooves

Use this round wood cutting board for perfect and precise slices of pies, cakes, pizza, and more. It has a 13.5-inch diameter and it’s reversible, too; one side has grooves for eight even slices while the other is plain and perfect for charcuterie and other edible displays.


Mistake: Attempting To Make Cold Brew Just By Chilling Hot Coffee

Solution: A Cold Brew System That Makes Delicious, Smooth Coffee

While it’s tempting to pop that extra brewed coffee into the fridge to enjoy later, it will pale in comparison to the cold brew you make with the right equipment. This cold brew maker holds up to 47 ounces of your favorite beverage, and features a glass carafe and fine mesh filter. It even comes with a scoop and funnel for easy filling, too.


Mistake: Letting Carefully Cooked Food Sit On Hot Pans

Solution: These Clever Cooling Racks With Smartly Spaced Wires

This pair of stainless steel cooling racks is a smart and simple addition to your kitchen. Use them during cooking to help juices drip, or have them ready to transfer cookies and other treats that are hot and fresh from the oven. They’re dishwasher-safe, too, so clean-up is a breeze.


Mistake: Breaking Glassware During Storage

Solution: These Sectioned Boxes That Are Sized For Wine Glasses

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that wine glasses can be awkward to store. Few options are as easy and convenient as an actual wineglass box like this one. It has 12 slots, comes with a matching lid, and features transparent sides so you can keep an eye on your precious cargo.


Mistake: Cluttering Up Your Closet With Low-Quality Hangers

Solution: A Set Of Velvet Hangers That Keep Clothes Secure & Streamlined

Imagine your closet with all clothes facing the same direction and without any straps or sleeves slipping. The dream could be your reality with these velvet hangers. The softly textured material and indents helps even the most delicate spaghetti straps stay in place. Even better, they come in eight colors, so you can match your decor, color-coordinate your wardrobe, or both.


Mistake: Winging Your Measurements When Making Coffee

Solution: A Digital Coffee Scale That Gets It Right Every Time

Did you know you can measure coffee grounds by weight? Use this digital coffee scale to make your favorite drinks with the precision of a professional. It’s compact and convenient, and doubles as a regular kitchen scale, so you can use it when baking and cooking, too.


Mistake: Wasting Water & Time By Re-Washing Dishes

Solution: Keeping Track Of Chores With Easy Labels

When you have this reversible magnet, you’ll never again have to guess the status of that full dishwasher. With one side clearly labeled “clean,” and the other labeled — you guessed it — “dirty” you’ll be able to save housemates, family members, and your future self the trouble of wondering. Two color schemes are available, both of which feature a charming farmhouse chic font.


Mistake: Letting Loose Cords Create Chaos & Clutter

Solution: A Sleek & Smart Charging Station Dock That Keeps You Organized

Charging cords are a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them control your space. This clever charging station has sleek compartments to keep devices organized, and it comes with seven short cables that suit a variety of devices and brands. Choose between 4- and 6-port designs, and black or silver colors.


Mistake: Spending Money On Expensive & Fragile Glassware That Doesn’t Get Used

Solution: Opting For Practical, Plastic Versions Instead

As elegant as glass champagne flutes are, they’re simply not practical. Enter these plastic Champagne flutes which have a similar look to the real thing, but are much more durable — they’re even shatterproof, in case any toasting gets a bit too rambunctious. They come in a set of 24, and they’re reusable.


Mistake: Forgetting To Change Charcoal In Your Coffee Maker

Solution: Keeping A Supply Of Spare Filters On Hand

While it’s nice as it is to fill a coffee maker and forget about it in between uses, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance. Keep a spare 12-pack of charcoal water filters on hand for use with your Cuisinart machines, and you can go literally years without having to replenish your supply — one filter lasts for roughly 60 days or uses.


Mistake: Keeping Shoes Loose & Likely To Get Lost

Solution: An Easy Organizer That Keeps Pairs Together

Each of these under-the-bed shoe organizers holds 12 pairs of adult shoes (or four pairs of boots, if you opt for that design). With a transparent lid, sturdy zipper, and durable handles on two sides of each holder, they’re easy to slide out from under your bed for quick access.


Mistake: Storing Oil & Vinegar In Their Original Packages

Solution: An Elegant Pair Of Glass Dispensers

Not only will this set of glass oil and vinegar dispensers look chic on your kitchen counter, but it’ll allow you to make more precise pours, keep track of your supply, and filter spices and sediment (if you’re using any infused oils). Measurements are even printed on the side for convenience, too.


Mistake: Trying To Use Shirt Hangers For Pants

Solution: Tiered Pants Hangers That Keep Pants Wrinkle-Free & Save Space

It happens to all of us — storing pants over the bottom bar of a hanger just leads them to slip off and end up in a wrinkled mess on the floor. Enter these tiered pants hangers that room for four pairs of pants, shorts, or skirts. They’ll save you space and keep your clothes in pristine shape. Choose a set of three or six.


Mistake: Not Keeping Furniture Safe & Secure

Solution: Gripper Pads That Keep Furniture In Place

These furniture gripper pads slide underneath the legs of tables, chairs, couches, beds and more, to keep them in place on hard floors. The best part? They work without glue or adhesive. They’re also easy to cut for a custom fit, and come in packs of four, eight, or 12 gripper pads.


Mistake: Failing To Protect Your Mattress From Stains Or Spills

Solution: A Simple & Sleek Mattress Protector To Extend Its Lifespan

If you’ve worked from your bed and spilled your coffee (ahem), or you simply want to prevent such a tragedy, then you’ll understand the important of a mattress protector. It prevents fluids, sweat, bacteria, and dust mites from reaching your mattress and ensuring it stays in tip-top shape for as long as possible. It comes in Twin through California King sizes.


Mistake: Keeping Plain, Boring Light Bulbs In Fixtures

Solution: Updating For Smart Light Bulbs That Give You More Options

These smart light bulbs give you more choices for setting the mood than you ever thought possible. Enjoy color changing capabilities, timer settings, dimming features, voice activation, and more. Not only that, you can control settings from your phone, offering added security benefits and customization options.


Mistake: Relying On Old, Loud, Or Smelly Bug Traps

Solution: Upgrading To A More Efficient Version

The only thing worse than a fly zooming around your home is the jarring buzz of a bug zapper. This indoor insect trap attracts and catches pests quietly and subtly, using a UV light to lure them and a silent glue strip to trap them. It comes with replacement glue boards, so you’ll be set for weeks.


Mistake: Eating Or Serving Undercooked Food

Solution: Using A Meat Thermometer To Ensure Safety

Improperly cooked food is not only unappetizing, it can be dangerous, too. This super simple, super efficient meat thermometer gives you an accurate reading of your food’s temperature, so you can be confident in its preparation. Recommend temperatures are even printed on the outside, so you’ll never forget.


Mistake: Throwing Out Spoiled Food That Wasn’t Stored Properly

Solution: These Transparent, Glass Food Containers With Matching Lids

No more guesswork when it comes to the contents of your fridge — these glass food storage containers are crystal clear, and they have snug leakproof lids so they’re great for on the go snacks and meals too. They’re also super durable and safe to use in your fridge, freezer, microwave, and oven.


Mistake: Replacing Furniture That Just Has A Few Scratches

Solution: A Furniture Repair Kit That Will Have Pieces Looking Like New Again

Instead of buying new furniture after mild or minimal damage, check out this wood furniture repair kit. With six markers and six crayon-shaped wax sticks in natural-looking wood tones, plus a sharpener, you’ll have everything you need for easy touch-ups. If you can color, you can handle this clever set.


Mistake: Losing Track Of Groceries In A Cluttered Fridge

Solution: Transparent Organizer Bins That Help You Keep It Neat & Tidy

No more reaching behind tall bottles of soda and gallons of milk to look for the salsa. These transparent refrigerator organizer bins come in multiple sizes and combinations so you can design the fridge of your dreams. What’s more, they’re designed with built-in handles so they’re easy to adjust and move for refills and redesigns.


Mistake: Relying On Expensive Updates To Refresh Your Grout

Solution: A Paint Pen That Covers Up Stains & Wear

If your grout is looking a little tired and worn, and merely cleaning it is no longer getting the job done, then a grout pen may be your new favorite tool. Simply draw over dirty or discolored grout, and enjoy the look (but not the expense) of new. It’s available in narrow- and wide-tipped pen options, so you can plan according to your needs.


Mistake: Hiring An Expensive Professional For Small Wall Fixes

Solution: Small & Subtle DIY Projects With Hole Repair Putty

No need to be intimidated by minor wall damage or small holes thanks to this 3M repair spackle. It’s designed for holes up to 3 inches in diameter, and allows for quick and easy fixes. The reviews are full of buyers singing its praises and noting both how well it works and how fast it dries.


Mistake: Using Blankets That Don’t Keep You Cool Or Comfortable

Solution: A Cooling Blanket That Promises A Better Night Of Sleep

If you wake up sticky or sweaty, considering swapping your old bedding for this comfy cooling blanket. It’s lightweight, breathable, and two-sided with a 100% cotton layer and a layer of cooling fabric made with ARC-chill technology. Choose between three sizes, and seven versatile colors.


Mistake: Buying Pricey Breakfast Sandwiches When You’re On The Go

Solution: Preparing Your Own For A Fraction Of The Price

With this breakfast sandwich maker at home, you’ll find it easy to resist the temptation to skip breakfast or grab it on the go. It simultaneously prepares multiple sandwich layers, so you can have a delicious meal in minutes. It comes in a handful of fun colors so you can match decor or go with a favorite (dibs on mint).


Mistake: Stocking Up On Expensive Single-Use Coffee Pods

Solution: Refilling A Reusable Pod With You Favorite Coffee Grounds

If your favorite local coffee isn’t available in K-cup form, or you want to reduce waste, or both, these reusable coffee pod cups are for you. Choose between black or purple, and sets of six or nine. The best part? They’re dishwasher-safe, so it’s easy to wash them in between uses.


Mistake: Overlooking Organization In Cabinets & Cupboards

Solution: A Set Of Shelf Risers That Give You More Space

This steel shelf organizer almost feels like inventing space out of thin air — it requires no tools or installation, and simply needs to be placed inside the cabinet or on the shelf you intend to use it. Use each shelf separately, or keep them together for a single, expandable surface. Four colors are available (bronze, pink, silver, and white).


Mistake: Overlooking An Easy Way To Handle Doors That You Want To Prop (Or Block)

Solution: These Easy & Affordable Door Stoppers

Whether you want to prop a door open or keep it closed, these door stoppers have you covered. They work with a variety of door materials and floor types, and come in five different neutral colors. Choose a single doorstop, or packs of three, four of six.


Mistake: Losing Important Items Around Your Home

Solution: A Bluetooth Tracker That Helps You Keep Track Of Valuables

That heart-stopping feeling that comes with losing your glasses or keys? You can avoid it with a Tile Bluetooth tracker. Attach the sticker to your item of choice, and use your phone’s app to find it — or use the button to find your phone when it’s on silent. It works up to 250 feet away, and it’s water-resistant, too.


Mistake: Storing Your Toothbrush In A Way That Invites Germs

Solution: An Elegant Toothbrush Holder That Keeps Brushes Covered

Part form, part function, this toothpaste and toothbrush holder keeps your dental care necessities neat and tidy, and the design boasts s a drinking cup that doubles as a cover for toothbrushes. The two-toned pattern is stylish too, and it’s available in five palettes, plus a clear version.


Mistake: Failing To Protect Surfaces From Water Rings

Solution: A Set Of Classic Coasters With Stylish Storage

Use these silicone drink coasters with warm or cold drinks, or even to protect your counter tops from hot pants. They come in black or grey, and each set of eight coasters features a matching holder — so you’ll always have an easy spot to keep them. They’re even dishwasher safe.

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