25 Products On Amazon You’ll Love If You’re Seriously 'Type A'

Life gets messy sometimes, but if you're the kind of person who loves to organize, prepare, and circumvent those messes before they even appear, chances are you've been labeled a Type A personality before. Not that it's a bad thing. Being called Type A is just shorthand for what you actually are: a super-efficient, plan-making, take no B.S. kind of badass who is always on top of things. But maintaining that level of focus all the time can be tough, which is why these amazing organizational products you can find on Amazon can be such life-savers.

Whether you need to organize your scarves or just find a way to keep cans from spilling out of your pantry every time you go to grab one, there are genius AF products that are versatile enough to make virtually any clutter disappear. And that's important, because if you're Type A, being stuck in a sty can be a real downer. Nobody wants to lose a whole afternoon to cleaning and fixing up their living spaces because it's too messy to focus in them otherwise, but that's exactly what will happen when a Type A person gets unleashed in a chaotic home.

On the plus side, organizing can definitely have its perks too. Finding new and innovative ways to straighten up closets, drawers, and other areas around the house can be fun if you're organized and really enjoy it. There's often nothing more satisfying than transforming a big, messy pile into a neat and orderly stack, and the products on this list can help you do it.

1. Store All Your Bath Products In This Shower Curtain With Pockets

Maytex Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain, $20, Amazon

What makes this not-so-basic shower curtain amazing for Type A people is that it comes with nine mesh pockets, each of which can hold up to two pounds of products. Because this shower curtain is also made of PEVA vinyl, it's super easy to clean, so you'll get plenty of use out of this.


2. Say Goodbye To Big Piles Of Clothing With This Organizer

EZSTAX Closet Organizer and Shirt Folder, $23 (20 Pack), Amazon

This closet organizer will help sort piles of clothes into neat, folded stacks. Made from recycled plastic, it also keeps your clothes wrinkle-free, conserves space, and makes packing a suitcase easier than ever.


3. Sort Canned Goods With This Rack Organizer

Che'mar Stackable Can Rack Organizer, $20, Amazon

Made from heavy gauge steel with an attractive chrome finish, this stackable rack organizer is ideal for keeping cans neatly arranged and the sliding drawers make cans easy to retrieve. Plus, since it has three shelves, it can fit up to 36 cans (aka an entire pantry's worth of beans and corn).


4. Keep Drawers Neat With Honeycomb-Shaped Organizer

Whitmor Honeycomb Drawer Organizer, $10, Amazon

Make your drawers look like more than just a hive for a huge mess with this honeycomb drawer organizer, which comes in eight easy-to-snap pieces, is made from flexible plastic so it will conform to a variety of spaces, and works great for sorting socks, underwear, bras, and other garments in the right place.


5. Store Your Hair Styling Tools In One Spot With This Over-The-Door Organizer

mDesign Over-Cabinet Hair Care Tools Holder, $13, Amazon

This steel, over-the-cabinet hair care tools holder features a slot for a hairdryer, as well as a hook to wrap the cord, plus one open compartment that's perfect for straighteners and curling irons. If your bathroom vanity is a vortex where styling tools go to get tangled, this is the solution.


6. Keep Your Purse Off The Floor With This Goofy Little Bag Holder

Bagman Bag Holder, $15, Amazon

Never put your purse on a dirty floor again with this weird little bag holder, which can hold up to 22 pounds of weight and comes in a variety of silly faces baring teeth. Because the teeth are actually made of non-slip urethane rubber, it stays put on a variety of surfaces (but works best when hooked onto tables less than 2 inches thick).


7. Make Cleaning Your Bathroom A Breeze With This Handy Scrubber

OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber, $13, Amazon

For hard-to-reach areas, this extendable tub and tile scrubber is unbeatable. Whether you're working on tubs, floors, glass, or other narrow spaces, this microbial scrubbing tool is great for deep cleaning. The head is also designed to pivot for maximum reach, while the extendable steel pole can help you hit any spot, no matter how far back it goes.


8. Capture Crumbs And Unwanted Extra Food With This Genius Cutting Board

SimPrium Cutting Board with Tray, $22, Amazon

This bamboo cutting board has an edge on similar boards because it has an innovative U-shape for capturing spills and comes with a BPA-free tray underneath, which is designed to collect unwanted waste from cutting veggies, breads, meats, and other foods. Because bamboo is also antimicrobial, this board is resistant to bacteria and safe to use daily. It's super easy to clean with water and a cloth, but is also dishwasher-safe, in case you need to clean it in a hurry.


9. Keep Dirty Boots Off Your Freshly Cleaned Floors With This Tray

Yaktrax Boot Tray, $14, Amazon

Keep your (and your guests) shoes on this lightweight, durable, plastic boot tray, because what's worse than someone trekking dirt, mud, sand, and snow all over the floors you so desperately try and keep clean. It can fit in a variety of places, including under shelves, in cabinets, or in the laundry room, so it won't become an eyesore.


10. Rid Your Devices Of Germs With This UV Sanitizer And Charger

PhoneSoap 2.0 UV Sanitizer and Universal Charger, $50, Amazon

This UV sanitizer and universal phone charger can sanitize your phone or other small items in just four minutes, and gets rid of up to 99.9 percent of germs. One reviewer wrote: "As a germaphobe, I could risk damaging myself and those around me with tons of germ-killing chemicals... or I could use UV lights that clean and, in my opinion, are better at killing microbes and fungal spores (because, compared to UV light, microbes can develop resistance to chemicals) ... So far, I am quite happy with the product."


11. Create More Space In Your Closet With These Innovative Hangers

Wonder Hanger Max, $18 (12 Pack), Amazon

This 12-pack of hangers is a great way to maximize space in your closet. Each hanger has five slots, holds up to 30 pounds, and can work with all hanger types, including plastic, wood, or even metal options. If you really need to create more space, you can also add two hangers into each slot, so you'll have lots of room.


12. Never Lose Another Sock Again With This Clever Organizer

SockDock Sock Savers, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

Tired of losing socks in the dryer? This two-in-one accessory is designed to keep it from ever happening again, and works in three steps to hold onto and lock socks in place. In step one, just attach dirty socks to this organizer instead of tossing them into a hamper. Once the organizer is full, you're ready for step two, where you toss this into the washer and dryer with the socks still on it. For step three, you can put socks away (or keep them on this organizer) and wear them until they're ready to get clean again.


13. Maintain Better Oral Hygiene With This Organizer-Dispenser Duo

Warmlife Toothbrush Holder with Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser, $9, Amazon

If one of the things you're really particular about is oral health, or if you're eager to have more bathroom counter space, you'll love this two-in-one toothbrush holder and automatic toothpaste dispenser. The holder can accommodate up to five brushes and comes with a lid, which keeps dust and germs from accumulating on brush heads. The dispenser is easy to refill and features a vacuum extrusion pump so you always get the perfect amount of toothpaste dispensed every time, without having to touch anything except your brush.


14. Make Scarves, Belts, And Ties Stay Put With This Nifty Organizer

DecoBros Supreme Scarf, Belt, And Tie Organizer, $10, Amazon

"Very good organizational aid. It is so helpful to have scarves organized and visible," writes one reviewer of this chrome organizer, which has 23 storage compartments for belts, ties, or scarves. "Has not snagged any scarves, which was a concern of mine when comparing to other similar products."


15. Make Putting Away Clothes Fun With This Ingenious Shirt Folder

BoxLegend Clothes And T Shirt Folder, $20, Amazon

Fold clothes in just three steps — and in three seconds — using this innovative garment folder. It transforms trousers, shorts, pajamas, T-shirts, and other clothing into crisply folded stacks with ease. "My dresser drawers and closet shelves have never been so tidy before," one reviewer commented. "And it's so much easier to find what I'm looking for."


16. Display Your Favorite Beauty Products With This Rotating Makeup Organizer

Jerrybox 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer, $24, Amazon

Featuring a 360-degree rotating base, plus enough compartments to fit up to 30 makeup brushes, 20 skincare products, and lipsticks, nail polish, and eyeliner, this makeup organizer is a beauty must. One reviewer wrote: "I was able to organize my cosmetics and perfume. They now look neat and tidy unlike before. What is nice about this is you can adjust the height of shelves to fit your needs. That is a big plus. A space saver too."


17. Stow Electronics In One Place With This Gadget Organizer

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer, $16, Amazon

Whether you have an iPhone or a tablet you need to keep in place for a trip, this object retention organizer will ensure your valuables stay put in one easy-to-find spot. Made using rubberized woven elastic, it can be configured in an endless number of ways and makes an especially great gift for students.


18. Tidy Up Annoying Cords With These Cable Clips

Blue Key World Cable Clips, $9 (6 Pack), Amazon

If you're Type A and the sight of stray cords from laptop chargers, smartphones, and TVs drives you absolutely crazy, then you'll want to check out this six-pack of cable clips. Made from eco-friendly plastic and safe to use on all surfaces (even wood), these clips feature a self-adhesive back that you can stick on in seconds and attach underneath furniture to keep cords discreetly under surfaces (instead of around them).


19. Keep Essentials At Arm's Reach With This Bedside Caddy

Fancii 10 Pocket Bedside Caddy, $14, Amazon

You don't just have to be living in a dorm to enjoy this bedside caddy, which features 10 pockets (five for heavy items, and five for smaller items like smartphones, pens, and glasses) and three adjustable velcro straps, ideal for attaching to headboards or a bed railing. But this polyester bedside caddy is definitely a must-have for college students, and can make it easy to store and organize books and other school-related supplies.


20. Keep Sheets Tight And Neat With These Fasteners That Are Basically Like Suspenders For Your Bed

The Nyche Designs Adjustable Bed Sheet Fasteners Suspenders, $9 (4 Pack), Amazon

These elastic bed sheet fasteners keep both fitted and flat sheets tucked in and looking flawless. "Where have these been all my life?! OMG I love these," raves one reviewer. "Work easily and will not tear fabric. What a difference they make in appearance, fit, and comfort of your sheets. "


21. Stack Pans And Lids With Ease Using This Organizer

SimpleHouseware Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack Holder, $15, Amazon

When pans and lids take a tumble out of your cabinets, it can cause a mess, but using this rack holder inside one — or on the counter — can mean you'll never have to worry about stacking again. It stores up to five pans, can be adjusted to either vertical or horizontal placement, and can be screwed into a fixed position or be left freestanding. Either way, this is a great organizational tool.


22. Charge Up All Your Devices Using This Stylish Holder

HomeXin Cord Organizer, $17, Amazon

Arrange stray cords and keep your smartphone, iPad, and other electronics fully charged using this bamboo organizer, which has three built-in slots for up to four smartphones, plus two tablets. It's compatible with most devices and has a sturdy, magnetic design that keeps the lids together.


23. Keep Mops And Brooms Out Of The Way With This Organizer That's Perfect For Small Spaces

Home-It Mop and Broom Holder, $12, Amazon

Store cleaning supplies on this handy mop and broom holder, which can hold up to 11 tools and seven pounds of weight per roller ball. "I have a small apartment and the broom closet was always a mess with the brooms hitting me in the face whenever I took the trash out," wrote one reviewer. "This saved me so much stress! The slots have little rollers and they move to fit just about any size mop or broom. There are also little hooks that can drop down if you want to hold towels or the dustpan. This is a must-have organizational tool!"


24. Store Pantry Items In This Over-The-Door Organizer

SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Pantry Organizer, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

Featuring 15 clear pockets, this over-the-door pantry organizer is a spacious yet efficient way to keep dry goods (or anything else) in storage. Because it hangs on a standard door rod, it's easy to install and move around. Best of all, since this is a two-pack, you have tons of options in terms of usage.


25. Keep Better Track Of Your Schedule With This Appointment Book That's Great For Working Professionals

Action Publishing Action Appointment Book, $14, Amazon

Perfect for Type A people with a traditional Monday to Friday, 9-to-5 lifestyle, this planner covers 53 weeks, and doesn't include Saturdays or Sundays. If you're someone who absolutely loves keeping to a schedule, this appointment book is a great resource that will help keep you on-task unlike any other. One of the big reasons for this is that one week is spread across two pages, and you can write down appointments within 15-minute intervals.

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