So, You're Messy? Here Are 45 Shockingly Easy Ways to Fix That

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I used to avoid calling myself messy. I’d blame my schedule — I’m just so busy. But if I’m really being honest, I’m a mess. Organizing and staying tidy is not naturally easy for me, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found systems and products that make it attainable. Amazon is a treasure trove of products that require little to no effort and instantly make your home, car, and life feel so much less cluttered. So you’re messy? Here are 45 shockingly easy ways to fix that.

On this list, I’ve included decorative storage that conceals messes and makes it easy to quickly tidy up throughout the day. Products like a chic woven basket, a conveniently transparent rotating makeup organizer, and a vertical cutlery drawer holder are ready to use out of the box and help you stay on top of the never-ending messes.

I also added genius products with very specific purposes that give proper homes to some of your most valuable belongings, like an electronics organizer or charging station. You’ll even find products that make use of otherwise wasted space to keep you organized. They calm the chaos and are so simple to use, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

These uncomplicated solutions can help even the messiest of homes — including mine. And trust me, if I can do it, so can you. Happy cleaning.


A Multi-Pocketed Organizer For Your Purse

This felt bag organizer is a must-have for anyone who has a hard time staying organized. This organizer slides right inside a diaper bag or purse and has 12 convenient pockets for extra storage. Plus, the lightweight material and built-in pouches make moving your things from one bag to other so simple. It comes in 19 colors.


A Trash Can For A Tidier Car

This may be the easiest solution to keeping your car less cluttered — you’ll wonder how you went this long without it. It’s a foldable trash can designed to collect food wrappers, empty drink bottles, and more. It has a bottom support board to hold its shape, no matter how many bumps there are in the road — or how many messy kids you are transporting to and from soccer. It has an adjustable 24-inch strap that can wrap around your gear shift, console box, or over the back of a seat. It holds 1.85 gallons and has snap buttons on the side to secure a plastic bag to the inside for easy clean-up.


These Magnets That Keep You From Losing Your Keys

Never lose your keys again and keep your countertops clear with this magnetic key rack. This pack includes two highly durable magnets that replace any standard light switch cover screw. They’re smaller than a penny and screw into your light switch cover to utilize otherwise dead space. Each magnet can hold up to three pounds and provides a genius way to keeps keys in one safe location where you’ll always find them.


A Bedside Caddy To Organize Your Night Essentials

If you’re constantly losing your phone, TV remote, or glasses this large bedside caddy will help you stay organized. It slides under your couch cushions or mattress, so you can store your bedtime essentials neatly in one place. It has three mesh pockets for smaller items and a larger pocket for books, magazines, or your tablet. It's available in black or brown to match your decor.


Messy Dog? Here’s An Easy-To-Clean Mat For Catching Pet Food Or Water

They say dogs take on the personality traits of their owners... if that means your dog is a bit on the messy side, remedy that with this silicone pet feeding pad. The anti-slip and waterproof mat has a lip around the edge to keep stray water or food from getting all over your floors. It’s easy to wipe clean and perfect to take with your when you travel. It’s available in 12 colors and five sizes.


These Clips That Calm Cord Chaos In Your Office

You can keep your tech cords tidy with this pack of 16 cable clips. Each clip features a strong adhesive that easily and securely mounts them to your desks or walls without compromising these surfaces. Use these clips to keep your phone charger in place or to conceal cords at your workspace. They can protect your cords from fraying, as well.


This Rotating Organizer For Effortlessly Storing Makeup

This makeup organizer has room for all of your beauty supplies, plus it rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to find your favorite lip color or blush. It's made of acrylic, which is easy to wipe clean, and the shelves are fully adjustable to customize the configuration to your needs. It has multiple levels of storage in varying sizes to hold smaller items like nail polish or larger, full-size skincare products.


A Microwavable Food Cover To Eliminate Splatters

Reheat leftovers without having to deep-clean your microwave with this splatter cover. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and uses built-in steam vents to cook your food evenly and prevent condensation build-up. It measures three inches in height, making it perfect for covering plates and shallow bowls. When you’re not using it, it collapses flat for easy storage.


These Towelettes For Removing Stubborn Makeup

These individually wrapped makeup remover wipes are perfect for cleansing your skin on the go. While these towels remove makeup, they also easily clean dirt and oil from your skin as well. They are alcohol-free, so they’re gentle on your skin, but tough enough to remove your most stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara. Each pack comes with 20 single-use towels that are compact enough to keep in your purse, car, or suitcase.


This Sleek Solution For Disorderly Electronics

Keep your electronics and chargers orderly in this travel electronics storage bag, which can hold tablets, chargers, hard drives, and other accessories. The double-compartment design gives you more organized storage and protection for your devices. Plus, the bag is waterproof and comes with a handle, which makes it easy to stay neat on the go.


A Cutlery Holder With A Space-Saving Design

When everything has a proper home, it’s much easier to keep messes at bay. This kitchen drawer organizer saves space by stacking your cutlery and keeping it orderly. According to one reviewer, it “Holds more than I expected” — despite only being 15.6 inches long and 4.3 inches wide. Keep in mind that your drawer will need to be at least 3.25 inches in height to accommodate both the organizer and the cutlery that goes in it, so be sure to measure before ordering this tray.


The Headrest Hooks That Secure Bags In Your Car

The sound of your purse — or worse, your grocery bags — dumping onto your car floor is anxiety-inducing, but there’s a simple and affordable solution. Skip the mess and get these headrest hooks that secure your purse, backpack, and even groceries on the front or back of your seat. The plastic hooks snap around your car’s headrest to provide a sturdy hook that can hold up to 18 pounds. They’re sold in a pack of four.


These Boxes That Keep Your Undergarments Orderly

If your underwear and socks are currently just tossed in a drawer in an unkempt mess, these undergarment organizers are for you. They’ve earned more than 34,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating because they make staying tidy a breeze. Each bin has a specific use: the six-cell option is for scarves or ties, the eight-cell pick is for underwear, the seven-cell box is for bras, and the 24-cell option is for socks. This four-pack fits into dresser drawers or can be used on its own to keep your closet neat.


A Simple Car Gap Organizer That Solves Two Issues

These car seat gap organizers are a simple solution to two of life's annoying problems. The pack of two adds storage to your car, right where you need it — within the driver's reach — plus it blocks the gaps between car seats to catch coins, keys, phones, or anything you might accidentally drop down into that black hole. They comfortably fit in a seat gap that measures between 0.5 and 2 inches wide and even come with dividers so you can create your own compartments to stay organized.


An Uncomplicated Lid Organizer For Food Containers

If you cringe every time you open your kitchen cabinets, you need one of these straightforward lid organizers. This convenient pick features five adjustable dividers and can hold round and square lids that measure up to 9 inches. No set-up is required and it has handles for portability.


These Back Seat Organizers For Tidy Rides

If it seems like both your house and car can never be clean at the same time, try this backseat organizer, which makes it a piece of cake to keep your car ride necessities neat. It attaches to the back of any standard car seat and has multiple compartments that can hold a tablet in its 10-inch pocket, with multiple storage pockets for items like snacks, drinks, stuffed animals, umbrellas, or tissues. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and comes in a pack of two for each seat — kids (and adults who clean up after kids) will love it.


An Under-Sink Organizer That Fits Around Plumbing

Store cleaning supplies, trash bags, or anything else you keep under your sink with this expandable shelf organizer that’s made to accommodate your plumbing. It has four legs and one shelf, with a unique design that efficiently utilizes your cabinet space. The rack features four adjustable height options, plus you can adjust the width and depth. It holds up to 40 pounds and is an uncomplicated solution to de-clutter your bathroom, kitchen, or utility space.


These Transparent Bins For Organizing Food

Easily keep your pantry and fridge organized with these clear plastic storage bins. The eight-pack comes with four large and four small drawers to hold cans, produce, or snacks. They’re BPA-free and easy to wipe down, keeping your fridge and pantry shelves clean and tidy. They’re sturdy and the transparent design makes finding what you need a snap.


A Wall-Mounted Tool Holder For Easy Organization

Does your utility room have numerous cleaning tools that don’t seem to have a home? Start organizing it with this cleaning tool holder that keeps your brooms and mops off the floor. It mounts to the wall and is lightweight, yet durable. It has four spring-loaded slots with rubber grips for holding tools, as well as four hooks for brushes or towels. It can accommodate up to 40 pounds and can be set up in less than five minutes.


The T-Shirt Folder That Makes Laundry Manageable

How many clean loads of laundry do you have currently sitting in a basket waiting to be folded? This clothes folding board will help you cross the laundry finish line with ease, eliminating clutter around your house. The board works with T-shirts, pants, and even towels, and folds these items into perfect, compact squares that fit neatly into your drawers.


A Large Toiletry Bag To Avoid Messes While Traveling

Traveling can bring out the messy monster in anyone. Fight the chaos with this large capacity toiletry bag that has room for everything. With storage spaces like mesh and transparent pockets specifically designed for all of your toiletries, you can fit all your travel essentials (even full-size containers) and stay organized with ease. Plus, it has a convenient hanging hook to use on the back of your hotel door. It’s made of waterproof polyester and is easy to wipe clean after a trip.


A Hanging Trash Can For Cleaning As You Cook

Cleaning as you cook just got easier with this hanging kitchen trash can. It holds 2.4 gallons and attaches to a drawer or your countertop, or can be set on the floor to catch crumbs or scraps of food while you cook. It’s made of sturdy plastic and silicone and has a unique design that collapses when you’re not using it for simple storage. Now you can enjoy your meal without worrying about a huge mess waiting for you at the end of it all.


The Clutter-Free Plastic Bag Dispenser

Give all of the plastic grocery bags that have run amok in your house a proper home with this stainless steel grocery bag dispenser. You can mount it to the wall or inside a cabinet by using the accompanying adhesive tape or screws. The dispenser is made from sturdy stainless steel and allows you to store and neatly retrieve up to 30 bags. When you need one, simply pull it out — the other bags will stay neatly in place.


These Reusable Trolley Bags For Organizing Groceries

Grocery shopping and stocking your fridge just got so much easier with these reusable trolly bags. This pack comes with four, color-coded bags that expand to fit inside a grocery cart so you can place your items directly into the bags in the cart. It lifts easily out of the cart and into your trunk and makes unloading groceries a cinch. The bags are insulated and can hold up to 50 pounds each. You can place produce in one color, seafood in another, dry goods in a third bag, and frozen food in the last to make unloading and organizing your groceries a breeze.


This Hanging Closet Shelf For Instant Extra Storage

Store even more clothing, laundry, and linens in this soft hanging closet organizer, which slides right onto any closet rod effortlessly. The organizer features five wide shelves, as well as three mesh pockets on the side for organizing accessories or other small items like wash cloths. It instantly extends your storage without stealing valuable closet space and folds up and stores easily when you don't need to use it. Choose among four colors.


An Organizer For Remote Controls & Tech Devices

This fabric organizer provides the ideal place to store those items you typically lose — like your remote. It tucks over the armrest of your sofa and has four smaller pockets for you to keep your glasses, phone, and, of course, remote controls. Plus it has one larger pocket for books, magazines, or tablets. It’s made of a durable polyester material that’s waterproof and is available in 12 colors and patterns to match your living room decor.


These Cubes That Making Packing A Breeze

Pack more efficiently and stay organized during your entire trip with this packing cube system. This set comes with six luggage organizers: three clothing cubes in different sizes, a fourth specifically designed for bras and underwear, a fifth for shoes, and a sixth toiletry bag. These cubes act as compact drawers in your suitcase to keep clothes tidy. The breathable mesh upper linings make it easy to identify what’s in each cube so that you never have to scramble to find your pajamas.


This Cascading Hanger That Saves Closet Space

Maybe you’re messy because you’re running out of storage space. This cascading hanger frees up your closet by holding five pairs of pants at a time. The durable beechwood and stainless steel hanger can be hung horizontally or vertically and makes putting your clothes back so simple. One reviewer raved, “This hanger is perfect to store pants. I [was] always wondering how to properly store my pants before I got this product. It is very easy to use and it is a sturdy one.”


A Stand That Holds Up To Five Pans

If your cabinets are cluttered, this pan organizer can help. The layered unit can be used on its side or standing up to accommodate your cabinet size and store five pans at once. It even comes with mounting tools to secure the unit into place while saving cabinet space. One reviewer noted, “This made my life so much easier getting pans out of the cabinet. Fit perfectly in the spot where my pans were and is so easy to slide pans in and out.”


This Cute Woven Basket To Easily Hide Clutter

Store toys, dirty laundry, or linens in this woven basket and instantly make your home feel more put together, with minimal effort. This cute home accessory is made with durable cotton rope and has two handles so you can carry it around the house or down to the laundry room. It comes in three colors and is even machine washable.


A Charging Station For Up To Five Devices

Keep the mess that comes along with owning tech devices and charging cables organized with this charging station. Now you can charge up to five devices at a time and keep all those cords neat. It has five ports and removable plastic slats that create compartments to store your devices. It charges fast and comes with five cables: two micro USB and three iOS cables that are compatible with Apple products.


This Cutting Board With Drawers For A Clean Kitchen

If you love being in the kitchen but tend to get messy when you cook up your creations, this cutting board with built-in containers is for you. The bamboo board has four transparent drawer containers to hold chopped veggies or prepped ingredients — and each comes with a bamboo lid for saving extra ingredients after a meal. The board also has juice grooves to keep liquids from dripping onto your counter and built-in handles on each side, making it perfect for both prepping and serving food.


This Over-The-Sink Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Storage

Does your dish rack take up a ton of space in the kitchen? This roll-up drying rack provides the perfect way to neatly set dishes, fruits and vegetables, and other items out to dry. The innovative design is made to fit right over your kitchen sink — and when you’re not using it, just roll it up and tuck it away for storage.


The Over-The-Door Organizer For Hot Hair Tools

Give all of your hair tools a home and keep your counters clear with this bathroom organizer. It’s made of steel that allows you to safely store tools while they are still hot and has three round holders to hold your blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron. You can mount it to the wall or hang it over your cabinet or bathroom door and it’s available in nine colors.


These Under-Bed Boxes For Organizing Seasonal Items

Utilize the space under your bed with these foldable storage bins to store items like linens and jackets that are out of season, keeping your closets from becoming overcrowded. They‘re made with a breathable fabric that keeps clothing fresh and mildew-free and they have convenient handles on the side so you can effortlessly pull them out or push them back under the bed. The sturdy organizers have secure zippers and a clear lid that makes it easy to see what’s inside, plus they come in a money-saving pack of two.


These Easy To Install Stove Gap Covers To Limit Messes

If you’re prone to making a mess in the kitchen, these stove gap covers can help. The nonslip silicone covers prevent any crumbs or spills from getting in between your oven or other appliances and your countertops, so you don't have to move these heavy appliances to give your kitchen a good cleaning. This two-pack is a cinch to install and stays puts, thanks to their silicone construction that conforms to the shape of your counters.


An Adjustable Organizer For A Less Cluttered Car

This folding car organizer will come in handy for keeping your car and trunk as tidy as possible. Use it to store jumper cables, gas containers, wiper fluid, or maps so they’re ready when you need them. The waterproof material is also perfect for hauling groceries home. It has three adjustable large compartments in the middle, two side pockets, and four mesh pockets for smaller items. It secures to your car with rubberized, steel-tipped hooks and collapses flat when you’re not using it.


This Veggie Chopper That Keep Your Counters Clean

This vegetable chopper comes with four different blades for dicing and making vegetable spirals or ribbons. It's made of rust-resistant stainless steel and has a large catch tray so your vegetable scraps stay off the counter. It's easy to disassemble for cleaning and one reviewed noted, “ I often use it to make veggie soups and to make hash browns with onions and peppers. (Before this I would view that as far too much work due to the need to chop everything so finely.)” This little gadget boasts more than 25,000 reviews.


A 3-Tier Pantry Organizer For Snacks

Keep your favorite snacks in this organizer so that you never have to turn cabinets inside out looking for that bag of pretzels. The three-tier snack organizer has nine total compartments with adjustable dividers to suit different packages. This versatile container is BPA-free and works just as well for office supplies, makeup, or crafts. It’s available in small, medium, and large sizes.


These Shoe Cover Mops To Make Cleaning Fun

If you’re messy, finding small ways to stay on top of the situation so it doesn't get out of control is important. These slipper shoe covers will help with that and turn cleaning into a game. They’re made of microfiber that attracts dust and dirt. Just slip these shoe covers on and walk (or skate) around the floors to clean them. This pack comes with five different color pairs so you can use one pair for each room. Plus, they’re machine washable.


A Cube Ottoman For Hiding Messes Out Of Sight

Decorative storage, like this cube ottoman, is an ideal solution for anyone who struggles to stay tidy. This is your go-to piece for storing everything from toys to towels and it has a classic design that fits right in with any home decor. The storage chest measures 11.8 inches each way and can support up to 350 pounds. Use it as a footstool, bench, and of course, to stash items that don’t have a home.


Messy Cat? Here’s A Cat Litter Mat To Tame Your Messy Kitty

Even if you’ve invested in the nicest litter box in the world, if your cat is messy the whole room feels like it needs to be hosed down. Place this oversized cat mat under your litter box and its double-layer honeycomb design will catch and trap litter and urine to keep your floors clean. The mat itself is durable, flexible, and washable. It comes in two sizes and three colors.


The Reusable Sticky Notes To Jot Down Reminders

If organization is a bit of a struggle, these reusable sticky notes are ideal for labeling items or writing down to-dos for yourself. The 4- by 4-inch dry erase stickies adhere to smooth surfaces — so you can place them prominently where you won’t miss them, whether that’s on a fridge, mirror, cabinet, or desktop. The six-pack of stickies can be reused up to 2,000 times and come with a dry erase pen to get you started.


This Sink Caddy To Organize Cleaning Supplies

This kitchen sink caddy keeps your cleaning tools organized and in sight to remind you to wipe down the counters or do the dishes. It’s made of rustproof stainless steel and includes a basket for storing brushes, a slot for sponges, a rail for drying towels, and a design that allows water to drain and prevents these items from getting moldy. Your sink will be less cluttered and you’ll have a daily reminder to clean up.


A Bluetooth Key Finder With A Cult Following

This cult-favorite key tracker (which has more than 41,000 reviews) may not make you less messy, but it will keep you from tearing your home apart looking for your keys. This Bluetooth tracker attaches to your key ring or anything else you frequently lose and connects to an app to lead you to straight to that item when you’ve misplaced it. It works up to 200 feet, plus it’s water-resistant and comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to a year. It even connects to your smart home devices.

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