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Is The Stanley Quencher Cup Worth It?

There’s a reason TikTok hauls and mommy bloggers are obsessed.

Every year without fail I add “drink more water” to my list of potential New Year’s resolutions. It’s an easy one to implement into my lifestyle while still feeling like an accomplishment, plus the health benefits aren’t so bad either. I find myself with clearer skin and less fatigue, though the subtle bragging rights of always feeling hydrated are an added bonus. As a firm believer of the “emotional support water bottle” — a water bottle you bring anywhere and everywhere — I also think having a bottle that makes water easy to drink makes all the difference. When I got my hands on the coveted 40-oz Stanley Cup Quencher I couldn’t predict just how impactful it would be to my hydration journey, but alas, my life has changed for the better.

When I call this cup “coveted” I don’t say so lightly. The Stanley Cup Quencher is the drinking receptacle of Target haul TikTok and mommy blogger dreams. Remember the VSCO girls of yesteryear? It’s that same cultish obsession for this water bottle, only a little more refined. And I’ve never been happier to join a bandwagon — I’ve been using my Stanley every day since I got it back in November without fail. Even prior to the release of the Quencher’s spring color line on March 1 — which included fun shades like coral, lavender, sage green, pastel pink, and light blue — there was a 100k waitlist for the cup, according to the brand. You don’t have to take my word for it — the numbers speak for themselves. Here’s everything to know about the Stanley Cup Quencher, including its functionality, pricing, and why the internet and I have never been more hydrated.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $40
  • Best for: Daily use for hydrating
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Brand: Stanley
  • What we like: Size, straw compatibility, temperature-controlled
  • What we don't like: Hard to find in stock due to popularity

What Is The Stanley Quencher Tumbler Cup?

While yet another reusable water bottle might seem like a boring item to add to your wishlist, the Stanley Quencher sets itself apart from the rest because of its size, shape, and straw. How much water you should be drinking daily can depend on a lot of variables like your individual health, lifestyle, and the climate you live in, though it’s suggested that people drink around 2.7 liters per day. Hydration is so important for your physiological functions, in fact, Maya Feller, RDN & NOW Wellness Expert, says it helps regulate your mind as well as your body. “When we are properly hydrated the health of our whole body is supported,” she tells Bustle. “The body uses water to form saliva (the first step in digestion), [water also] helps the brain form neurotransmitters and hormones, helps deliver oxygen all over the body, and is involved in flushing waste from the body.” The Stanley Quencher happens to clock in at 1.18 liters when full, so you can easily track your water intake to ensure your bodily processes stay balanced — filling your bottle three times each day should do the trick.

The History Of The Stanley Quencher Tumbler Cup

If you’re big on outdoor activities like camping and tailgating you’re likely familiar with the Stanley brand. It’s been around since 1913 and specializes in steel vacuum bottles and items like lunch boxes, coolers, and camping cookware. According to the brand, the Stanley Quencher became popular with mainstream shoppers in 2021 and has seen a 275% increase in sales year-over-year. The online hype around the product may be a factor in those growing numbers: Countless users on TikTok have talked about the cup in detail, or have casually touted it in their daily vlogs, leading to a rise in interest and that wildly long waitlist whenever it sells out (which is often).

The Design

The shape of the Stanley Cup makes it easier to carry around throughout your day since it has a durable handle you can hold it by when you have a hot beverage inside. When I’ve used other water bottles without handles, I’ve had to purchase additional straps or lids to make them easier to carry around on the go. For me, though, the straw feature is easily the best part since so many other reusable cups come with straw caps that are hard to clean, making them more susceptible to bacteria. Stanley’s straw can be easily removed and the lid is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, and you can purchase bottle accessories like extra lids and straws if you want to soup yours up more.

Is The Stanley Quencher Tumbler Cup Worth The Price?

IMHO, the Stanley Quencher is worth the price due to its functionality — but that’s if you can get it via retail rather than resale. It goes for $40 from sites like Target, Williams Sonoma, REI, and Amazon but when sold for resale the price can get pretty hefty. Some sellers have it posted for anywhere from $60 to $100 on sites like eBay. Pro tip: If you’d prefer to try out Stanley’s products before committing to the full-sized cup, you can choose a 14-ounce, 20-ounce, or 30-ounce size for $20, $25, and $30, respectively.

Similar Products

Competitors like Hydroflask and S’well sell similar-sized bottles for $50 and above, so the price tag of Stanley Quenchers are in line with the market and, as someone who has used both of these competing brands, it’s a cut above the rest. Hydroflasks can be purchased with additional straw lids but they’re more of a nozzle, which makes them difficult to clean in all of the nooks. My 40-oz Hydroflask could also never fit in a car cup holder and was a nuisance to carry around without the purchase of an additional strap. S’well bottles are great when it comes to temperature regulation, but I’d always drop mine because of its lean shape and would have to BYOS — bring my own straw — for optimal drinking.

My Hydration

Refilling my Stanley Quencher Tumbler at least three times throughout the day has become a part of my routine that requires no extra thought. Since I use the straw setting the most, it’s easy to reach for my cup on my desk, nightstand, or side table without having to twist off a heavy metal cap to take a sip. Plus, the straw function makes it nearly spill-proof when I take a sip. Before hopping on the Stanley bandwagon, there were days when it would hit 3 p.m. and my head would start pounding because I definitely had not had enough water to drink that day. Now, drinking at least 40 ounces of water before 10 a.m. is second nature and I can’t see myself ever going back.

Final Verdict

Stanley’s 40-Ounce Quencher Tumbler Cup has truly transformed how I drink water. Rather than fumbling around with a metal twist-off cap, I can easily sip from the straw when at home or out and about. I now have two full-sized Quenchers so I can switch off between the two when one is in the dishwasher — so drinking at least three bottles per day has become part of my routine. Now if only finding it in stock was just as easy…


Maya Feller, registered dietician nutritionist